Here’s How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

By | January 10, 2016

credit-limit-enhancementIf you’ve applied for a new credit card, you would have probably got a low credit limit initially. But as soon as you start using your card and repaying on time, banks will have an idea as how much you spend and how much credit limit you can handle. So banks review & increase the limits every few months once based on your usage. However, we can’t wait for automatic limit enhancement call if there is a need for high volume purchases. So you can try out any of these ways to increase your credit limit once your card is 6 months old.

7 Proven ways to Increase your Credit Card Limit:

#1 Show your Increase in income:

If your income has increased considerably, forward your last 3 months salary slips or IT returns to the bank and let them know that you’re now getting a better salary and so to review your credit limit. This works most of the time and you can expect a decent increase, provided your usage is equally good.

#2 Show Your Reduced Liabilities:
You might have taken a personal/home loan when you’ve applied for the credit card. Most people doesnt know that such loans/EMI’s are one of the important factors influencing your credit limit as explained earlier. If you’ve closed any of your loans, forward the loan closure papers to bank and request for a better limit stating that you’re now paying less/no EMI and so you have higher spending power.

#3 Show Better Limits on other Cards(if any):
If you happen to get a far better limit on your other credit cards, let the bank know about it. For example, if your credit limit with ICICI is Rs.50k and you’ve credit limit of Rs.2 Lakhs on your HDFC credit card, forward your HDFC statements to ICICI requesting for a equal/better limit. However, don’t do this if the difference is less, like Rs.25k or so.

#4 Upgrade + Limit Enhancement:
Ask the bank if you are eligible for the next level of cards(premium) than your existing card. If you are eligible, request for a limit enhancement along with your credit card upgrade. Don’t forget about the yearly fees of the new card in this case.

#5 Spend more on your Card:
The first & foremost reason for anyone to avail more limit is that the existing limit is not sufficient. So you must be spending as much as you can on that card and payback on time to prove that you are worth handling more limit and also that you can transact more. If you’ve taken EMI/loans on your card and paid them all, its a great plus.

Banks love customers who spend more and pay bills on time. Spend a lot on your card for 3-4 months and tell bank there are more to come in future for which you need a better limit to handle it.

#6 Use the Credit card for foreign Travel:
Banks love people who travel abroad. That’s because they earn a lot on foreign currency markup fees for every transaction you make outside India. Also, if a customer has the ability to travel abroad, his net worth has to be pretty decent and so obviously deserves a better limit.

#7 Wait for an Increase to happen Naturally:

Hope you know the fact “Great things happen to those who wait”. It applies to credit card limits as well. If you use above 6 steps, you are likely to get 25%-50% limit enhancement, but if you leave it as it is, you can expect close to 100% limit increase. This happened to one of my friend recently, he had 80k limit for about an year with decent spending & repay pattern and he got an offer to increase it to 1.55 Lakhs.

As said, this is the best way to increase the limit  to greater numbers, however, you got to wait for the automatic algorithm to do this work. Its worth the wait though 🙂

What not to do while asking for Credit Limit Enhancement:

Never forget the fact that a bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. So never ask for a limit increase saying that “i lost my job, i need to pay bills, i ran into debt.. etc” those will show your needy behavior and might raise a flag on your a/c. Don’t be desperate, just ask in a calm tone.

Those are the handy tips to increase your existing credit card limit. Understand that a higher limit can easily tempt you to spend more and lead you down to a dangerous road. Try not to change your spending habits just because you’ve got lot of plastic money at your disposal. As a thumb rule, use credit cards only to reap its advantages and only if you’re sure that you can pay back on time.

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77 thoughts on “Here’s How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

  1. Satish HB

    Good tips dude. Really helpful to understand the advantages of credit card and diadvantages as well. Idea to use credit card well explaind. My thanks for that.

  2. Phani kumar d

    Hiii want to credit limit increase. Pls help on this.

    1. Larry

      It’s simple dude, just follow the above 7 Proven ways to Increase your Credit Card Limit!! Enjoy!!

