Amex Credit Limit Enhancement offer (upto 15L) based on spends

By | July 9, 2021
Amex Credit Limit Enhancement offer

American Express India recently sent out credit limit enhancement offer for select credit cards wherein the customer can grab higher limits based on a spend criteria.

The spend criteria and the eligible limit are all different for different cardholders and here is a quick look at the offer:

Offer Details

OfferGet higher credit limit of Rs. XXXX on spending Rs. YYYY in 90 days
Offer Period3 July to 30 October 2021
Enrolment Period3 July to 2 August 2021
Fulfilment5 business days for the credit limit to be revised post enrolment
If target not reachedNew limit will be cancelled within 90 days from the offer end date
  • Sample Offer: Cardmember can opt in for increase in credit limit to INR 15,00,000. After enrollment, Cardmember is to spend INR 3,00,000 within 90 days from the date of enrollment. In case the Cardmember fails to do so, the credit limit will be reduced back to the previous value within 90 days after offer end date.

There appear to be 5 variants of this offer that can get you 15L/10L/6L/4L/3L credit limits based on spends.

Good thing is you actually get the limit within 5 days of enrolment and you just need to make sure the respective spend is done on the card to hold this limit.

That all aside, I wonder when they increased the max. limit on their “credit” cards to 15L from 8L – which was the case since long time.

My Thoughts

A targeted spend linked offer for a better credit limit is an interesting type of promo we’ve ever seen in the industry.

It definitely makes sense, at-least at this point in time as some may incur huge medical expenses, just like my cousin brother who’s expecting a 20L bill on Covid-19 complications.

That said, I haven’t received the offer on my cards and none of them I personally knew got one either. So it seems that the offer has been triggered to a very small set of customers.

It’s likely a trial attempt and we may see more such offers again in future. It’s interesting to note that Amex is playing the limits game after RBI ban, just like HDFC.

Did you get the limit enhancement offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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34 thoughts on “Amex Credit Limit Enhancement offer (upto 15L) based on spends

  1. Santosh Kumar

    I got the same offer current limit of 1.6L, upgrade to 4L limit by spending 1.5L. While i don’t see the need of this much spends. Also i called up amex to increse limit via the 6 months route, i was told limit increase cant be reviewed as you have got this offer.

    that is a bit disheartening to see.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s interesting but sad for you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. MAA-traveler

    I received a 30% increase in my MRCC without any such promotions. Instantly the limit was enhanced after I agreed for the same.

    “Congratulations! In recognition of your excellent record with American Express®, we’re pleased to tell you that, as a valued Cardmember, you have been pre-approved for a credit limit increase from to on your American Express Card ending in xxx.
    You will be able to use this limit once you get an email confirmation from us.”

  3. Abhishek Singh

    Even I got 35% credit limit increase offer and limit increased same on acceptance.

    No target spend required.

  4. Ankit Jain

    Frankly, I was laughing by reading such ridiculous offer.
    Firstly amex acceptance is quite difficult.
    And mostly its available free.

    I reduce my amex limit from 4L to 1.5L in past

  5. Rushabh

    Recently I had an urgent unexpected high medical spend and SC Ultimate doubled my credit limit for 30 days with just 1 phone call. Some features are priceless as they help just when you need them.

  6. Yash Bhavnani

    I hold a platinum travel and membership rewards credit card with amex. My relationship with amex is 6 years old . The limit of both the cards were 4L+ and 2L+ respectively. In the month of March ’21, I decided to go for the platinum charge card and a few days later, my whole amex account was put under financial review.

    During that time, all the three cards were temporarily suspended and I was asked to furnish some financial documents failing which all the 3 cards would be closed.

    I submitted all the documents the next day and they took a good 7 days to get back to me. They reinstated all the cards but the limits of the platinum travel and membership rewards credit card was significantly reduced to just 70k each. Also, the reinstatement was done only after the outstanding on both the cards was cleared in full. I would like to point out that I am one of those who pay in full every month and have done so without any defaults ever since I got my first credit card 14 years back. So, no, this review wasn’t triggered due to any defaults.

