OneCard Review – The Free Metal Credit Card in India

By | June 20, 2020
onecard credit card

There are entry-level cards with Zero joining fee and then there are super premium cards with high joining fee that comes with a metal form factor.

What if you mix up both segments and issue a free card? That’s OneCard. Here’s everything you need to know about the OneCard metal credit card:

What is OneCard?

OneCard is an entry-level credit card launched by FPL Technologies that works on IDFC bank platform through Visa (Signature) network.

While it boasts about a metal form factor like the Amex Platinum or Centurion its like giving you a Maruti 800 that “looks” like an Audi on the outside.

Its a hyped product in a way, but still if your plan is to show off the metal, its still a good choice for that matter.

Fees & Charges

Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeNil
Markup Fee1%+GST
Interest Rate2.5%

Its good to see the low markup fee, which is better than most credit cards but remember the rewards aren’t good enough for it to compete with super premium cards.

As you see, its ideally a lifetime free credit card without any joining or renewal fee. That’s good given that its coming in metal variant.

onecard credit card fees


Regular Rewards1 RP/ Rs.50
Accelerated Rewards5X RP on top 2 categories
Point Value10 Ps to Rs.1
Regular Reward rate0.2% to 2%
Accelerated Reward rate1% to 10%

So as you see, the regular reward rate varies anywhere between 0.2% to 2% and in case you get 5X then your reward rate could be anywhere between 1% to 10%

While those are the numbers in theory, in practical, the reward rate is 0.2% to 1% for instant redemption for statement credit.

onecard rewards

Note: As tested by one of the user, you don’t get reward points for wallet load and transfers. Amazon pay load shows as transfer.


  • Form Factor: Metal Card
  • Visa Signature Privileges (lounge privileges not confirmed yet)
  • Points are issued INSTANTLY
  • Points that never expire
  • Fractional reward points

How to Apply?

Prior to the launch of OneCard, the company launched the OneScore that gives you free credit score & report (Experian) through App.

Within the app they have an option to show interest for the OneCard. You get into waitlist and you will be informed when its available.

  • Update: They’ve stopped taking new users. You may get an option to opt-in after sometime.
onescore onecard app waitlist

OneCard is currently available in 15 cities including Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & Delhi. Other cities maybe added soon.

User Experience


Here’s what one of the user has to say about getting started,

I got the email that I can now get the OneCard. Registration is simple. I downloaded the app from playstore and entered basic details. It didn’t even ask for my PAN number. Just email, phone number along with OTP, mother name and father name.

That’s it, the process is completed and the app shows the virtual credit card instantly with eligible credit limit. It’s 1,80,000/-

Currently the app is in beta phase on Playstore and yet to go fully live. Here’s the app visual:

onecard app visual


While the app is sleek and all easy to use, it seems the service/support is not upto the mark. Some have reported that they get robotic responses to their queries. But this may change as they evolve, over time.

Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5

As you see, its an entry-level credit card with some fancy features but the very low reward rate of 0.2% on regular spends makes it less attractive. Yet, 5X on top 2 categories is a very good option if you can make use of it.

If you’re new to credit cards, I would highly suggest to go with Flipkart Credit Card or Amazon pay Credit Card or OLA SBI Card that are lot better both in terms of reward rate (~1.5%) and service.

That said, the product is still in beta phase, so we may see some changes to the features anytime.

Overall the Visa signature platform, metal form factor, free for life and easy to use app are the major advantages of the card. But that’s not what an entry level cardholder needs. They need low ROI & better cashback.

Having seen enough of entry-level cards in last 2 years I hardly have any excitement for them. I rather wish someone launch a super premium credit card with innovate features.

Have you got the OneCard by any chance? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Thanks to Hardik, Mahendra & others for sharing the experiences with OneCard.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

54 thoughts on “OneCard Review – The Free Metal Credit Card in India

  1. Himanshu

    Hi Sid,
    I have the card and I can confirm that the 5X rewards are applicable on the top 2 spend categories.

    1. Akash

      How do i see the Credit Card invite option?
      I am unable to view it in the One Score app.

  2. Viresh Verma

    Received it. They are sending out the metal card now. It looks really cool. But a lot of the transactions for example on Razoepay (for diff merchants) are marked as Others. He ce they do not qualify for the 5x. Also, 5x is availabme on two categories not one. Looks really cool and since it is frew, it doesn’t hurt

    1. Santosh

      Hi viresh,

      Any lunch talking to the guys at onecard to change the categories?

  3. Arvind


    I am a long time reader of your site. But you suggested Flipkart & Amazon card. These are not approved for everyone now a days and even it’s approved provided credit limit are very low.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Get any Axis/ICICI Card and then getting those becomes easy. Even OLA SBICard is good.

  4. Himanshu

    OneCard is currently available in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Recently they’ve added Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat. Other cities maybe added soon.
    – The card is also available in Delhi NCR and many people have received the card in Delhi NCR.
    You donot get the metal card at the moment but you may have the plastic variant for time being.
    – As of now, the metal cards are being issued. I got the invite on 4th June and got the metal card on 12th June. My documents were collected in the month of March earlier this year.