    2. Patel Dilip mohanbhai

      My credit cards limit increases please sir

  3. Gagandeep singh

    I am gagandeep singh I have very low Credit limit I work cards every where. My salary comes in the hdfc accont I have put my requst to hdfc bank also so plz sir or madam plz extend my credit limit


    To what extent the credit limit can be used to maintain good record in the bank.

    For example if the limit is 1.5 lakh.. How much can I use..

  5. Deepak

    Does higher number of credit card really has negative impact on credit worthiness? Any idea about maximum number of card one can hold before hitting the limit.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, there can be only a positive impact.
      I hold 5+ cards and i still have pretty good score.

      Note that on every card application, your score goes down, however, it gets back to normal after 6 months or so as long as you repay and use properly.

  6. Anwar


    I have a CC with a limit of 20K and I spend like 35-50K per month by paying advance payment. I have this card with me for the last 6 month, and I always used like this. Should I ask for a better limit or wait till they offer enhancement?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can ask for Limit Enhancement, preferably with your latest IT papers.

      1. Anwar

        Don’t have the IT paper or salary slip, they gave me the card based on the transactions in my HDFC savings account.

        1. Pravin

          Hi Anwar,
          my case is similar to yours, did you contact your bank and did they increase your card’s credit limit?

          1. Anwar

            Hi Pravin,

            I contacted the bank, and they asked me to submit the salary slip or latest ITR. I think I have to file the ITR to move forward the application.

            @Siddharth – What do you think?

  7. Kadirvel N


    I have applied limit increase to my card for more than on month. pl help me to increase my card limit

  8. chandru

    Hi I got a messages from SBI credit card department regarding my credit card is eligible to upgrade gold to platinum. This means , my credit card limit will increased if I will upgrade my old to new platinum card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, Credit limit enhancement will be done only basis your income proof. Sometimes with expense/payment history.

  9. Nandhakumar

    1.every 6 months once hdfc have upgrade card and limit and If once I will give proof of IT to limit enhancement and another once which one I will to give to upgrade.
    Like.fd,rd or account history

  10. sanjit kumar

    Sanjit kumar…Hii….Today my card deliver ase hdfc bank limit provide 15000 thousand and my salry 16000 thousand note expect credit limit …..plz increse my credit limit

  11. Aashish

    Hi Sid,

    I have a HDFC regalia First card, and SC Manhattan Card with limit > 2lakh ,an Indusind platinum card and a ICICI platinum chip card. I use all except ICICI one which also has a limit of about 2lakh. I want ICICI to upgrade it to some better card as with platinum card the rewards is so less I don’t have any motivation to use it.So how to tell ICICI to upgrade the card. All the cards I have are LFT cards and in upagrde from ICICI i want a LFT free card. what to do ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No worries, all ICICI cards has poor reward rate. So skip it for lifetime unless they come up with a better reward structure 😀

  12. Jagadeesh

    Hi siddarth
    This is Jagadeesh I am using Hdfc Credit Card limit of Rs.45000 since 2015.Now I am promoted and am drawing salary Rs.40000 per month.
    Can I apply for Limit Enhancement as well card upgradation.

  13. Dhiwakaran

    I need to increase my credit card limit. Now my limit is 30k. How much I can increase. Now my salary increases from 15k-25k. I have low score in cibil does I can get card enhancement or not.

  14. Naeem

    I have below Credit card with Limit :
    ICICI Coral Credit – 44
    HDFC 48K
    SBI platinum – 50K
    Kotak – 30K

    I want to increase my credit limit in all card at one go
    I talked with ICICI, HDFC Customer Care they told me to There is no offer on CL.
    I want to increase SBI Credit card limit i am using this card from past 7 month and my spending on SBI Card is around 3 Lakh.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can fill the LE form and send it to Chennai address for HDFC, similar way for other banks as well.

