Amex Points Transfer Offer: Get 30% extra Marriott Bonvoy Points

By | September 1, 2022

We’ve been waiting for this offer since past 3 years since the last amex Marriott points transfer offer and I’m excited to finally see it once again. While the bonus has dropped from 50% to 30%, its still such an amazing offer that’s worth taking.

Here are the offer details,

Offer Details

OfferGet 30% extra points on transferring Amex MR Points to Marriott Bonvoy.
Min. Points to transfer100
Max. Points to transfer9,00,000
Offer period1st Sep – 31st Oct 2022
FulfilmentWithin 12 weeks from offer end date

That’s a neat & simple offer just like the previous one, which should fetch you 30% more Marriott Bonvoy points. Meaning, if you’re into Marriott, all your Amex spends are boosted with 30% more reward rate. 

It’s definitely the “offer of the year” with Amex I would say.

Side note: Amex Rolled out 40-60% additional MB bonus points transfer offer in Uk, Canada, Australia, US, etc during Covid but not in India.

Should you transfer?

Note that even with this 30% points transfer offer we only get 3250 MB points with Amex Platinum compared to 4800 MB points on Axis Magnus for a same 1L spend.

So it’s no longer a mind blowing offer but this is perhaps the only way to get maximum value out of Amex MR points at the moment which is slightly better than the gold collection (58Ps with Taj and here we get minimum 65ps per point).

That aside, Marriott redemption system is about to change by Jan 2023, so we never know what’s going to happen.

Ideally they would move to the equivalent pricing based on inventory & revenue rate, which means the busy properties will definitely get costlier on points.

So, if you intend to do stays in next 6 months at current redemptions rates, it’s worth redeeming.

I just went ahead and redeemed 10K points and surprisingly the bonus points (3K) along with the regular points got credited to Marriott Bonvoy INSTANTLY. That’s American Express! 🙂


Now given that Axis Bank has enabled points transfer option on their credit cards which includes the key partners like Marriott Bonvoy, ITC & Krisflyer, American Express sort of loosing its USP.

As per my understanding, American Express India is going to face a tough competition with Axis premium cards and only time will tell what Amex does to retain their spends because I see no major reason to spend on Amex Platinum while I can get better rewards with Axis Magnus.

I wish Amex start to focus more on their premium cards going forward, missing which they might become irrelevant in the market, I wish they don’t. Maybe they can leverage the Taj tie-up!

That said, it’s interesting to see that Marriott has opened the transfer route via Axis and runs a nice offer with Amex as well almost at the same time.

And that brings me to the question.. “Are we getting closer to Marriott Credit Card launch in India?” Perhaps!

What’s your thoughts about the Amex Marriott Bonvoy points transfer offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

78 thoughts on “Amex Points Transfer Offer: Get 30% extra Marriott Bonvoy Points

  1. Rahul

    Been waiting for this offer for long but sad it is just 30% additional. Was hoping for 50%

  2. Kshitij

    Haven’t seen any worthy offers on Amex Platinum this year. Makes me wonder if it is worth renewing

    1. AAJ

      I cancelled last month! They were not even ready to give 1L, if you sign up in few months again (assuming they allow), you will get 1L + referral if any, at times it was 1.2L.

  3. Abhi

    The toss up is betweeb Taj 0.50 and MB 1.3 on my platinum travel. Any suggestions?

      1. Abhi

        Within India general value seems to be some 25ps per MB. Even with this bonus and some careful selection it rarely exceeds 60ps value. Overseas value is between 40ps-Rs2 or more, but not all properties accept redemption. Further transferring MB to airmiles also not so lucrative at 3:1, with this bonus it’s 2.3:1 . The limited overseas choices compared to Taj’s domestic 0.50 value gets me thinking of MB’s worth!

      2. Satvik

        If I transfer all my points to Mariott Bon Voyage before 31 Oct and get 30% extra points. is there a time frame for me to use these points? Do these points expire?

  4. R

    Hi Sid, I have 8.2 lac points. I am not sure if I will get another better offer in future from Amex and how soon.