      1. Santosh

        Also, as per customer care with whom I had a word yesterday, they are available in 15 cities currently.

  5. Rakesh

    I have recieved the card and spent close to 70k on 4 different categories, now its showing 2 of those 4 spend categories as eligible for 5x rewards.

    1. Santosh

      Hi Rakesh,

      Do let us know if there is a clarity on the point value 🙂

      1. Rakesh

        Hi Santosh,

        I even got excited initially that they are giving 1 re per point, but seems no ! For a transaction of 7499 to pay using pts, they are showing I need 74,990 pts 🙁 so, as Sid mentioned above, 1 Pt value is 10 paisa..which is worst for a prestigious card from IDFC ! I know its still beta though !
        So, max return we can expect even after 5x/10x is 50ps – 1rs for each 50 spent.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Its not a prestigious card and it can’t be, as its anyway a free card. That’s the problem with the product.

          They messed up by mixing the target groups, created hype and underdeliver.

        2. Rakesh

          One card executive called me for feedback on 24 JUN, below are the pointers I gave feed back on.
          – Introduce 7x + 10x categories.
          – Reward point value is so low(He mentioned..card is still in beta phase..better redemption options are being curated now)
          – Appreciated fractional reward points.
          – spend based 5x is cool.
          – Asked them to give RP even for wallets as wallets themselves have load restrictions !

          He kindly noted all the points and said he will fwd these points to feedback team 🙂

  6. Santosh

    Actually they have started issuing metal cards already. I too did get an email from onecard saying I am now eligible.
    Simple onboarding process. You can select your address from any of the address mentioned in Experian report as per other Banks you have cards with.
    I am from Bangalore but not in town due to covid. Reached them on Twitter. Got a call, explained the situation, they are holding dispatch of card as they cannot deliver to pan India yet. I guess this is mainly because they use otp based delivery by blue dart and they will deliver to the person only.

    While a good product for now, need to wait and see how they manage queries and disputes when their user base increases.

    Some clarification on reward points is needed though.

    Haven’t used customer care yet.

    Twitter has some pics.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      But how do you classify it as a “good product” ?
      Would like to know with what cards you’re comparing it with.

      1. Santosh

        Hi Sid, that’s why I chose to say “for now”.

        -onboarding: no documents hassle and no calls or others. Note: did register on the one score app.
        -transparency in rewards (but low reward value can be a downer)
        -forex mark up-1%
        -form factor: was as trying to get my hands on a metal card for a while but spending levels not that high for AMEX plat or axis burgundy
        -sleek app, just compare this with Yes Bank or Indus
        -as per MITC in the app, they have a chat feature (currently not live, maybe because of the beta app)
        All these with no charges. Still, some things need to be clearer though, but considering beta phase 🙂

        PS: going with the 10% accelerated reward rate (not sure when this applies), can this can be 10% cashback which comes near the 13%, regalia (10x) used to have?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Thanks for sharing your views.

          For 10% I’m sure its not going to be cashback. But I think they might tie-up with brands for vouchers (hoping they’re known brands). We will need to wait and see.

          1. jaskaran

            @ sid.

            Hi great website I enjoy going through the information shared and please continue such good work.

            Please help me with this query :

            I currently have citi rewards card for a few years however I’m thinking to cancel it as the rewards are not good enough the best i can do is get amazon pay gift card out of it for 3000k points. Also i have to pay some amount if i dont spend that much which makes me spend more…and since. Rewards suck i hate doing that.

            I also have amazon pay icici card which im very happy with its life time free and gives me good reward every month but the problem is the limit is only 21k which is very low.

            I do not want a citi or hdfc card as my family has them.

            I was interested in amex mrcc after reading your post but my salary does not meet the criteria…

            I mostly pay for groceries at offline + online merchants such as grofers big basket and fuel and do online shopping international + domestic + get fuel from time to time.

            My friend is a manager at IndusInd bank and suggested I should get nexxt card from them.

            For international shipping ive always used my citi.
            Since i can block it temporarily from app makes me feel secured.

            What do you suggest which card should I go for?

  7. Santosh

    Hi all,

    Can someone comment on what all the categories are?


  8. Krishna R M

    I got metal card delivered. KYC Doc’s were collected in March second week. Later due to Covid there were no updates. One fine day got an email asking to download app and register. Couldn’t verify PAN, sent email and got it fixed. Selected address for delivery and received in last week.


    Right now to apply for this card, we need invitation, can someone share invitation link here

    1. Himanshu

      As of now, the card is being rolled in batches to the people who joined the waitlist from January to March. I guess they will open the application to the public once they come out of the beta phase

  10. Ajai

    Why was this article posted so late I am so so back of the line. Sid you are our only trusted source for CCs news well at least mine.


    1. Siddharth Post author


      You missed nothing for now, except the piece of metal in hand.

      P.S. Didn’t publish this before as they had bad initial impression with waitlist system along with less transparency with reward “point value”.

  11. Yashasvi Shukla

    My score is 851 but am not able to see the option on “show interest in one card”.

