HDFC Allmiles Credit Card Devalued and other Changes

Recently i wrote an article about the HDFC Moneyback card devaluation which is a big news for the Moneyback credit card holders. Following that, HDFC Allmiles credit card also gets devalued bigtime along with introduction of some new premium card variants. HDFC Allmiles Credit Card Benefits Devaluation: New reward points structure: 1 Reward Point= Rs.0.25 (it was 0.75… Read More »

HDFC Moneyback Credit Card Devalued

HDFC Moneyback credit card is one of the most famous credit card ever launched for the beginners. This had the opportunity to earn 1.6% value back on all online spends as direct cash credit to your statement. It’s issued very easily to almost everyone who signs up for the HDFC credit card initially. Here’s the complete review of… Read More »

Diners and Discover Cards now Accepted on Axis Bank Swipe Machines

As you might be aware about the Diners credit card acceptance issues in India, HDFC in partnership with Diners/Discover seems to work hard in diminishing the acceptance issues with offline merchants. While HDFC has one of the largest network of PoS Terminals in India, it shouldn’t be a problem in 80% metros to use the Diners card, however… Read More »