HDFC Offer: Get Vouchers worth upto Rs.2000 per Add-on Card

By | August 19, 2020
HDFC Add-on Credit Card Offer
HDFC Bank Add-on Credit Card Offer

Offer Details

OfferGet Vouchers on each new Add-on Credit Card approval
Spend RequirementRs.500 (Offline) within 60 days of card approval
Voucher ValueRs.2000 for Infinia/Diners Black ; Rs.1000 for Regalia ; Rs.500 for Millennia & Regalia First ; Rs.250 for other cards
Voucher OptionsAmazon, Myntra, Grofers
Max. Free CardsYou can get upto 3 Complimentary Add-On cards
Max. Vouchers1 voucher per account.
Fulfilment~60 days from Card Setup
ValidityExpires by 30th Sep 2020
SourceTerms & Conditions

Its undoubtedly a great offer from HDFC Bank and it makes sense to go ahead and grab the offer as its only few clicks away.

Yet, I wish they had given vouchers for as many new add-on cards taken + maybe even with higher spend requirement for super premium cards.

If you’ve not got the offer email, not to worry, you can avail the offer too. Its open for all, irrespective of whether you received a communication for it or not.

How to apply Add-On Card?

HDFC Credit Card Add-on Card offer

Its pretty simple process, especially when the add-on cardholder has an account with HDFC bank. Just head on to:

Card -> Transact -> Request Add-On Credit Card

Once applied, you should get the card in hand within a week. However, Covid-19 may delay this a bit now.

That aside, remember, you can only give Add-on cards to your close family members like parents/spouse/child and not to friends like with Amex, which I believe is one of the important feature that our Indian credit card Issuers should consider adding.

Final Thoughts

Its good to see Add-on Card offers from HDFC Bank, as its probably the first one I ever know. Ideally you can get voucher worth upto Rs.2000 in few clicks.

Offers like this is coming out because of Covid-19 as it reduces the banks ability to issue new primary cards at pre-covid scale.

So this may help banks to increase card accounts and maybe they will end up sending out pre-approved offers to those Add-on cardmembers in future.

Speaking about Add-on card offers, this makes me to expect a good offer from American Express as well, as they ended their lucrative Amex supplementary card offer few months ago.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

78 thoughts on “HDFC Offer: Get Vouchers worth upto Rs.2000 per Add-on Card

  1. RKS

    In terms & condition, the last point says “Customers ,with existing add on card, are also eligible for this offer “..

  2. Mohit Kumar

    If we apply more than one add on card, will we received voucher for each add on or only one voucher per basic card ?
    As per TnC, Customers ,with existing add on card, are also eligible for this offer. Any clarification on this ?

  3. AC

    Will it work if my family member doesn’t have a savings account with HDFC Bank?

  4. Bhanuteja Aryasomayajula

    Looks like this offer is only applicable if the add-on card applicant has a HDFC bank account, that was what the customer care representative told me when I called them.

  5. Pankaj Gupta

    “Customers ,with existing add on card, are also eligible for this offer”
    This is the last line of terms and conditions of the offer, what does this mean

    1. Santosh Kumar

      Yes, I have the same question. I hold a DCB with one add on card. Spending 500 on the existing card will make me qualified for this?
      Or do I need to apply for a new one. Don’t want to unnecessarily add one more cibil enquiry coz hdfc does cibil check for add on cards too.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        You need to apply for new one & spend Rs.500 on that.

        1. gurkirat

          I received Addon cards on DCB in August only and i haven’t swiped them yet. will they qualify for this?

          1. Rajeev K R

            Yes, “This offer is valid for Add-on customers sourced from July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020”

      2. Shodh

        Does HDFC really do a CIBIL check for add-on cards? If yes, is it on the CIBIL account of primary cardholder or add-on cardholder?

        1. Santosh Kumar

          Yes, as far as my expericence. that was about an year ago. Things might have changed since then.

          1. Santosh Kumar

            and forgot to add. The enquiery is for the primary member.

  6. Vipul Aggarwal


  7. Tejas Ghongadi

    So here’s the catch on the online application.

    You can make an online application for add-on card only for a person (Family Member) who has an HDFC Bank Customer ID. So if the family member does not have any relation with HDFC Bank, you have to take the offline route only. Hence, the stark difference in the Online and Offline Offer.

  8. Neeraj

    I am a HDFC Credit card user without a bank account. I don’t see any option to apply for an Add-on Card while i login into my credit card account. Probably only for those with a bank account !!

    1. Rahul

      There is option for non account just card holders to register on netbanking login.
      Just Reguster and enjoy offer.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        But how to apply addon card online for non account holders.

