Grab Rs.1000 Dineout Voucher with ICICI Bank American Express Credit Cards

By | September 21, 2018

If at all i need to say about a bank that sends 300+ promotional emails in a year with useless offers and unlimited terms and conditions, its none other than the ICICI Bank. The only offer that i see worth availing with ICICI in past 1 year is their Super Value Day offer with Amazon, almost every other offer either has lots of catch in it or gives very minor savings.

Every day i open their promotional emails and delete them within a second, literally. Fortunately, here comes a new spend based offer on ICICI American Express co-branded cards that’s worth reading.

Dineout Voucher with ICICI Bank American Express Credit Cards

Dineout Voucher Worth Rs.1000 with ICICI Bank Amex Credit Card

Dineout Offer Details

  • Enroll by giving a missed call on 7069-577-555 from your registered mobile number
  • Do 4 or more purchases each of Rs.1, 000 or more every month
  • Applicable only on Amex co-branded ICICI Bank credit cards
  • Dineout voucher will be sent to the registered email ID: Within 60 working days from the end of every month of the offer period.
  • Offer period: July 17 – June 30, 2018 (extended)

Looks like the offer was live since July 2017 and surprisingly ICICI sends such good offers only after 2 months of its launch. I haven’t used Dineout yet but i believe its a good service worth using as long as you live in a metro.

An important thing to note is, the above offer is possible only because of the presence of American Express. As you may know that they provide 1000 Bonus points on their proprietary cards likes Amex Membership Rewards Card for spends of Rs.1000 X 4 times a month, this offer is also designed similarly. Great move!

I’ve signed up for the same with my ICICI Jet Saphhiro Amex Credit Card and can’t wait to avail these dining vouchers.


Dineout vouchers are 1st of its kind and this is a great move at this point of time as Table Reservation apps are seeing a heavy competition lately. I see a huge scope for dining vouchers in coming years as it not only saves you 25% or so on your bill, but just get that meal for absolutely free.

Update Sep 2018: I’ve used the Dineout Vouchers at many restaurants in Chennai and they’re so easy to use – Check out my experience with Dineout here: Dineout Review. I hope Dineout re-runs such offers with ICICI or other bank cards sometime soon.

Anyone noticed this Offer before? and have you used Dineout Before? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

49 thoughts on “Grab Rs.1000 Dineout Voucher with ICICI Bank American Express Credit Cards

  1. Manu Kumar

    Iconia Amex is hot.. Has given back much more than the joining fee of 10k with Pantaloons Voucher.

    Icici bank is best for the Platinum Credit card. It’s Free and provides really nice limit.. Almost as much as my 5 year old hdfc card..
    But is Amex Co Branded card accepted by

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Applied for it with same Pantaloons voucher and waiting for it.

      Btw, can you please explain more about “Has given back much more than the joining fee of 10k with Pantaloons Voucher” ?

      1. manu kumar

        i paid 10000+1500 = 11500
        Now what i got:
        pantaloons voucher =10000
        3x reward offer for grofers = 900 ( after spending 15000 on groceries)
        Snapdeal offer 10% discount=1500 ( bought a phone of 16k)
        ezClick offer= 500 voucher
        total = 13000 ( all major expenses I put on this )
        Now big expenses = total insurance payment of 2lac gave = 4 thousand cash

        15 percent off on all my dinners = assuming saving of 300 per dinner = 300×40=12000 ( i eat out a lot)
        now form march to sept = i have benefitted by more than 28 k almost 3 times of what i paid.

        and the best part is , it is all cash no voucher redemption .

        hope this answers ur query

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Sounds cool.
          Its Mind blowing to know how everyone is different & creative in getting maximum value out of the card.

  2. Aman

    Hi sid

    Think there are better options on Samsung Pay
    As you get cash back.

    Already posted Yes bank Samsung Pay offer in comments of
    Why Should you Apply for an YES Bank Credit Card. Now giving

    Example of Axis Bank

    (11th August 2017 – 09th October 2017 )

    The offer is valid on all Axis Bank Debit Cards and Credit Cards enabled with Samsung Pay
    The offer is not valid on Corporate Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards and NRE Debit Cards
    Below are the offer details for the customers :
    Number of Eligible Transactions

    Minimum Transaction Amount: Rs 500 x 6 transactions

    Cashback Rs.500

    Next cashback at 12 transactions: Rs.500

    Please note the maximum cashback that can be credited to a customer will be Rs.1000

    Customer is eligible for a maximum cashback of Rs.1000 only
    Minimum transaction value for a transaction needs to be Rs.500 or above.

    In case the customer has multiple Axis Bank cards registered on Samsung Pay, the card which has higher number of eligible transactions using Samsung Pay will be considered for Cashback calculation.

    Cardholder’s eligibility for the offer will be decided by the Bank.

    The cashback amount will be credited within 60 days from the end of the offer period.