  12. Riniki

    the annoying thing is before getting the card there is no way to understand & get the t&c document. If existing users share it would be great!. It seems a beta product still.
    Also, if anyone can clarify if there is a fuel surcharge? ( i heard it is charges and immmediately reversed. If so, is the reversal through RPs, or actual cash value. And do they also reverse the tax component?

    1. Riniki

      What I meant was the 1% fuel surcharge waiver almost all premium cards have across all petrol pumps.

      1. Santosh Kumar

        this is the only document in the onecard app.

        1. Riniki

          Thanks man. Apparently this is hosted here too:
          I noticed the T&C seems a bit off. Nowhere is there any mention of fuel surcharge and other charges like in other credit cards. Dont know if its good or bad.

  13. Anshul

    I don’t see any option to apply for the card in the One Score app.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Looks like they stopped taking new requests for now. Might open later.

  14. Prashanth

    Yes. I just checked and I also don’t see this apply banner inside the app.

    I’ve a question here. Frequent enquiries would impact our credit report right? How are the enquiries from these apps considered? They’re also counted or skipped from the scoring system.

  15. Shail

    I read its MITC and noticed the following clause. Not sure if it’s normal. Generally, in case of fradulant transaction if the card holder informs the bank within a timeframe his liability becomes nil unless investigation proves otherwise.
    Onecard clause simply states the following –

    You will be liable for all losses owing to any misuse that happened with your consent or
    knowledge or prior to informing us about loss of card/phone.

    1. RH

      Hmmm. I would rather wait before getting this card. too many loose ends/beta product. It may be good to see how they improve. One worry is if things go smoothly, this card will be fine. But for any issues, customer support would probably be non-existent

      1. RH

        8.7. Transactions at Fuel Stations: When you use the OneCard to pay for fuel, you will be levied a surcharge. This will be completely waived for the fuel transactions made on OneCard. Such reversal will not include the applicable tax paid on such purchase.

        So, there is a fuel surcharge in this card (though only the tax component)

  16. Vicky

    Today I received a spend based offer from sbi card. Spend 25k and get 1k pantaloon voucher.

  17. Vikas

    “Amazon Credit Card”
    I ‘ve a SBI SimplyClick Advantage Card ( limit: 22k against the fd of 30k). I don’t have a regular source of income (say an unemployed). I want to apply for Amazon Pay Credit Card. So, I have few questions.

    a) Pin Code of my area is not serviceable , so can i use other pin code (which is serviceable) to apply?
    b) It asks for Company Name, what to write there? as i don’t have a job.
    c) I got my sbi card in September, 2019, so are there 8 months enough to apply for another card?

    Please answer

  18. Dev

    Their Fraudulent transaction monitoring system is not adequate. Customer service is also below average. Very high chance of facing financial loss in case of credit card fraud transaction. Beware of it.

  19. Mahendra

    Hi Sid,
    When I get invitation, I excited and apply card. After seeing the features, I didn’t see any use of the card even though its LTF. I see Amazon pay is more useful compared to OneCard, By default I get 1% in AmazonPay. However, I need to spend in 3 different categories to get same 1%.
    I will keep for next 3 months and close the card.

    Surprisingly, there is not CIBIL inquiry till now.

    1. Himanshu

      Hey Mahendra,
      I have seen that for some people, the CIBIL inquiry was done in March and for most of the people, the inquiry was done in May. Along with this, there is also Experian inquiry done in April. Are you sure that you don’t have any inquiries by IDFC First Bank in last 3 months?

      1. Mahendra

        Hi Himanshu,

        I verified today also. No CIBIL inquiry. My last enquiry done in 2017. After 2017, I took ICICI AmazonPay and OneCard on pre approved basis.

        1. Santosh

          Hi Mahendra,

          Seems an unique case. I got an email invitation about a week ago for registering on the app for a new card. I got a cibil enquiry once I registered on the app.

  20. Sunil Kumar

    What is the customer care number for one card for any queries or complaint

    1. Mahendra

      Hi Sunil,

      In app they mentioned 080-45575559 (Mon – Sat 10AM-7PM)
      Email : help [at]

    2. Himanshu

      I think the best option is to contact them on Twitter. They are very active in reverting queries raised on Twitter.

  21. KMK

    I have an invite before months but I want to confirm the rewards redemption rate first before applying. As I think this card is providing very less of it and even we need to do transact at least 3 categories to get the boosted points. I have multiple cards for now and I use them as per my requirements and based on the rewards from them.

  22. Prateek

    Do they have pay to merchant via UPI QR in the app ?

    LazyPay Scan&Pay and Vcard.AI seem to have. I’m looking for more products as merchants are prefering UPI payments due to covid

    1. Himanshu

      No. They don’t have an option to pay via UPI QR as of now.

  23. Ashish

    Hi Sid,

    What is the documentation required for this card? Any documentation done post boarding the customer? or is it all just app based?

    1. Himanshu

      I submitted just the regular KYC documents. No income documents were asked even after completing the onboarding process.


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