        1. gurkirat

          Just talked with ‘super premium Customer care’ , you can apply via phone banking.

  9. Sohail

    Can someone explain “Customers ,with existing add on card, are also eligible for this offer”, I got add on in Feb 20

    1. Rahul

      Apply and Get a New Addon Card and Swipe it for 500 within 60 days of receiving….

  10. Piyush

    Does anyone know if 10X transactions done on add on card, give 10X points? Also, do the reward points accrue on the main card account?

    Also, do the monthly spend amount rewards count both primary + add on card spend?


    1. Santosh Kumar

      Yes 10x applicable on add on card. They are accrued on the main card. Spends on add on card add towards monthly spends.

  11. Tirthakrit

    Recently I got refund processed from Yatra against my flight booking into my HDFC smartbuy, however the same is not yet reflecting in the account even after weeks. What is the process for grievance redressal ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      HDFC takes about 1 week more to refund it to the card. Have got 3 such refunds (initiated by cleartrip) automatically without raising any additional requests with Smartbuy.

      1. Tirthakrit

        Thanks Siddharth for such a prompt reply. Will be updating on the issue after. waiting for a few weeks then.

        So you got it back in the form of equivalent Points available for redemption, right?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Mine was “paid” via smartbuy. Seems yours is points “redemption”. Its better to check with HDFC Concierge in this case.

        2. Vaisakh S S

          They will refund points in case of award tickets using points and will credit your credit card in case of card purchase. Got refunds in both scenarios. Wait for a couple of weeks and then reach out to concierge if not credited by then

      2. Prashant Gupta

        I have received all the points back into card for bookings done via smartbuy and they were in few lakh. Also received refund from yatra for booking done via smartbuy In rupees.

  12. Rohit

    I never got any mail on this is it because i already have add on cards ? What is the necessary of again getting add on card if we already have 🙂 What is the catch here for HDFC ?

  13. Arjun

    Is the offer applicable even if the cards are applied offline or do I have to add those two members savings account and then apply for add on card

    1. karthi

      anybody have answer for this????
      i was told through phonebanking this offer is only for phonebanking route

  14. Mukhtar Ahmed Sikander dange

    Hi sidharth
    Brother just to ask u already using hdfc money back c card with the value of 53k limit, since 1 year, now wanted induslnd bank c card, so pls tell which is the best c card , for shopping and cashback.

    1. Mohit Arora

      Iconia amex . Card cost 5k+gst. u get 5000 equivalent vouchers. Weekdays 1.5%, weekends 2% return as cash credit in statement.


      Pinnacle card. 15k+gst. u get 15000 equivalent vouchers. Online 2.5%, offline 1% return as cash credit. Note- you wont get points for using pinnacle for wallet loading, insurance premium payment etc.

  15. Vishaka Bettadahalli

    In the above mentioned terms and conditions link says that existing add-on cards can also avail the offer if they make those required transactions during this 60 day period. Siddharath could you please confirm. Its the last point in terms and conditions.

  16. Santosh Kumar


    The last time i took an add on HDFC card, I for got a cibil inquiry (for the primary card holder; but that was more than 8 months ago). Can anyone else confirm HDFC is still doing the same?


  17. GShan

    Does add-on card member need to fulfill some criteria apart from age and relationship. Do they need to fulfill certain ITR or AQB criteria?

    1. manoj singh

      No. Just 18+ member from your family and having account in HDFC. That’s all is required.

  18. manoj singh

    I have applied for two addon card for my diners black. Will I get voucher for both cards or only one time.

    1. Santosh Kumar

      Only one. Also can you confirm if hdfc did cibil enquiry for add on card?

    2. Neeraj

      You will get only one voucher irrespective of number of add-on cards applied!!

    3. Ashu

      Max. can get voucher of 2000 only as confirmed with CC. So I think it makes sense to apply for one add-on card only.

    4. manoj singh

      Waiting for the reply on same. Will each addon card will be eligible for this offer or only one.
      Please confirm.

  19. manoj singh

    Siddharth can you give insight which credit card is good for wallet loading like Paytm Amazon or so. Which is giving maximum reward points on ewallet loading.

  20. Nikhil

    I talked with RM. You need to apply for new add on card through any means( Online, Phone banking, offline) & then make 500 spend (offline) to be eligible for offer.
    Anyone having existing add on card will also need to apply for fresh one to get offer. So if anyone has existed quota of free add on cards then he won’t be eligible.
    Also this is one time offer per account- So applying for more than one card will give only 1 voucher. Hope this clears confusion.

