American Express India refreshes SmartEarn Credit Card

By | July 28, 2021
amex smartearn credit card

American Express India that got banned from issuing new cards to their customers from 1st May 2021 is now working on optimising their existing credit card portfolio.

For now we’ve small updates to the entry-level variant: Smartearn credit card. Here’s what you need to know:

Changes & New Benefits

Overall you get Rs.1500 amazon vouchers in total on spending Rs.2.4L or more in an anniversary year and the new 10X & 5X partners are quite good too. This milestone info is as per the email triggered to the existing SE cardholders.

For detailed analysis on these changes, please refer the updated review of Amex SmartEarn Credit card.

My Thoughts

With the above changes, SmartEarn card looks good, well, its just made easy to reach the max cap for respective categories. And the milestone benefit too looks decent for a beginner.

Though, I feel raising the 10X & 5X max caps to 1K each is what would make it an outstanding product.

However, now the problem is that you can neither apply for a new card, nor upgrade/downgrade your existing American Express Credit card.

So we will need to wait until RBI revokes the ban on Amex, which seems to happen by year-end or maybe only in 2022 as even HDFC is still under the ban.

13 thoughts on “American Express India refreshes SmartEarn Credit Card

  1. Saurabh patel

    Hi Sid,

    After these changes would you consider Smart Earn to be better entry level AMEX than the MRCC?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not exactly.
      But MRCC+SE is a great combo for beginners.

      1. Alok

        Hi Sid,
        I too have a SE Amex and new to Amex altogeather enjoying it . I enjoy even marriot bonvoy programs too. it is nice and enjoying the rewards system. However i use it mostly on travels or paytm where amex not accepted on pos and charge. In four months i reached the annual spend and will be waived off however aim is to climb the ladder of Amex card Travel platinum and MRCC currently and your reviews are appropriate and clear.. Awaiting to reach Amex Platimum charge card …. Let us see

  2. Pinaki Mishra

    Hi Sid
    Have they change the looks of the card ? I mean the colour of the card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I haven’t heard so from anyone yet. Above blue card in article was issued some ~1.5 yr ago.

  3. Ajai Singh

    I have this taking up space along with Platinum Reserve and Platinum Charge Card. It was issued as a companion for my Platinum Reserve because I liked the Flipkart benefits but the cap is was an issue and this cap has now become a even bigger issue since Amazon & Flipkart share the same 500 cap 🙁

    Had requested to change this card with Platinum Travel Credit Card because the bonus points to special flipkart rate vouchers is permanent now but they did not act and now there is a ban.

    In future I am thinking about shifting to Gold charge card from Platinum charge card due to the new benefits but then I will have to pay for both Platinum Reserve & Platinum Travel which I don’t because of Platinum charge card.

      1. Ajai Singh

        For the Taj Membership, Amex lounge, Platinum Concierge & EazyDiner Prime Membership.

        Have to keep some of the special Amex features once and if I delete Platinum Charge Card from my life. Taj Epicure Membership is around 10k if I am not wrong while Amex lounge in Delhi/Mumbai have no equal in PP then there is the Platinum Concierge which has helped me out in Russia, Near Port Blair, Japan and more recently for covid19 pass “I was eligible for pass”. Yes the Platinum Concierge has gone down is quality but its still one of the best in India. Lastly EazyDiner Prime Membership is better than Dineout Passport that HDFC Infinia gives because it has a wider reach.

  4. Alok

    Amazon and Flipkart put togeather is 500 CAP which does not make sense. Recently there was 20 rewards point per 100 from 26th to 27th July . not sure when they would credit the rewards multilier points as already base point and 10x points is applied on card. Let us see

  5. Alok

    Lastly would like to move up the ladder of AMex Platinum CC.. Will i be or will Amex provide not sure… As am a basic card holder of Amex and first experience since Jan 21 member. Hope Sid comments and reviews will help me climb my goal of Amex Platimum CC

  6. Ajai Singh

    I got 801 RP “As part of 10x benefit” on a transaction of about Rs.17400 on Amazon idk how or why but it exceeds the 500 cap by 301RP. I think 800RP is the max limit per month now but I could be wrong.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Interesting. Consider trying for higher amount and let us know 🙂

  7. Alok

    Hi All
    Have any of you received Air India voucher 1500 for milestone spends from Dec to Jan. I just received comm stating due to unforseen issue they are not issuing Air India Voucher but Air Vistara Voucher 1500 by 15th May they say.

    What could be the reason for change in Voucher change? I know I can just it on Air vistara. I had plans to travel in Air India using this Voucher. Can’t help.


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