      1. Abhishek Roy

        This will be game changer when Samsung Pay is opened for all Android Mobiles. By the end of this year, there are high chances of Entry of Android Pay in collaboration with UPI.

          1. Shyam Sunder

            Won’t matter if Apply pay comes to India or not. 99.9% of the POS machines won’t be supported even if they do launch in India. Only Samsung pay can become mainstream because they don’t need any support at the POS level.

  3. AS

    One mailer received yesterday, the earlier one was received in July. Dont malign ICICI so much, decent offers were there in recent past.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I didn’t receive on July.
      Is there any other offer worth sharing? Maybe i would have missed out on some.

      I also see that their ‘good’ offers are not sent via emails, at-least to me, strangely.

      1. AS

        Amazon Super value day 33% amazon cashback
        Bigbasket 25% instant discount
        Makemytrip flat 1500 discount on 600
        Uber flat 100 off on three rides
        Shopclues 10% discount on prepaid cards
        Regular 5% cashback offers on Amex cards

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Thanks for sharing. Sure it helps!

          “Regular 5% cashback offers on Amex cards” looks like the best among. Will have a track on it.

        2. Balaji

          I don’t see these details in the icici page. Which card are you talking about?

    2. Rajat

      This is true – I have also received the information mailer about this offer 3-4 times since July end. Already did the needful in Aug and waiting for voucher 🙂

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Vinay, Check ICICI website card offers section. You can filter Amex offers.

        1. Vinay

          Need email as they only consider that as a proof. Can you pls send that.


          1. Siddharth Post author

            It shouldn’t require. If it doe, they may mark it as personalised offer. In that case, forwarding emails received by others won’t help.


    I have ICICI HPCL American Express card, annual fee of Rs.199 which will be waived off if spends is more than 50k per annual. Cheapest amex card in India. ☺️

    1. Rajat

      Well technically the cheapest Amex is AMEX MRCC which is LTF under the offer, just that one needs to meet the salary criteria. BTW I was using ICICI Platinum earlier and then changed to ICICI HPCL Amex for fuel cashback, free movie offer and slightly better rewards.. the 5% cashback on 20K spends that came earlier and now these dineout vouchers are just icing on the cake. 🙂

      1. Vinay

        Hi Rajat, would it be possible for you to forward the 5% cashback offer promo email. Thanks.

        1. Rajat

          Hi Vinay,

          The cashback offer was for selective customers for a month in June/July – even if someone forwards the same, it wont help. Thanks

  5. Vinay Singal

    I havnt received any email but still went ahead and applied for the offer. In the past I have seen that ICICI generally ask for the promotional email before they creditbthe cashback/offer. Can someone pls send me the email of 5% cashback offer and the dineout offer. Many Thanks!!!

  6. AS

    Now ICICI’s turn to downgrade rewards structure. Minor additions, major deletions to features with effect from October 7, 2017.

      1. AS

        Check product page for all cards, you will find pdf containing changes applicable with effect from Oct 7 2017. Some improvements but outweighed by negative changes.

  7. Aayush

    Have been using dineout for a while now. Have spent over a lakh on dineout till date. I should admit that it has totally been worth it. You get instant discounts at the restaurants, you are able to use your amex cards at places that don’t accept amex and on top of that you get a cashback of around 20% on the amount paid.
    Not to forget the JPMiles you get for linking your card. Have earned quite a few miles through that 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience Aayush.
      JPmiles linking is a wonderful idea.

    2. SeethaRaman V

      hi Aayush, Can you please elaborate on this ‘getting JPMiles for linking the card’? Thanks in advance.

  8. RajatK

    Anyone got the voucher for July/Aug spends yet – the T&C says within 60 days but just checking here?

    Sid – The offer has been extended till 31st Dec 2017, you can update the same here..

  9. MS Rao

    Hi Guys,

    This offer is extended upto 31st December 2017.
    I have received mail form ICICI yesterday on my registered mail.


    I got 1000 dineout vouchers few days back, don’t know of which months as i made 4 transactions of 1000 every month since july…


    I think i am lucky as i got another dineout 1000 vouchers today 2nd time…i used first voucher of dineout with dineout app with smartpay and i got 35% discount on total bill…saved lot of money…

  12. Ravin

    Hi Sid,

    Haven’t received any vouchers in last 2 months yet? Can you advise how do I go about it?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      I didn’t qualify for any month yet. So others might need to shed some light on this.


    I told you i received 2 dineout vouchers so far in october and November and may be i will get in December too…i got vouchers in email…i dont know why others still didn’t receive…i used both vouchers separately and even got discount of 30% each in every transaction on dineout app with smartpay…10% from restaurants and 20% of smartpay of dineout app…


    Today i received 3rd dineout voucher for my icici amex rubyx card…still didnt get anyone? I dont know why? I will get another 3 dineout vouchers in next 3 months…

  15. MS Rao

    Hi Guys,

    This offer is extended upto 31st MARCH 2018.
    I have received mail form ICICI today my registered mail.



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