    On further asking them the reason for the review, they said it’s done at random and no more information can be divulged regarding this by them.

    Thus, my 2 cents on the whole situation is that beware of a sudden and a big increase in the limits of the cards. Amex might put your account in review.

    P.S. : I hold a few other credit cards and nothing of this sort has ever occurred with any of the other card issuing banks.

    1. S R

      @yash The exact same thing happened to me with AmEx, they are notorious for these kinda reviews. The one thing I can guarantee is that there are a number of things which trigger a FR from AmeX, e.g it could be if they are suspecting you of manufactured spending or business spending on your personal cards, I am saying this because AmeX went through all of my transactions and asked me to provide bank statements along with ITR.

      They did reinstate my card accounts (Gold Charge & Plat Reserve) with the same limit on the Plat Reserve but after paying off the entire balance in full for both cards. However after a week they had put a limit on my Gold Charge card (Essentially making it a credit card), on enquiring further they said that I can opt for a review after 30 days & so I did but after 90 days and they removed the limit from the charge card again !

      Let me assure you for whatever reason, FR’s are almost always triggered due to the charge cards and not the credit cards themselves, however Amex do suspend your entire account while you’re on a FR.

      So unless you get a FR from Amex, limits will certainly not get reduced.

    2. Y G

      I have had a similar experience. Been an Amex card holder for 5 years now, high-spending each month, and never defaulted/delayed any payments. I applied for the Platinum charge card using an offer received via email, and my account was put into financial review.
      Even though my financials were extremely good (high payslips and >850 CIBIL score), post the review, Plat Travel limit was reduced from 7.5L to 1L, MRCC from 2.5L to 50k.
      Additionally, I can’t even use my Gold charge card over 50k, essentially a virtual credit limit on the charge card. Customer support says that this is to avoid fraud and other risks, and I have to clear my balance to use the card after 50k.

      Was really disappointed, and have since shifted all my spends from Amex to HDFC and StanChart CCs.

      1. S R

        Interesting, almost certainly this has nothing to do with your payments track with Amex or your credit profile, most likely a case of Amex suspecting business spending or manufactured spending on your personal cards and they curbed the limit.

        It’s still a mystery what are the reasons that may trigger a FR or what exactly Amex checks or verified during a FR but it could be anything.

        Hence I said be very very careful with manufactured spending or putting business spends on your Amex personal cards as almost certainly you will get a FR at some point, though there are articles about playing too much with “check my spending power” can trigger the FR but I don’t think that’s 100% true.

        Mostly charge cards triggers these FR’s as they come with high purchase power when Amex suspects someone is abusing by actually making money out of it or if they suspect of potential fraud at some point.

        Hence avoid using Amex for manufactured or business spending at all costs if you don’t want a FR especially to achieve these milestone offers, irrespective of how long you’ve been with Amex or how old your account is !!

      2. Ayush Agrawal

        What are you planning to do with the 70k fees platinum charge card now?

  7. S Agarwal

    Should one go for higher credit limit, even if the present credit limit is sufficient?

  8. Agarwal

    Should one go for higher credit limit even if the present credit limit is sufficient?

  9. Manikanta

    I was offered a limit increase from 3L to 6L if I spend 1.8L with in 90 days from the date of enrolment, however I may not spend that much amount in just 90 days, so not enrolled.

  10. Ajai Dev

    Credit to INR 8,00,000 on spends of INR 2,50,000 on a platinum reserve cc which was already at 8lac limit. Had recently shifted limit from one of the other CC to my Platinum Reserve. So called customer care they said its for only the card mentioned so can I undo the limit transfer and then enroll for this offer?