    Confused if transfer all the points now or hold some? Any advise pls.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You have 2 months to decide, I’m sure you’ll know the answer by then. 🙂

    2. Ekas

      My 2 cents on the matter,
      Unless you’re planning to redeem for super exclusive properties like St. Regis Bali etc. That too only if redemption is at least 1 MRCC = INR 1.0
      Id suggest redeem it on Singapore Airline.
      Every month they run spontaneous redemption offer for S.E Asia. Basically, its 30% discount on mile redemption.
      Ive redeemed my MRCC via the same, can assure its totally worth as I got 1 MRCC~1.1 INR. for Del- Singapore (J Class) in B787 & A380 (personally this is more value for me)

      Enjoy redeeming 😃

    3. Prashant bhushan

      If you fly international, you can transfer them to british Avios. It gives 2:1 ratio, sometimes there is a transfer bonus too. I found that quite valuable.

  5. John

    Seems like a good time to double dip. Complete 4 lakh spend on Amex Platinum Travel card during Diwali offer and transfer all the points to Bonvoy.

  6. Arun Murugan

    Done and dusted!

    Sid Bro! This time its freaking awesome!
    A real time 30% bonus as well 😉 Last time they posted the additional 50% exactle on 25th-30 Dec 2019 🙂
    Please edit the post, you can check it yourself if you wanna verify. I just did it.
    Happy that I got 207000 points as bonus, with this I can cover my Maldives trip for free, Lol 😛

    Transferred 6,90,000 points and received 8,97,000! Damn

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ah yes, I just tested the same, it does work real-time.

      9L Points!
      EPIC. Have a great time. 🙂

      1. aka

        Hi Sid,
        2 things.. I tried to pay for the axis premium content but payment fell through many times today..will try again tomorrow..

        Also.. ” compared to 4800 MB points on Axis Magnus for a same 1L spend.”
        – shouldn’t points be 20k MB points on 1L spend on magnus ? i mean approx 25k edge reward points to be converted in 5:4 ratio ..right ? or am i missing something very basic ?

    2. aka

      How on earth do you people have 7 lacs points or more on AMEX…its actually difficult to accumulate points on amex ! 😀
      i have 1.3 lacs in 3 years.

  7. Saurabh

    Is the offer only for Amex Platinum or for any Amex card, as i am not able to see the same on redemption page for Gold credit card.

  8. amol godase

    If i transfer amex points to MB, can i use those to food bills ? In case of amex to Taj we can cover food bills with Taj gv’s. Never been to marriot please help

  9. Pranav kumar

    Siddharth, I have an amex rewards along with platinum card. And i have clubbed my account. So I get 1000 points on 1500 above transaction and also 20000 per month spends. And I aslo get platinum offers. How about this combination of amex cards?

  10. Ankit Mittal

    Can we use MB points for food too? All the properties on MB app are without breakfast. So can I use MB points for breakfast?

      1. Abhi

        Firstly not all hotels allow redemptions, secondly I don’t find meal inclusive redemption options in bonvoy so far, seems it’s room-only, both domestic or international. But if you are a Marriott Platinum elite or Gold elite member you get varying complimentary breakfast options in some of the Marriott brands, further varying by status – some with breakfast for couple or some for couple with kids, some with hotel credit just enough to buy a cuppa – various combinations making life complicated. Seemingly lunch or dinner is never complimentary, unless someone discovered that for a one-off property.

        So for someone who doesn’t have a precious metal MB status, is it worth redeeming MB points for room-only bookings, especially when meals cost about the same as the room-rent or even higher, and even more higher for a family?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That’s exactly where Eazydiner CC helps, as we can save ~45% on the food bills.

          But for resorts of-course we’ve to pay from pocket, as most are not part of ED/Dineout!

        2. SK

          please note that Gold status does not give you breakfast as a status benefit in Marriott. Also the status enables you plus one for the Lounge. It does not mean that you will be entitled for Breakfast in the restaurant of full service Marriott or resorts. You have the option to choose free breakfast or amenity. Let us not confuse the audience.

          If you reserve in Fairfield inn or Aloft or Fourpoints, etc. where the booking is included with breakfast.

          1. Deepak

            Do you mean to say that if I book in these properties, Aloft etc, we get free breakfast even if booked via MB points..

