Amex Offer: Get Air India Vouchers worth upto Rs.8000 based on spends

By | January 6, 2021
Amex Air india Offer

American Express India has a new spend linked offer for select targeted customers. The offer gives you Air India Vouchers worth upto Rs.8000 on spends of Rs.1,50,000. Here’s everything you need to know.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get Air india Vouchers based on spends.
  • Offer Period: January 6, 2021 to February 5, 2021
  • Offer Type: Spend based, targeted
  • Offer #1: Spend Rs.1.5L and get Rs.8,000 Air India Voucher
  • Offer #2: Spend Rs.1L and get Rs.5,000 Air India Voucher
  • Offer #3: Spend Rs.50,000 and get Rs.3,000 Air India Voucher
  • Offer #4: Spend Rs.30,000 and get Rs.2,000 Air India Voucher
  • Offer #5: Spend Rs.2,50,000 and get Rs.15,000 Luxe Voucher
  • Terms & conditions for Air India offer
  • Terms & conditions for LUXE offer

The offer gives a nice ~5% return on spend, which is good. But well, the devil is in the details.

If you go through the Air India voucher T&C, you would find so many unpleasant surprises, which is usually not the case with Amex offers. Here are some:

  1. Validity for Vouchers will be 3 months
  2. The Vouchers can only be redeemed against base fare
  3. The Voucher code once entered on Air India website for redemption will be considered redeemed and cannot be redeemed thereafter, even if the transaction/booking is not completed.

This is the worst ever spend linked offer I’ve come across with American Express, mainly due to poor partner selection, poor voucher system & tricky T&C. LUXE offer is good though with sweet 6% return on spend.

Final thoughts

While its good to see American Express send out offers actively, offers like these are just useless, that too at this point in time. I would rather appreciate Swiggy/Zomato vouchers instead.

Or, maybe 20K Air India Miles instead of 8K voucher would be better.

One of the USP of Amex Offers in my opinion is their simple and non-tricky T&C. But this offer doesn’t have that advantage. Hope they don’t repeat this again.

Anyway I didn’t get this offer on my card, have you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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40 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get Air India Vouchers worth upto Rs.8000 based on spends

    1. Harshit

      Agreed. Have never seen such a rule before. It is almost as if they are expecting the transaction to fail on their website.

  1. ManzB

    Got offer #3 .. 3000 voucher against a spend of 50k. Unlikely to achieve or use. Give it a go

    1. Reuben

      Man! Same here. I think we should stop spending on Amex card then we might get this offer!

      1. AAJ

        Hi Reuben .. true.. very disappointed being member since ’12
        i called up cc, i wanted to use new card/Plat.Travel for Insurance, they said its available and they shall enroll me on another card/Plat.Chrg. Didn’t receive any email.. but you might want to give a try on cc

  2. Ajai Singh

    I have American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card and got 5 Membership Rewards points/INR 100 on utility bills and Insurance 15X Membership Reward but nothing from above.

    Their LE team has still not started and I am still stuck with 2.6lac limit.

    1. Sunil

      Have been asking them since 4 months for LE and I am stuck on 1.5L limit on Platinum Travel. Last time they sent me offer to spend 3.75L in 30 days time with this kind of limit.


    Received Offer 3 on my MRCC card. By the way, AMEX has still not resumed credit limit review. This is really irrational now given the fact that I have received LE on my HDFC card and Yes Card twice during lockdown

    1. Sunil

      Surprisingly enough, citibank sent me email for LE which I accepted, but they did not excute the enhancement even after a month. Similarly Indusind did not respond for very long time after document submission. After repeatedly asking for the status, they simply rejected the request.


    Not received any offer. I don’t know why. I am not getting any spend based offer from American express.

  5. AM

    Received offer 1 but going to pass it as no plan to fly anytime soon.

  6. AbhiKohli

    Offer 5, found it in junk folder. Anyway was going to give it a skip. Neither I am fan of Luxe nor am I willing to try to spend 2.5L in 1 month. Previous 2L one for Amazon is also not received yet.

    1. Mayank

      Had a conversation with customer care for Amazon voucher offer. He told that due to some internal reason it has been delayed. WIll get by Jan end.

  7. Praveen Katiyar

    Got the Offer #2: Spend Rs.1L and get Rs.5,000 Air India Voucher. Will Pass for the obvious tricky nature of voucher.

