HDFC PayZapp Offer: 3X Rewards on all spends

By | July 21, 2021

Here’s a nice offer from HDFC Bank on select premium Credit Cards for spends done on Payzapp – when used as a payment gateway.

Offer Details

OfferSpend via PayZapp and get 3X Reward Points
Offer Validity15th July’21 to 31st July’21
Min. SpendRs.2,000
Max. Rewards1,500 Points
Eligible CardsHDFC Infinia, Diners Black, Regalia, and Diners Privilege
Eligible SpendsAll spends except: SmartBuy, Wallet Load,, and Magicbricks
FulfilmentPosted within 30 working days of the transaction
SourceTerms & conditions

Overall a very good offer, except that the max. cap is bit low.

While 3X offer is good and gives nice 10% savings on super premium cards, I wish HDFC brings back those 5x offers on Payzapp sometime in future, like this one in 2016 with better max. cap.

Apart from the max. cap on points, there is another restriction with PayZapp lately which doesn’t allow you to spend more than 1 Lakh INR per card, per month.

Along with this offer, there are also spend based offers for July and few other targeted offers like this one.

What’s your thoughts on the HDFC PayZapp Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night wondering where is the creator of this beautiful planet Earth.

27 thoughts on “HDFC PayZapp Offer: 3X Rewards on all spends

  1. BPradhan

    Hi Sid,
    Do you know which all merchants accept Payzaap as payment gateway. I checked Flipkart and Amazon they are not supporting Payzaap. Also your input on what items we can purchase in Payzaap to maximize the benefits would be really help others.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Any bill payments via app would do.

      Merchants using PG’s like CC Avenue, PayU & Razorpay mostly have PayZapp as payment option. Do explore the gift card sites.

    2. Raj

      Even paying a electricity bill on PayZapp app should do the trick.

  2. Mangesh

    Along with spend based offers i got another one in July

    “Enjoy vouchers upto ₹1600 when you unlock 1 or more categories with your HDFC Bank Credit Card”

    There are 8 different category with Min Spends: Rs.500 per category.

  3. Rahul

    Hdfc is losing market share big time on spends. Also they stopped most promotions during april-june due to lockdown and are now coming back with a bang with more and more promotions.

    RBI ban on them is still some time away from being lifted it seems.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      These are the “calm before the storm” moments for HDFC 🙂

  4. AbhiKohli

    1L/month spend limit is on wallet load, right ? Not on PayZapp payment gateway?
    Sadly no 3x on millennia.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That limit is on PG, since past ~2 yrs AFAIK.

  5. Rishabh

    Will offer apply for Redgiraffe payment via PayZapp bill pay?

  6. Amar

    Is scan and pay eligible?
    I scanned through all gift card sites – none accept payzapp.
    Also, it seems like this will be a monthly recurring offer going by the T&C.

  7. The Quintessential Poor

    Poor offer unless someone got Infinia or DCB. Axis Ace gives way better value. Regalia or DCP gives you around 5 rp for every 150 rupees spent.

    1. Raja

      I hold Regalia and I get 4 points for every Rs.150 spent. So to maximise the cap of 1500, I need to spend Rs.28150 (750 actual points plus additional 2x points of 1500 = 2250 points). For Amazon voucher of Rs.500 is around 1450 points on Regalia site so points value is 3.25 points for Rs.1. So value of 2250 points is around Rs.692. That works out about 2.45% return on Rs.28150. This is better than the usual rewards for people not holding Axis Ace or IDFC credit card.

  8. Sandeep Kumar

    I paid rent using redgiraffe on Payzapp app. Let’s see if this earns me 3x rewards or not.

      1. Sandeep Kumar

        No where it’s mentioned that rent payments are excluded.
        It reads as ‘Please note this offer is not applicable on SmartBuy, Wallet Load,, and Magicbricks’. Just Nobroker is excluded and not other ways of rent payments.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      Yes it should be over and above 15k rewards points limit.

  9. Kunal

    Does max rewards points of 1500 include 1X as well?
    Say if I make payment of 20K, then 3X = 2000 so will we get 2000 points or will this be capped at 1500?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They never used to don’t consider 1x for such capping. But they’re not clear in this t&c, so its a hit or miss.

  10. Rohit

    Can we choose wallet as payzapp and then pay using stored infinia or dcb or we should use wallet amount only?
    I asked RM and she told I can use only payzaap wallet amount. Is that info correct?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “Can we choose wallet as payzapp and then pay using stored infinia or dcb ” – yes, this is how you have to use to avail the offer.

      1. Rohit

        I once tried paying Indian gas. After clicking on wallet it did not allow me to use dcb. Later when I used the virtual payzaap wallet card detail it worked.
        when I use payzapp app in mobile only then I used to use DCB. when contacted bank they said from website selecting payzaap as wallet we can only give payzaap virtual card as payment and for that we should load balance.
        Am I missing something here? After that I never tried payzaap as wallet option since other than cashback there is not much amount present in payzaap wallet.

  11. Prasanna Bhat

    Today I tried PayZapp to pay insurance premium. Basically wanted to utilise 3X offer.

    Faced 2 problems

    1) Bill pay icons (visible a day ago )were not visible in PayZapp on my iOS device ( visible in another iOS device of mine, and cross checked by logging in android device, no issues there)
    Called payzapp customer care. They said it might be technical glitch. Asked to send screenshot to check further.

    2) So I logged in through Android device. I could see the icons and proceeded to pay the insurance premium (choose linked DCB). Faced error “Credit card limit is reached, try with different card”.
    Called payzapp customer care again. They said it might be an issue with Credit card.Credit card customer care said all is ok from their side ( card is active, limit is fine , payment rejection is not visible in their log, no issue basically)

    * Tried with Infinia card , no issues faced ( but didn’t do the payment, since I want to use DCB fo this payment to take care of annual spend milestone)

    So HDFC being famous for inconsistency and confusion, not sure what is the issue and how to proceed from here.

    Any one else faced such issues?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’m facing some other issue: VBV declines the txn.


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