          2. Ramesh

            “If you reserve in Fairfield inn or Aloft or Fourpoints, etc. where the booking is included with breakfast.”, is this written somewhere or just based on Personal Experience

    1. Praveen

      I have seen point redemption for food only in luxury properties i.e. Ritz Carlton on dine-in, not included in room night redemption.

  11. Malav Karkar

    How to check if I’m eligible for this offer or not? When I select 10,000 points to transfer, I only see 10,000.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      30% bonus doesn’t show up in Amex interface, happens in the backend. Why not just try 1K or so transfer and find it?

  12. Amit Thakur

    Those who are not members of MB , can they enrol and get this benefit ? Is there any requirement of spending two ( or any other number) nights paid , and only then you become eligible for redemption through MB points. Please guide

  13. Pranav kumar

    With the combination of Amex rewards and amex platinum cards, One can earn BONUS 2000 reward points on 20k spends. Per month.Plus also 20k/50 ie 400 points. So Ideally, 24000+ 4800 points can be earned just bonus in 1 year. And since I have platinum so, all platinum offers apply on the points.
    I am using this combination for the last 3 years.

  14. Amit Patnaik

    Not able to see the 30% bonus on the Transfer calculator. It still shows the 1:1 for me. Shows 1:3 for CV points though.

  15. Nishank

    If we make 3 transfers before 31st October, would we get the 30% bonus for all 3 transfers?

    If a new Amex customer signs up – gets the 100k points and transfers before 31st oct – would these new customers be eligible for the bonus?

  16. Sudheer

    Is reward redemption charges added recently? I observed per night charge for reward redemption in Pune hotels.

  17. Nmk

    All – Are most merchants are accepting Amex cards now…due to their high fees because at times it is difficult to swipe card on POS machines and need to carry a back up card but amex CC saying they have improved a lotplus ICICI and SBI pos can be used for amex cards

    Is this true and any experiences…

    1. Saurabh

      Their machines support amex, but the merchants don’t want to swipe amex. I have seen this trend increasing even in big outlets now a days. Maybe because of higher transaction charges.

  18. Prabhav

    Transferred Amex points to MB, got bonus points also credited near real-time. Got a sweet deal at Westin Singapore, for approx 1mb = 1.26inr

  19. Sudheep

    a quick query regarding amex taj voucher redemption…

    being a taj gold member am eligible for 7% neucoin earns for spends . But for my recent stay at taj, neucoins are not credited for voucher amount part – coins credited corresponds only to part payment made after settling voucher.

    anyone faced similar issue?

      1. aka

        actually, i got for the whole value of my spend since essentially that 10k voucher ( amex )is treated as equivalent to cash.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That never happens with me, at-least in my last 5 or so redemptions.

          1. aka

            i actually didn’t receive any points at first and when i raised a query, i received point for the whole Rs 13k approx i spent ( 10k voucher + card) 🙂

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Interesting. In my case though, they clearly say that I’ve paid via vouchers and so no points.

  20. Jayne

    Love the content in your website… I have entered the Credit card lifestyle about a year back all thanks to your website ^_^.
    Now, I’m patiently waiting for SBI Cashback card review… 😀

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They have the habit of screwing up the applications for at-least a month whenever they launch a new card. So will likely cover it by month end.

      1. Rohit Bahl

        Hi Sid,
        Even I have applied for SBI Cashback card, there website really sucks. Finally, got a call and vKYC done, now waiting for the card. They have clearly mentioned many purchases out of the 5% cashback category, i have confirmed over the confirmation call that insurance payment wont give any cashback as it falls in utility bills category. So, this would be good only if someone does a big online shopping, hotel & airline bookings. Monthly regular spends wont yield much returns i guess. Waiting for the card, will plans expenses accordingly.

      2. Rohit Bahl

        Hi Sid,
        Just read the Fine print-terms & conditions for SBI Cashback card.
        It clearly states:-
        – The cardholders get a cashback of 1% on all offline retail spends & utility bill payments.
        – 5% cashback on all online purchases. Under this category, cardholders can earn accelerated cashback for spends up to Rs. 10,000 per month only. After spending Rs. 10,000 on online purchases, only 1% cashback will be earned in this category as well.
        – No cashback is accumulated on certain categories, including Fuel Spends, Wallet Reloads, Rent Payments, Merchant EMIs, Cash withdrawals, Balance Transfers, etc.
        With such a limit on 5% reward earning, it is not even an ok one, good for beginners only.

