Marriott Credit Cards for India – Concept by Cardexpert

By | July 21, 2019

Disclaimer: This is not an actual card, it’s just an imaginary concept by CardExpert. Here are other concepts by CardExpert.

I’ve been waiting for the Marriott Credit card to be launched in India for a very long time, especially from Amex, as they have an existing relationship with Marriott in other countries like USA. But it doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon, even after the new loyalty program Marriott Bonvoy went live. 

This could be due to various reasons, like Marriott/SPG merger casuing the delay, the real demand, etc. Anyway, I don’t see this card coming to India anytime in 2019. So, I decided to at-least dream about one for time being. 🙂

Here I’m presenting you the Marriott Credit card concepts for India, as I wish it to be. They are designed in two variants, Premium & Super Premium. Here are the details,

Image: Marriott, edited

#1 Premium


  • Joining/Annual Fee: Rs.5,000+GST
  • Welcome Benefit: 20,000 Points (10,000 Bonus points on first swipe, additional 10,000 Bonus points on spending Rs.50,000 in first 90 days)
  • Renewal Benefit: 1 Free Night Award (redemption level at or under 20,000 Marriott Bonvoy points) 


  • 8 points per Rs.100 at Marriott (Reward Rate: 4%)
  • 5 Points per Rs.100 anywhere (Reward Rate: 2.5%)
  • 2X on International Spends
  • 10 Elite Night Credits

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Elite Tier: Instant Silver Elite status. Fast track to Gold Elite on spending 3L in the card anniversary. 
  • Lounge Access: 2 per qtr, Domestic only

On average Spends of 5L p.a. , you get about ~6 complimentary nights at Marriott Cat 1 property, which is good enough for 2 weekend getaways in a year.

#2 Super Premium


  • Joining/Annual Fee: Rs.30,000+GST
  • Welcome Benefit: 100,000 Points (60,000 Bonus points on first swipe, additional 40,000 Bonus points on spending Rs.2,00,000 in first 90 days)
  • Renewal Benefit: 2 Free Night Awards (redemption level at or under 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy points each) 

Earn Rate:

  • 10 points per 100 at Marriott (Reward Rate: 5%)
  • 8 Points per 100 anywhere (Reward Rate: 4%)
  • 20 Elite Night Credits

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Elite Tier: Instant Gold Elite status. Fast track to Platinum Elite on spending 15L in the card anniversary.
  • Markup: 0% Markup Fee for spends on foreign currency.
  • Lounge Access: Domestic: 6/yr & International: 6/yr

On average spends of 20L, you get about ~15 nights at Marriott Cat 3 property, which is good enough for 3 domestic/international vacations in luxury.

Note: I’ve assumed 1 Point = Rs.0.50 which you could get easily. Here are some of the real-time examples from my stays at Marriott if you want to compare.

Can it become a reality?

Very Much! But I wonder why its still not happening given the fact that Marriott is rapidly expanding its portfolio across Asia, including India. 

Chances are they may think the demand is low, maybe because not many are currently transferring points to Marriott from Amex. Its another problem anyway, as Amex don’t allow to earn enough of points.

If it can be done, I see two card companies that may work with Marriott, which is Amex & HDFC. Amex for obvious reasons. HDFC because they seem to be with Marriott already with its recent Club Marriott membership benefit on Infinia cards.


Given the heavy competition in credit card business in 2019, with the launch of Paytm Card, Amazon Pay Card, Ola card & Flipkart card, a lot of new users will get into credit card system. And if a Marriott card shows up in 2020, it would serve as a good upgrade option for those who’re looking for travel benefits.

So what can you do if you want a Marriott card in India? Simple. You just need to ASK.

If you think you badly need one, simply call Amex (or any other bank) and give them the feedback that you’re interested in having a Marriott Credit Card (or any other). As Amex responds to the feedbacks fairly well, large # of feedbacks may help to move the needle.

Do you like the above products? Feel free to share your dream hotel credit card benefits in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

15 thoughts on “Marriott Credit Cards for India – Concept by Cardexpert

  1. Pawan

    My dream credit card zero markup , unlimited lounge and zero cash withdrawal anywhere in world.

    1. Subhankar Dutta

      Your dream card is reality. Axis One Card aka Axis Burgundy Private credit card. Comes with Axis Burgundy Private acc (5 Cr NRV) as free, for downgrade of the acc 50,000+ GST is applicable as long as you hold

  2. ARR

    Hi Siddharth,
    Nice article. I also have been waiting for these kind of cards for a long time. Let’s hope for the best.

  3. SH

    I heard that an Amex Vistara card may be making its way around in 2020. This is coming from the Amex rep at the airport. Fingers crossed. For me an Amex Bonvoy card would be more beneficial – especially given that Vistara is yet to scale up.

    1. Neo

      I wish Bonvoy had more transfer partners like Citi, DCB. Earning MRs on Amex is really tough compared to say a DCB


  4. Avinash Chukkapalli

    I do that every single time I call them. Being a Marriott Titanium Member, I really wish a card comes out and it’s from Amex only

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good to know. Wish everyone does it. Let’s hope it happens soon 🙂

  5. Prashant Gupta

    Somehow these days i am feeling restless to apply for a good card 🙂 but could find any…Instead more devaluation of cards are happening but no new sensible premium card being launched…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Expect one or two new cards in a month. You’ll be busy soon 😉

  6. P'tap

    I am desperately waiting for this concept to become a reality!

  7. Hrishig

    Axis also offers Marriott membership free for select card. Waiting for Marriott card 🙂

  8. JK

    Hi Siddharth, I am following this site couple of months. Very much informative. Thanks.
    I really like the credit card concepts posted by you.. I hope ‘Marriott Credit Cards for India concept’ come soon in India.

  9. Gaurav Bharti

    There you go it’s 2024 and you got it right in 2019. They’ve launched it with HDFC with almost same specs and it seems this blog is the only inspiration behind it. Cheers!!


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