  15. Sunny

    Hi Sid,
    Great article.
    Any recommendations on cards for international travel – ticket booking specifically. Currently own a JetWorld HDFC and AMEX Gold Card


  16. Ben

    Hello Siddharth,

    Earlier, I was getting less salary and I was provided with hdfc jet privilege card of Rs. 45000 limit. Now my pay scale got increased and I’m paying my minimum balance correctly from the month I got the credit card. Recently, even I’m paying full credit balance and making use of same amount in a month. It’s been 3 years before I got the card. Is there a way of getting my limit increased now?


  17. Lalit Sharma

    Today I received my HDFC CC but limit is too bad. At the time of apply of CC, agent told me to provide limits between 1-3L but they provided not more than 10% of min. This is really very disgusting.

  18. Saurabh Bhattacharya

    I have a new credit card for icici bank with a limit of 30k. It’s my new salary account . Can I raise my credit limit. If yes then how.? My current salary is 25k.

  19. Sarah

    Hi ,
    I have a credit card of kotahk mahendra bank . this card was issued to me 6 mts ago based on my salary account with credit Limit 15k and my salary is 25000.00 can u please tel me can I ask bank to increase credit limit my payments are regular and I do full payment……….

  20. puneet

    I have a bharat cahback card with 40k limit on a 30k salary. Will spending more allow me to get a higher limit to buy something for 45k which i need ? my cibil is 800 and this was my first credit card in jan 17. The saving hdfc account its linked with is also 4 years old. Spending on paytm can make me easily touch the 40k monthly limits with no spents. Salary wont increase for 6-8 months.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Spending more can help, but HDFC primarily looks for increase in income.

  21. Nandhakumar

    I was send ITR to chennai address for card upgrade and LE. much time to card upgrade

  22. MAHI RAM

    Sir may income would increasing this time. my income approximate 5 lakh something. please entrenched credit card limit.

  23. Kay B

    Hi Siddharth, you have made really good points regarding how to increase the limit.

    I currently have an HDFC Credit Card with a limit of 75k, its been around 7 months and I have been using my card regularly. No limit increase till now.

    The problem is that I want to buy something for 1.2k, so If I put the remaining amount in the card, will I be able to buy it? I know it won’t increase my limit that way, but just wanted to know if I will be able to buy the product which costs 1.2k

    Kindly Reply
    Thank You

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, you wont be able to do this with HDFC, ICICI & AXIS used to allow this. You may try charging twice, though not sure if it will work. If you pay excess (higher amount) to card, it takes some time for the adjusting to happen. Its like a day or two as i experienced a month back.

      1. Kay B

        Thanks for the reply, is there any other way I could buy the product which is more than my credit card limit?

        When paying my credit card bills, the excess amount goes in “Minus” then I guess it adjusts when the next bill comes, I never calculated to be honest.

  24. Nandhakumar

    1.i was send ITR to chennai address for upgrade to regalia and LE.and he is simply rejected my documents without any reasons. wat I do.if I again send documents for only LE.

  25. Jayanta

    Hi sidarath
    If I used my hdfc credit card fully n paying due amount n apply for new card in other bank will I get or they cancell my application…

  26. Anoop E S

    Dear Siddharth

    Could you please guide on how I can request for increase in limit of ICICI card showing higher limit on other cards…

    My ICICI Jet Airways saphiro is having a credit limit of Rs.1.26 lakhs. Want to increase the limit showing the Rs.7.50 lakhs limit on HDFC Diners Black.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      ICICI doesnt do like that as far as i know. But you can try sending them the documents.

      1. Anoop E S

        You are right siddharth. They don’t entertain requests based on limits of other banks.

  27. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    My mother is a Classic customer of HDFC bank and we applied for Business moneyback card and she was approved ( credit limit of Rs. 59,000 ). Now we got an offer to upgrade it to Business Regalia First which we accepted but they have not increased the limit.
    Now should I sent limit enhancement form right now or wait for 6 months from the date of issue of moneyback or wait for 6 months from the date of issue of Regalia First ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      6 months from date of Issue of MB should be fine.

  28. Amitkumar


    Nice article and information. I wanted to ask a different query in case if you know. I applied for SBI Prime Card online, 2 days later i got a verification call and adcised that i will be contacted for documents. Later got another call mentioning that my application has approved and need to provide kyc documents.