  21. Manmeet Nagar

    I cant see any option to apply for add on card in my hdfc credit card account. I do not hold hdfc bank account. How can i apply for add on card?
    Also, i downloaded the add card form from hdfc but the only option there is for add on cards for the ones who have hdfc bank account. Please guide how can i apply for add on?

  22. Harsh Jharwal

    At time of application, I categorically asked HDFC team that I want to apply via physical application since add on holder doesn’t have HDFC account. At the time, they clearly said that the add on card via physical application shall be eligible for Rs 2000 voucher. However, now after receiving the card they are blankly just saying that my add on card is not eligible for Rs 2000 voucher. This is just a card sourcing gimmick by the company, without making the terms and conditions clear.

  23. Abhi

    Only 1 voucher irrespective of how many ever add-ons are approved.
    Checked with CC couple of times, one says you ll get the reward regardless of whether you apply online or offline and regardless of whether add-on customer is HDFC acc holder or not. Another CC says offer is applicable only if you apply online or through phone banking and add-on member needs to be a HDFC account holder.
    Funny thing is add-on card will be delivered to primary acc holder registered address only, even though they say add-on holder must be a HDFC acc holder, which means bank already has their address details. So if my brother has an HDFC acc already but lives in a different city, add-on card in his name will still be delivered to me.
    But if you apply offline (through branch), they can deliver add-on card to whatever communication address you want, but this offer won’t apply.

    1. Nikhil

      Who said offer won’t be eligible on offline application. I have got it confirmed from RM & CC multiple times in written that I will get offer on offline.

  24. manoj singh

    I have both diners black and regalia credit card(both free). Will I get benefits on both cards if I apply add-on card for both and swipe both for 500 each in 60 days

  25. Nikhil

    Don’t use their cards. They have devalued the points. I would prefer amazon pay card which gives amazon pay points immediately. Also I would prefer SBI BPCL for fuel. Rest cards have no value,

  26. Arun

    Is there any criteria for spending @ PoS? Does spends against fuel count for the offer?

  27. Utkarsh

    Does HDFC add on card holder receive OTP on his mobile for online trnx as the card number is same or add-on card is only for off-line use?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      It’s only for offline usage. For online transaction only the primary card holder will receive OTP to complete the transaction.

      1. Sourabh

        I think HDFC should change this option. Like now a days everyone buys both Online and Offline, even more on Online. When only primary card member will get the OTP then what is the use of issuing add-on card when he can not use the card by his own. Sid can you please give some clarity on this?

        1. AbhiKohli

          One way around is to register for netsafe and then use netsafe pasword for auth instead of OTP. On many pages (not all) you get option to complete the transaction using static password along with OTP. It is this netsafe password. However, I think only primary card can be registered for netsafe, but then since numbers are same, should be easy to use.

  28. SAURAV

    I applied add on card today (24th sept 2020).
    i will revice my card around 1st of oct 2020. but this offer is valid for 30th sept 2020. am i eligible for this?

    1. Gaurav Tomar

      I think the offer is valid for card issued before 1st Oct so you will have 60 days to spend Rs500 offline from the issue date and be eligible for the voucher.

  29. Shikhar Makkar

    Has anybody received the voucher code for this offer or the spend based offers recently? I have received the voucher codes but the redemption link doesn’t seem to work. If anyone of you is aware of the link where these can be redeemed, please provide that.

  30. Arun

    Has anybody received voucher already? I’ve met the criteria for this and the spend based offer. Thinking to upgrade my DCB to infinia. Should I wait till I receive all vouchers and then upgrade? Or will I receive all vouchers even if I upgrade?

  31. Nikhil

    Received 2000 amazon voucher. FYI, I applied offline & met spend criteria.

  32. Arun

    Received voucher today for DCB. Did not receive for DCP yet. Also, Still Waiting for spend based offer vouchers.

  33. Vaish

    My family received 2000,1000,500 for DCB, Regalia and Regalia-1st in the form amazon vouchers. I applied online & met spend criteria in the form of fuel payments (500Rs+).
    Thank you very much cardexpert, came to know about this offer only because of this site!!!

  34. Shikhar Makkar

    How did you redeem the voucher? The link I received via test message does not seem to work, it lands on an empty page. Did any of you encounter the same?

  35. Ankit

    How many add on card does hdfc gives for Infinia and diners black. What’s the max limit

    1. Gautam Garg

      Max 3 free add-on cards are allowed. Not sure beyond this limit, what are the charges.

  36. basant

    I GOT MY ADDON card today. dont know how to set pin for addon card. no option in primary netbanking also. pls help


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