  11. Kaustubh

    Last month I had called Amex for a limit enhancement. The customer care told me that as my credit utilisation is low in the last 6 months for this card they won’t be able to enhance the limit for now. Then last week I got the offer to upgrade to a credit limit of Rs.4 lacs from existing Rs. 1.60 Lacs by spending 1.50 Lacs in the next 90 days.

    Also one more thing I would like to add is the delay in crediting points for referral card in Amex. Previously I used to get the referral points credited within a few days of card approval. Now it is upto 10 weeks as per their T&C (the card I referred was approved just before the Ban on 26th April) . 10 weeks completed on the 6th of July still waiting and following up daily when the CC with no luck

  12. Siddsa

    I have MRCC which had limit of 80K for ages didn’t bother to increase it as I used it for 1000 bonus points only ( for other spends I have LTF DCB )
    I used MRCC ten days back to purchase air tickets worth 80k (DCB was not accepted on corporate site) due to the earlier spend I had to “top-up” the card before making spends.

    I received credit limit upgrade message in two hours from 90k to 1.8 L. No terms or conditions were attached to it.

    Sadly I used this increase of CL on newly launched gyftr buying Amazon gift card for 5000 and received a “grand” 100 bonus point 😆🤯

  13. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I got a 30 percent credit limit increase just 4 months into my Amex MRCC usage last month. Preapproved offer without spend conditions. Of all the cards I have, Amex has been the quest to offer a limit increase, as I said, in just about 4 months. HDFC offered 2 limit increases in a 6 and 7 month window while ICICI have offered 2 increases in about 3 years. As I got the Amex offer only last month, not expecting the new offer to reach me…
    But yes, an interesting promotion concept indeed.

  14. Siyad

    Last week I got a 60% limit increase on my MRCC Card without any promo.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No news yet – looks like low chance in this quarter.

  15. SR

    As a word of CAUTION, Be veryyyyy careful with manufactured spending on your Amex, whatever may be the reason, to achieve milestone benefits like these or for whatever reasons !!

    Amex is notorious for putting accounts under FR if they suspect any form of manufactured spending. Even if you get offers like these, be extremely careful to not put any unusual spending through your Amex which you wouldn’t have otherwise !

  16. Jije

    What will be the max limit for MRCC card? Anyone know pls share.

  17. Aakash Coimbatore

    “just like my cousin brother who’s expecting a 20L bill on Covid-19 complications”

    Went to a Multi speciality and one of the well known hospital in Coimbatore. We had a hospital bill of around 2 lakhs.
    But they don’t accept amex.

    Limit increase pani ena thala panradhu, card accept pananumay

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True, same situation. Ganga Hosp. declined Amex and he ended up using Regalia!

      1. Aakash Coimbatore

        Thala neengalu Ganga hospital thana!

        For us it was Ganga and Ramakrishna hospital at Coimbatore, both of them didn’t accept AMEX.

        Damn these hospitals are using Paytm card swipe machines..

    2. MAA-traveler

      Amex acceptance in Tamilnadu is poor. Even in Chennai it is poor. Amex cards are mostly for online transactions personally.

      But generally I don’t buy from big format businesses if they don’t accept Amex. Titan Eye plus store in a tier 2/3 city didn’t accept and I promptly used gift voucher (paid with Amex) and then gave poor feedback with Titan.

  18. Naman Mishra

    I got an offer for almost double limit with a ~3L spend. I had the lowest limit on Amex among 5 cards (Except YFE which is 10X lower than the next lowest limit for some reason). I signed up but don’t think will spend that much since acceptance is very poor and rewards are bad IMO.

  19. Saran

    Is there any rent pay platform where one can use amex? Currently does not seem to be supported on any which is a disappointment.

  20. Ishant Dave

    There is no need to receive offer. You can opt-in by just clicking the add on AMEX homepage.

  21. Sreetharan

    I got spend 1.8 lacs to increase limit to 6 lacs offer. I’ve spent about 1 lac so far and I already have the upgraded credit limit reflecting in my card. How is that?


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