        1. Rohit R

          Trying to understand this limit. Is 10,000 the spend limit or the cashback limit.

          For example, if I spend 200,000 in a billing cycle. Will I get 10,000 cashback (5% of total) or 2400 (5% till 10K = 500 + 1% for 190K = 1900) ?

          1. Rohit Bahl

            Hi Rohit,
            Please read the fine print of SBI Cashback credit card T & C, it clearly states that all online spends upto 10k will yield 5% and above that only 1%.
            Your calculation is correct, on a spend of Rs.200,000 in a billing cycle, 2400 (5% till 10K = 500 + 1% for 190K = 1900)
            Its not so gr8 card, Axis ACE is still better.

          2. jitendra saraogi

            Please believe as. I am already seeing cashback upto 10000/- in sbicard app.
            It is so that is why i am confirming that one can get cashback upto Rs.10000/-in a month on only online transactions except few exclusions.

          3. Puneet

            Hi Rohit R, The 10k limit is the amount of cashback. I don’t think Rohit Bahl’s interpretation is correct. I again downloaded the FAQ’s to reconfirm my understanding. This is what FAQ 12 states:

            12. Is there a limit to the Cashback that I can earn?
            Ans: There is no limit to the amount of Card Cashback that you can earn. However, the accelerated Card Cashback i.e. 5% cashback is limited to Rs. 10,000 per billing statement month. Post that, you will continue to get base Card Cashback of 1% on eligible online and offline spends. For instance: If your statement generation date is 11th July, the transactions made from 12th June to 11th July will be considered under this statement cycle and all eligible online transactions during this period will accrue 5% Cashback up to maximum of Rs. 10,000. Within the same statement period, all transactions made after reaching the cashback limit of Rs. 10,000 will accrue 1% cashback till 11th July.

          4. Rohit Bahl

            Hi Rohit R & Puneet,
            I read the T&C again with para 12 & 13. in the ex: they have mentioned 5% cashback on online spends of Rs. 1,00,000/- as Rs. 5000/- which itself says that the Rs. 10,000/- limit is cashback limit.
            But this transaction would not apply on Rent Payments, Fuel Spends, Wallet Loads, Merchant EMIs, Cash Advances, Balance Transfer, Encash & Flexipay.

            I specifically asked for Insurance premium payment, i was informed about 1% cashback only if the payment is done offline and nothing, if done online.

      3. Rahil Shah

        Indeed. Been nearly week since I applied for the cashback card – no video KYC despite being an existing customer holding the Prime card. Received calls from 3 executives in the past 3 days informing that someone will visit to do the KYC. Yet no one has visited so far. Despite all details mentioned in the online application [and also available with them, being an existing customer], they have no clue about the location, address, employer, etc. It’s appalling that they mess up this badly. I’ve already placed a request for cancellation of my Prime card as it is virtually useless now. Cashback card looks good with decent monthly capping for cashback on online spends but their application process needs a complete revamp.

        1. Rohit Bahl

          Hi Rahil,
          I applied for it, vKYC also done, still i was told that bank person will visit for verification, even i am an existing PRIME card holder.
          This cashback card is not even a decent one, 5% cashback on all online purchases. Under this category, cardholders can earn accelerated cashback for spends upto Rs. 10,000 per month only. After spending Rs. 10,000 on online purchases, only 1% cashback will be earned in this category as well.
          Due to this condition, a max. cashback anyone can earn for online transactions is Rs. 500/-p.m / Annually- Rs. 6000/-
          What’s the point of keeping such card whose Annual fee is Rs.1000/- and it has either 5% or 1% cashback. Axis ACE is the clear winner here.
          This card wont go for long, suddenly people will throng for SBI cashback card, but in longer run, they will run for closing this card.

