15,000 JPMiles Daily to Top Spenders of HDFC Jet Co-Branded Credit Cards

By | March 8, 2018

Jet Airways seems to be aggressive lately and i see their social media feeds posting winners of million/billion festival every now and then. So it seems to be Jet’s move to run the promotion with HDFC along with the rest to give a snowball effect.

HDFC has been running good set of targeted offers in recent times and as you may know, most of them excludes cards with miles feature. Now HDFC & Jet has come up with a special offer for HDFC Jet Credit Card holders alone. This offer targets top spenders of the day, every day from 15th February 2018 – 31st March 2018. Here’s more info in detail,

Top Spender gets upto 15,000 Bonus JPMiles

Offer: Top Spender gets upto 15,000 Bonus JPMiles

  • Offer Period: 15th Feb 2018 – 31st March 2018
  • Fulfilment: June 15th 2018
  • You can win only once
  • Bonus Miles on Jet Titanium/Select: 5,000 JPMiles
  • Bonus Miles on Jet Platinum: 7,500 JPMiles
  • Bonus Miles on Jet World/Signature: 10,000 JPMiles
  • Bonus Miles on Jet Diners: 15,000 JPMiles

While you can never know how much you need to spend to be a winner, here are my wild guesses and this is primarily based on the the average credit limits on the said variants. So to increase your chances of winning to as good as 90% or above, you need to aim for at-least below spend range. (my guesses, not actuals)

  • Titanium/Select: 1 Lakh (Minimum Spend: 5k)
  • Platinum: 2 Lakh (Minimum Spend: 10k)
  • Word/Signature: 3 Lakhs (Minimum Spend: 15k)
  • Diners Jet: 4 Lakhs (Minimum Spend: 20k)

Note: One top spender will be chosen for each of the above variants, which means, your chances are relatively high when you hold low end cards but again you get less miles compared to higher end variants.

Sad part of this is, you never know whether you won or not and you need to wait until 15th June to see if you were lucky. Wish they have systems to release the names in a week or so, so the customer is informed.

If you win, you get about ~100% more miles than usual earn rate, which is decent enough to push you spend more.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the top spender programs as it sounds more like a gamble. Though, this one is kind of worth giving a try if you’ve high spends lined up the month. As there are 4 winners/day, there would be about 180 Winners in the entire program, so the probability of winning is decent.

Are you participating in this offer? Hope to see few winners from readers here. Best of luck! What’s your thoughts on HDFC’s Top spender offer? Feel free to share your comments below. 

16 thoughts on “15,000 JPMiles Daily to Top Spenders of HDFC Jet Co-Branded Credit Cards

  1. Vinod Kannan

    Hi… Got Approved of Yes First Preferred credit card just in 5 working days. I have applied on March 1st, got the application reference number the next day and 2 verification calls on succesive days, Address Verification on Tuesday, and the card got Approved on Thursday.
    The funny part was that i did not have to provide Any Income Documents for the application. One fine day i visited the Yesbank branch in Ashoknagar, Chennai to Change my address registered with Yesbank and happened to meet a beautiful girl in the branch who asked me if i am interested in any of the Yesbank Products 😁. When i told her that i needed an Yes First CC, she called the Credit card rep and informed of the same.
    They Surveyed my Profile and told me that i can Apply solely based on my Professional degree if im more than 3 years old on my profession . They asked for my Registration Certificate and ID card from Tamilnadu Medical Council and went ahead with the application. ( I was not at all sure about this but anyway went ahead n took my chances with the application since i was waiting to apply for the card for a long time and i dont have >3L credit limit on any of my other cards)
    To my surprise the card got approved on 7th of march and on 8th of march i could see my credit card on my netbanking page with a Limit of 1 lakh. Though the limit was a bit low, considering that i did not furnish any income documents, i was very happy with the whole process.
    I would like to Thank that Beautiful Girl who guided me through the whole process 😁😉

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Banks have soft corner for medico’s and not just the beautiful girl 😉

  2. Satish Agrawal

    There was an offer of 1500 bonus jp miles based on crossing 50K via online shopping through jet privilege in February. I spent more than 50K through shop.jetprivilege.com in February. Hope to recieve bonus jp miles soon.

    I agree with you Sid that off late Jet has become very aggressive in their promo jp miles offer.

    Please post an article about basics of JP miles cocept.

  3. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    HDFC has responded to the milestone benefits provided by SBI credit card. Below are some examples :-
    1. Business moneyback – 2,500 RP on annual spends of rs. 1.8 lakhs.
    2.Business Regalia First – 5,000 RP on annual spends of Rs. 3 lakhs.
    3. Business Regalia – 10,000 RP on annual spends of Rs. 6 lakhs.

    Unfortunately these benefits are not for retail credit cards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Interesting! Their Business cards are getting equally rewarding lately.

  4. Rakshit

    In an interesting twist of events HDFC is closing its EXTRA jp miles scheme on march 31st on all its co branded jet cards. This comes as a shocker given the aggressive promotion done by them lately! Dont know why Hdfc is after devaluating all its stellar cards.

  5. sravan

    the title looks somewhat a clickbait , you could have mentioned like “upto 15,000 miles”

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Hmm.. Title is already long. Will consider for future.

  6. Anoop E S


    I had applied for a second credit card (HDFC JetPrivilege Signature) within the same credit limit of my DC Black card. Today, I received a reply from HDFC stating that “We regret to inform you that the Jet Signature card has been phased out by the bank.,hence we are unable to accede with your request.”

    1. Anshul

      I do not think HDFC provides more than 1 credit cards to a single customer. I have been denied another credit card as I hold Diners Black.

      Did you apply online or through your RM?

      Also, I don’t think they have phased out the HDFC JetPrivilege Signature card. If that is the case, why do they still have it on their website and also “Apply Online” option.

      1. Anoop E S

        No. I sent request letter to their chennai address. I am informally told that they may accept the request if raised through branch.

  7. Anish Bajaj

    What is the Credit Card that gives you the MAX miles on JetP for every buck spent? Your guidance will be most appreciated.

  8. Narinder Pal Singh

    Guys, anybody has any idea bout JP Miles Live Up activity? I am not sure but from last few months i am getting emails saying these many ( in range of 200-300 ) JP miles are getting credited to my JP miles account for Live Up activity. I am not sure these are for which activity? I checked on their website, Live up activity is for some specific brands and i have not used any of them. Can anybody light what exactly is Live Up Activity?


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