HDFC Offer: Get 5X Rewards on Apparel, Jewellery & Insurance spends

By | December 23, 2020
HDFC 5x Rewards offer - Dec 2020

HDFC Bank is in full swing rolling out jaw dropping offers in most spend segment after a long time. Here is one lucrative offer worth availing on Apparel, Jewellery and Insurance spends.

Offer Details

  • Apparel/Jewellery: 5X Rewards (Min. spend per txn: Rs.5000 / Max Cap: 1000 RP)
  • Insurance Spends: 5X Rewards (Overall spend: Rs.20,000 / Max Cap: 2000 RP)
  • Offer Period: 19th Dec’20 – 31st Jan’21

So if you hold HDFC Diners black or Infinia, this gives 16.5% return on spend which is pretty generous for these spend categories. And you’ve more than a month to avail these offers.

Are you availing these 5X rewards on HDFC Credit cards? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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22 thoughts on “HDFC Offer: Get 5X Rewards on Apparel, Jewellery & Insurance spends

  1. Shen

    Hi Sid, so to get max benefit on insurance which is 2000 points what is the amount we need to use the card for ??

  2. Aims

    Very small limits for DCB. Effectively 3X on insurance for 20k spend because of 2000 max limit. 6k for apparel and Jewellery.

  3. Shodh

    Do NPS spends count as Insurance spends?
    Also, does HDFC allow NPS tier 1 spends of 50 thousand on credit cards? I had read here before that there was some problem with NPS spends on HDFC credit cards

    1. Harshit Jaiswal

      Check with the customer care team. NPS transaction comes under the “Government Scheme” category.
      Regarding the 2nd query, there are customers who are misusing the NPS tier 1 spends and are doing high value transaction because of which there reward points are locked.
      Sid, can share more details on the same.

  4. gitns

    This means the optimum spend is one txn of Rs. 7500, right? Thatll give a base RP = 250, and 4X = 1000.

    1. Sourindra Chatterji

      Does apparel includes offline spends on fashion cloths?
      Like Pantaloons, lifestyle etc…

  5. Ghanshyam

    This is misleading. Min spend is 20k and max cap is 2000 points, so it is not 5x for diners/infenia…more like 3x ..also not clear, if it comes under 7500 overall limit ?

    1. Pranab

      Yes, for Insurance spends it’s not 5X for DCB/Infinia. But anyway, better than 1X.
      If you meant 7500 for DCB, the limit is only for Smartbuy. Rest any offers are excluded from this offer.

    2. Rohit

      This offer was there even last year. It is bonus 2000 RP which i got after 6 months. Is this 5x target based ? I did not get any mail on this. Overall 20k does it mean between dec and Jan 31st total insurance spend should be 20k?

  6. KD

    Making payment on which apps qualify as Insurance spends that are eligible for this offer?

  7. Pritesh Shah

    What about Diners Club Privilege, what would be the optimum threshold for insurance, and what would be the effective reward rate?

  8. Vishal Anam

    Have been trying my luck to get HDFC Diners, but each time they say you need to have HDFC Bank account which I don’t have. Is there any other way out?

  9. Sahil

    i have a diners club black card. Using it from last 1 year. Already accumulated and used 50000 points. Got compementary zomato pro, amazon prime that are used by me on daily basis. Their 10x reward offer is just amazing

    1. Rohit

      How did you manage using 50k points in this Pandemic ? I have more than 1 lakh points accumulated and have no clue how to use it since covid is not gone yet.

  10. Rahul Jha

    Everytime I buy icici lombard insurance it comes as razorpay rather than icici lombard on statement.. though while transaction it comes as lombard (sms).

    I am not sure if I should even expect any extra rewards

  11. Gagan

    5X offer on insurance spends is back for March’21. Just received an email today for my HDFC Regalia and Diners Card

    Use Card xxxxxx to earn 5X Reward Points on Insurance!

  12. A2Z

    Offer fulfillment done
    Sms reads
    “1000 Reward Points credited to your HDFC Bank Credit Card ending xxxx on 12/Oct/2021 towards Apparel_CNP_5_150_Accrual.”


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