        2. Jayne Emina

          Same problem with me as well. Finally I called them up continuously and got the KYC done through video verification. Now, awaiting further processing from their end. As @CardExpert mentioned, it really is messed up with new card issue. I thought I’ll have it in my hands by the time of the big sale in the end of September lol 😆
          However, 5% cashback up to 2lakh online spends per month beat Axis Flipkart card outright. Eagerly waiting to see the review though. 😌

          1. Rohit Bahl

            HI Jayne,
            Even you got it wrong. SBI Cashback card is only providing 5% cashback for online spends UPTO Rs.10000/- Any online spend beyond this amount will give only 1% cashback. I have already mentioned above in the thread what I have seen clearly stated in SBI terms & conditions for this card.
            Read the terms & conditions of SBI Cashback card, inside the terms & conditions they have mentioned. They have not highlighted / mentioned on ads and on website page, it is hidden inside full length t&c.
            Its a waste card, Axis ACE is better than this.

        3. Rahil Shah

          Update: SBI Cashback card approved today. After about 40 days of applying. With a paltry limit of 10k! Yes, 10k! Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

          As its a new card, they will not increase the limit on the Cashback card for 6 months. So I’ll be placing a request to transfer my existing limit on the Prime card to the Cashback card and close the former. Have to see if they agree to it.

          With a limit of 10k, I guess they expect me to spend only on Swiggy and Zomato! And then keep 2 lacs criteria for fee renewal after allotting this miniscule limit of 10k.

          If they refuse to transfer the limit from Prime to Cashback card, I’ll be closing both. Serves them well. Absolutely ridiculous!

  21. Ashwin Kumar

    I have 40000 Amex Points.

    Does this mean that I can transfer the points and get 52000 points ( worth 52000 rupees to be used for Mariott)

    Asking Just for clarification since I Have never used it

    1. aka

      yes.. u would get 52k Mariott points….but the value is dynamic….like i have redeemed 18k points for a 2 night stay otherwise going for Rs 35k ( inclusive taxes)..please note …we don’t have to pay taxes on the room booking through points !! The cherry was that i tried to upgrade the room by mentioning club Marriott membership ( via Diners black) and since they didn’t have the scope of upgrading, they threw in complimentary breakfast for two pax !!

      another time ..1 room night stay was redeemed at a fairfield at 6K points versus RS. 7.3k room rate…but i have also seen..for ex westin gurugram at 30k point for a night versus Rs. 12k…so u see..its very dynamic..normally a point shouldn’t give u less than 50 paise worth..and if u r lucky then more than a Re !

  22. aka

    i have converted my points and now seeing that most of the european properties are not accepting booking by points ! Like in paris..before it was showing umpteen only 2 or 3 !!

  23. Amit Patnaik

    Managed to transfer all my AMEX points only to realise now that the room bookings are not inclusive of breakfast. What’s the best way for getting breakfast for my stays? I don’t have Marriot Elite tiers.

    1. Vamsi

      There is no other way! You will have to pay it from your pocket. Points gets you only the Stay for free.

      1. Amit Patnaik

        Was pleasantly surprised to find that Breakfast was included in my redemption stay the JW Marriott in Mussoorie, despite contrary info on the Marriot Bonvoy website 🙂

  24. Angadnil Bhuyn

    Can we transfer Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card Membership points to Marriott Bonvoy?

  25. Thomas

    Hi can anyone help me..

    I booked 2 rooms at Marriott using points 8000 per room. 16000 deducted and got one email with one confirmation number saying 2 rooms reserved. Today got an email saying one room reserved and when I checked account activity only 8000 deducted and 8000 is back in my account. I called up hotel directly and they said 2 rooms booked what do I do.

  26. Vamsi

    I have used the transfer and could my holiday at Maldives. Thanks for all the inputs guys, wonderful forum this.

    I have been Amex Gold+MRCC since past 8 years. I have been given upgrade to Platinum Travel card multiple times, but never availed it. Is it worth to do that? Can we still hold MRCC free with it? 18K and 24K rewards wont be available anymore isnt it? Please advice

  27. Saurabh Gupta

    Can we expect this offer again in 2023? By when can we expect it?

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      This offer is usually announced in September. I’m also eagerly waiting for the same.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      likely not, given the conservation mode of Amex in India for 2023.


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