    Last year, a similar offer for Paytm Flight Voucher for Rs. 8,000 was there. Amex/Paytm did not even care to extend the validity of the voucher, as Covid necessitated postponing travel plans.

    For uncertain times like these, flight vouchers/offers giving flight vouchers are best to be avoided. I even canceled My Vistara Signature for the very same reason during Covid. (Could not use one Prem. Economy Voucher, in spite of Vistara extending the voucher validity by 6 months, but strictly for those vouchers whose expiry were in Covid Lockdown)

    1. Kapil Suneja

      I escalate the paytm movie issue and they have given me 8k points in lieu of Paytm vouchher worth 3000

  8. Shivi

    #3 is true for Air India site. Less than 50% chance of getting things right in the first try. And no amount of email/follow up would resolve the issue which has been going on since a long time

  9. Ankur S

    Very bad offer partner with complex t&c.

    Meanwhile Amex Platinum Travel new benefits going live from 22 Jan. Amex site updated. Awaiting your analysis.

  10. Kumar

    Since agriculture income is not taxable , can we apply for Amex cards with ITR of net agriculture income of more than 7 lakhs in Amex sourced cities ?

    1. Shivi

      Agriculture income IS taxable 🙂 It comes under State GST and total income including FD income, agriculture income, pension etc. is used to calculate GST threshold… boom!

      AmEx would ask proof for calculation of Agri Income including P&L account/statement of income/expense etc.

  11. Ravi

    I too received one just a while back, which reads

    Spend and get Air India Voucher worth Rs. 2,000* with your Card

    Here’s an Air India Voucher worth Rs. 2,000 on spending Rs. 30,000 and above with your Card to make traveling more exciting for you.
    The offer is valid on purchases made on the Eligible enrolled Card from 6 January 2021 or the enrollment date (whichever is later) to 5 February 2021. *T&Cs apply.

  12. Apoorva Tiwari

    I got offer #2 highlighted on the app.
    Did not see the T&C . Was anyways not planning to fly for next few months.
    Have an insurance payment coming up this week so was thinking of doing it on the Plat Trav mostly to meet my 1.9L spend milestone.
    But now reconsidering to use Infinia instead for this premium payment.

  13. Amit

    Surprisingly received offer today(12th Jan), not sure why it was delayed for me

  14. Sagnik Dey

    How can I pay for an insurance (above 1 lac) through Plat Travel Card and still get MR points ?

  15. ND

    It’s a bankrupt airline- what else can we expect? Surprised to see Amex partnering with such names. Maybe trying times for them too

  16. ankur

    Got offer of 20% cashback upto Rs.750 on selected restaurants in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai

  17. Nilesh Srivastava

    Received the offer of 12th. Jan, 2021. Already spent 20 K before that which will not be counted since registered for offer on 12.01.2021. Whats the point of such offers from AMEX ?
    Will give it the miss.

  18. Ashish kumar

    I love your reviews and comments. Request if you can write about Amex black charge card/ centurion card .

  19. Sreetharan

    Received the 5k voucher today. Expiry by december 2021

  20. amol godase

    I received 5K air india voucher, now problem is i didnt find a place to enter voucher on air india site to use it. Followed up to payment page didnt find option to apply promo code. Can anybody help me out with this? Thanks in advance

    1. arjun

      did you find any solution? even I want to book a ticket but not getting the option. Thanks in advance.

  21. Mohit

    Yes, i booked it today using platinum travel amex voucher. You need to book it through Air India website, and on the first page only it asks for promo code, enter the voucher code there and it automatically deducts the amount then.
    Remember that it is not applicable on web special fare (S ). You need to select some other category. But not web special fare. Also the base fare should be greater than 5000. Once you check all this details, you can book and then it deducts 5000 amount and remaining amount needs to be paid only via amex card you got voucher for.

    Only website, no app booking
    Remember to do it in one go, because code once entered, is redeemed irrespective of any glitch, etc.

    I booked economy U class in a go. Thanks to American Express and air india for the treat.


      Hey thanks for the great info. That helped to understand the use of amex 5k air india voucher . To clarify more E , S & T class we cant choose for the use of this voucher as mentioned in amex air india voucher term and condition. I got info as per your comment that for S class is for Economy –> web special and economic we special S class booking which we cant choose for the use of this voucher. So query is ” Economy Supervalue is whether a part of S or T class or not”? Also to add info i got from air india customer care, E class is for the frequent flyer , where u need to add frequent flyer number to be a part of such class(E class). This will not be applicable to most of us.


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