    Again after 2 days got call for kyc info verification, and stated confirming the delivery location (my preference) then advised that i will receive the card at preferred address mentioned and will get a call to select the CPP in a week; however, its been 10 days and the status shows as in process.

    I contected them via email they said its in process and yet there is no call for CPP selection and no other update… only shows the status as “Your SBI card application is in progress. We will get back to you soon.”

    Please assist if you have any idea on that?

  29. Rahul

    Sir, credit card limit 30k. And my monthly salary is 22k . And I already send offline limit increase request chennai address HDFC. How many days for increase my limit card 10 months old. Plz reply

  30. Chandru

    Need to increase my card limit. One of the your phone banker told increase credit limt and get new card that the reason I am asking send to new card.
    I have received the card very shocking because of the card credit limit not increase same limit given and also charged processing fee 499+GST.
    I am very disappointed.Kindly require done full the customer,

  31. Nilesh V

    Just got to know from someone in HDFC credit card department that for 1st time customers, limit review is generally done in 8th or 9th month. They look at limit utilised(should never exceed 30%) and should have a good component of online shopping. These all criteria are best for limit enhancement.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not exactly. I maxed out my limit recently and i got Auto LE offer. They have lots of algo for LE.
      Whatsoever, “shopping” does help.

  32. Vikas

    Hello sidharth, currently i have hdfc moneyback credit card with limit of Rs 92000 and i am getting offer to upgrade the card to regalia first. Should i go for it..?
    I also have a salary account in hdfc bank and will my limit also increase in my new relgalia first card as my limit is just increased from 83k to 92k 2 days before in my current money back card

  33. Viral Patel


    i have completed 1year for using credit card but not recived any sms or email for credit increase…..

    so please check and tell me..

    Thank you!!

    1. Sreehari

      Which card do you hold? Reach out to the customer care and they should be able to sort it out if our spends are decent or if you can provide proof of increase in income.

  34. MD saleem

    I am self employed with ITR of 10 lacs.

    What limit will i get on this card with the above income?

    1. Syed

      Also depends on your CIBIL score and your previous credit card usage if any

  35. Ramesh Kumar Pandey

    I appreciate credit card officials who are our best friends in our distress.I am a Retd.Dyson Manager of S.BI.I have a SBI Platinum Credit Card since 10 Years.I avail loans against it time to time.I want to increase its limit.Is there any provision for enhancement of its limit?

  36. Krish Karthikeyan

    I have a Standard Chartered Infinite visa card with a 350000 credit limit. It’s the only card I have. I had asked for a limit increase in Nov – Dec 2016 during demonetization to help with online transactions. It was increased from 250000 to 350000. I asked for a credit line increase again this December because a) salary increase last April by 10% and b) I have international trips coming in February, so will need a higher limit. However my request was rejected.

    I have no history of late payments and always have paid card in full. Have Stan Chart salary account too. Any idea how this will affect my credit score and why I could have been rejected. Emailing customer service didn’t help since they gave a standard response. More so now I’m stuck without an additional card in case of higher expenses when abroad.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Rejection of Credit limit enhancement request doesn’t affect your CIBIL at all. It’s internal to bank. Every bank has it’s own criteria for credit limit increase.

      What % of Annual CTC is your Credit limit?

      If it’s around 40 – 50%, Getting credit limit increase could be difficult.

      1. Krish Karthikeyan

        Thanks for the response Sharath. Annual CTC is ~ 10 times credit limit. I’m considering getting a new card because I need backup for international travel.

  37. Prashant Gupta

    Its very difficult to get limit increase with SC and icici. I only have credit limit of around 90k on sc and 34k on icici and using both for last 12 years. Whereas my credit limit on HDFC is 7.35 L. Sc and icici dont care even if i tell them that i will close the card and about my salary etc.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You may consider closing ICICI and reopening in few months card-on-card with HDFC. That should get you a very good limit.


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