Amex Offer: Get upto 50,000 Points per stay on Postcard Hotels

By | July 25, 2020
Postcard Hotels Amex offer

Here’s a nice offer on Postcard hotels from American express valid through July 2021. Here’s everything you need to know:

Offer Details

Offer50K Points on Centurion, 35K points on Platinum Charge, 25K points on Reserve, 20K Points on Gold Charge
Min. nights per stay3 nights or more
Validity16th July 2021
Limit1 Booking per Quarter | Primary Cards Only
Additional BenefitsFree Breakfast & Anytime check-in/check-out
Fulfilment3 months from the date of payment

Note: The offer is applicable when reserving a room on  using an American Express Centurion, Platinum, Platinum Reserve, Gold credit card along with Promocode- “CENTURION” , “PLATINUM” , “RESERVE”, “GOLD” respectively.

If you’re new to Postcard Hotels, they’ve 3 hotels in Goa, India for now:

  1. The Postcard Moira,
  2. The Postcard Velha,
  3. The Postcard Cuelim

Is it a good Offer?

A night at Postcards hotels in Goa costs you about ~Rs.17,000 INR, meaning with the value you get out of 35K points on Plat Charge, you ideally pay for 2 nights and get one night free equivalent points.

That’s good, but I wish they had added complimentary airport transfers too which would make it look a Mind-blowing offer even for Plat charge & others.

So if you use the offer every quarter, you could end up with a nice 1.4L points on plat charge & 2L on Centurion.

That all said, not everyone would like Postcard Hotels just by going with looks. Yet, the reviews are good so far, so it must be good to go!

Final Thoughts

While its overall a good offer, the important point to note is that we’re getting the ability to earn lots of points on Amex through these offers, which might help to explore hotel/airline points transfers in future, as that could magnify the point value to a whole new level.

But well, the problem is.. Who’s going to travel?

Many cities are in lockdown and can’t even move out of the district in most cases. So ideally, we might be able to enjoy these offers from Jan 2021 if not later.

What’s your thoughts on The postcard Hotels Amex Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

20 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get upto 50,000 Points per stay on Postcard Hotels

  1. Rahul Kashyap

    How do you receive such offers?? I never receive communication for so many offers u post here

  2. Prashant Gupta

    Postcard hotels have been trying hard to sell themselves on various platform but seasoned travellers will all be brand loyal also there are so many famous hotels in various destinations of taj, ITC etc and cheaper rate and better service quality.

  3. SH

    This is an okay offer even on the Plat. Even now Postcard is giving 15% off with EazyDiner. The sweetest offer was with Citi, where they were giving 20% off and 2X rewards. Imagine grabbing that on your Prestige card. The most aspirational Postcard property is the one in Bhutan – and that alas is not part of this offer.

    The Amex offer last year for Postcard was better than this one.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes. 20% is there even now for EazyDiner prime.

  4. MAA-traveller

    Last Amex offer was better:
    INR 5,000 Food & Beverage credit, as well as free all-day breakfast, inclusive of wine, 2 way airport transfers, when you book them with the code AMEXVIP. For 2 days stay.

    Last Citi offer:
    20% discount plus 2X points. 2 nights stay

    Vistara now is offering 15% off plus 9 CV points/100 rs spend.

    I feel postcard should improve the offer. It should be airport transfer, late check out or early check in plus all meals for rs 44000 plus tax they charge.

    1. Pavan

      The same offer is available on axis reserve card .. it’s code is AXISVIP

  5. naina

    “A night at Postcards hotels in Goa costs you about ~Rs.17,000 INR”

    1. very very expensive
    2. no one will go to Goa in covid-19 time

    useless offer by amex.

  6. Amex Guy

    So I took the advantage of the Amex package last year at this property. It included 5K food and drinks voucher, airport picks and drops, full day lounge with unlimited food and sparkling wine, lunches, breakfasts. Honestly it’s not a Goa experience but this hotel is 1.) a great getaway for weekend 2.) away from everyone in COVID times. If you’ve been to Goa, experience would be similar to a more secluded, upscale, private Joet’s.

    Will definitely go again ones flights are viable. But for people in Mumbai, there is little reason to not drive over! This costs about as much as a Cat 2 hotel with all their inclusions.

    1. SH

      The lounge access – I did not see them advertised as part of any room rate. So I was not sure about that. Was it offered to you as a good gesture, or part of the privileges of using the Amex offer?

      How was your experience overall?

  7. Ankit Jain

    i think , we need to understand, not all offer are good. Specially when we are paying 60K + fee . To justify the fee, we are claiming all offers as good and lucrative.


    1. Dhrumil Parekh

      This is exactly the point. Its like because there is discount, we should buy unnecessary things. 😉

  8. Yash

    I too got the offer in my mail however in such times when surviving the year tops the priority, a vacation is the last thing on my mind.. N even if I take that “risky vacation” 17k is way too much for postcard hotels.

  9. Aman S

    IMO its a good offer, it’d be nice for a staycation but there are no options near me.

  10. Dr Mohd Kashif

    Please post your view on Miles & More Credit Card.

  11. Ritu

    I got a message saying that I will get LTF Membership Rewards card. And when I opened the link, and then downloaded the T&C’s, all the other offers like Swiggy, Amazon etc offers were mentioned for the new application. I even confirmed with the amex cs, but they didn’t had any idea, but told me to go with the link. I doubt if it has any ITR threshold as their previous ltf offer or just mentioned Ltf if annual spends exceed 1.5 lacs 🙂

    Do you have any updates on this offer?


    Would any one please kind enough to reply?
    What should I do if I apply for a particular variant of card, that I want & specifically applied for, and instead get a higher variant of the card from same bank based on my credit score etc. I dont want the higher variant of the card due to its fees and spend based waiver. I had applied for a LTF card and was good enough for me.

    Will the banks charge me joining and annual fees, even if I request for an immediate cancellation of the card without activating the card?
    Am I obliged to use it for some particular billing cycle before I can cancel it?
    I read the MITC etc, but I didn’t find any satisfactory answer & explanantion. What should I do, cancel it or block it? I want the fees to be levied for no fault of mine. I have emailed every id under the Grievance redressal section of the bank asking to provide me the card I applied for and cancel the offered card.
    Card in discussion belongs to the Bank of Baroda. I wanted and applied for PRIME card and instead got PREMIER.


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