Amex Dine, Shop & More Offer: Save upto Rs.1000 on local spends

By | April 1, 2021
Amex Dine, Shop & More Offer

American Express India has come up with a new Shop Small campaign offer where-in American Express promotes small business spends across the world.

Interestingly this time they call it as “Dine, Shop & More” offer instead of “Shop small” for unknown reasons. On checking with support, they say that they’ve added more “dining” merchants to it and hence the name change.

But the offer is similar and here’s all you need to know:

Offer Details

OfferSpend Rs.200 or more and get Rs.200 cashback per txn (upto 100% off)
Max cap5 times Rs.200, upto Rs.1000
Offer ValidityFor Cardmembers in Bangalore, Delhi NCR or Mumbai the offer starts 01/04/2021. For Cardmembers in Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune the offer starts 16/04/2021 till 31st May 2021
LimitationCan be used only once per merchant
FulfilmentUsually within 3-5 business days
Merchant LocatorClick here

It appears that the supplementary cards are eligible for the same as well, as long as it shows on the a/c. I can see the offer showing up on the Bangalore registered Supp. card a/c. Support confirms that it wont affect the primary card spends/cashback.

Apart from that, the new limit of once per merchant usage for the offer is bit of a problem for some due to amex acceptance.

And not to forget, to be eligible to avail the offer, you’ve to enroll by clicking on save to card on Amex online Account.


So this shop small type of offer has moved from 20% cashback initially to 50% cashback and then recently to 100% too. Good trend!

While its good to see Rs.1000 savings on these spends, limiting it to select set of cities is not fair. It’s like saying “We don’t care about those living in other cities”. Better way of dealing would be is to target profiles based on the “revenue” given and not based on “location“.

But I think this is being done actually to improve Amex acceptance as primary intent. That could be the only reason why the offer is designed the way it is, else they could simply give the offer on Zomato/Swiggy itself instead of putting a lot of work in setting up this system.

Anyway, those who got the offer, enjoy! And those who don’t, feel free to ask Amex why. 😉

Author: Siddharth

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40 thoughts on “Amex Dine, Shop & More Offer: Save upto Rs.1000 on local spends

  1. Tanmay Broachwala

    Finally Pune is on the list.

    How do you check if it is available for supplementary cards? They don’t show up in primary login.

    1. Vikram K

      AmEx has intelligently consolidated card management basis PAN, so now each supplementary card holder can create their own login, and add all their cards. Alternatively if they have their own AmEx login they can add their supplementary cards here.

      AmEx did this sometime last year enabling consolidated card management for a user, instead of relying on the primary card holder to do everything. The system is still not very intuitive and error free, but compared to the likes of Axis Bank horrendous supplementary card management, this is a walk in the park. The best experience of course is SBI Cards, which allows most things to be done by the primary card user and even provides the facility to update Mobile and Email for supplementary cards online.

    1. Shivi

      It means you should ask Amex – Why they haven’t got the offer.

  2. Abhi

    Is it targeted? I haven’t received yet. But it’s great they ve extended to more cities this tjme. I had to miss this offer every time due to low city coverage except once when I traveled to Blr incidentally during offer period, and availed at same merchant thrice (500 back on 1000 spent, x3).

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      I did not receive any email or sms but when logged into amex account offer was there.

  3. Kumar

    As usual Hyderabad is not even an option to select in their merchant locator.

  4. HG

    It’s no surprise there’s still not a single merchant for Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad yet. I’d wait till 16 April to see if they are willing to add any

  5. Prashant Gupta

    If we do the payment via NFC using the APP, would the offer still get applied ? Any idea about that ?

  6. Vishal Anam

    There is also another offer for Salon with limited reach

    Get up to ₹2,500 back
    Use this card to make an eligible transaction at Salon Cashback for Platinum during the offer period to receive your credit.

  7. Vikram K

    If there are multiple cards in the account, and you ‘Save to Card’ and then come back after doing this for all the cards with the offer available, the session would somehow have reverted and still show ‘Save to Card’ instead of now moving the offer to ‘Saved to Card’ tab. When doing ‘Save to Card’ again you will get ‘Sorry, we are unable to save this Offer to your Card. Please try again later.’

    To confirm that the offer has been saved, after doing ‘Save to Card’ for all the applicable cards, LogOut and LogIn again to verify that it correctly reflects in ‘Saved to Card’ tab.

  8. Tarun

    Is it available this time for icici amex cards ? Cannot see anything mentioned in the terms

    1. Shivi

      All AmEx offers are exclusively for their owned cards till the time mentioned for co-branded cards

  9. Ankit Saraf

    I just got an email from amex for upgrade to platinum travel from my mrcc card. While there’s 1000 amazon voucher + 10K welcome reward points, which will make first year almost free, I am not convinced with amex anymore the way they are continuously downgrading their cards. Is the card still worth in 2021?

  10. Ankit Saraf

    The list of merchants is extremely reduced. I don’t see any of the places I used last time for the 50% CB offer.

    1. Rahil Shah

      Correct. The list of merchants has been truncated. Hardly any merchants from the previous shop small offer.

    2. Sandeep Kumar

      This time they are targeting really small merchants. I doubt I will be able to find merchants which accept amex. Last time I found it very difficult.

      1. A2Z

        More so which merchant will accept transactions of such low value worth 200 from Amex card?

  11. Gaurav

    Also keep this in mind while availing offer. Last time it wasn’t there.

    “₹200 cashback will be applied one time per participating “Dine, Shop & More” store, and the offer is limited to a maximum of ₹1,000 cashback applied to your Card during the offer period.”

  12. Sunil

    can a primary card and supplementary card use this offer once each on same merchant?

    1. Ankit

      Yes. I used on 1st April and Got CB on 4th Yesterday.

      Both Primary and Supplementary card can be used!!

  13. Siyad M

    @Ankit, it will be better to apply for platinum travel card from the referral link given in the site, It will provide you First year free and another 4000 reward points as welcome gift. (You can click on the MRCC Crd link and after loading the site, you can select the Platinum travel card and apply)

    1. Ankit

      Yeah.. I saw that too. But I dont think I will apply. I have DCB and use it most of the time. Also, due to the dumb people at Fed Bank, both my wife’s and my cibil have taken 80+ points hit as they reported 2 days late payment on home loan emi. Its on auto-debit and the deducted correctly but deposited the money 2 days late in my loan account. I am following up but have no trust they will fix.

  14. Shivi

    I have been wondering – Is there any minimum credit limit on an Amex charge card? Like 5K or 10K? What if you don’t use the gold charge card for 9-10 month & use it in 11th month for hosting a dinner at 4-5 star? Would you end up washing dishes?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just responded the other comment on this. Btw, you may also call support and ask them to allow, stating it as an “Emergency” change 😀

      1. Shivi

        Thank you. I am unable to see the other comment; page refresh issues or something

      2. Rakesh

        Amex has also started reporting the credit limit to the credit bureaus. The Amex credit limit now helps your credit utilisation ratio and the credit score in turn.

    2. AbhiKohli

      You getting Amex finally in your area ?? Dream come true ? 😛


      On the platinum charge there is a minimum support of 2.5lac. On gold charge the minimum support is 50k

  15. Neil

    I got a letter from HDFC Diner saying intimation 1: that your using a card for non-personal use and card will be canceled if same is continued. I use card for Travel booking (yes a lot of it is for business, but we dont always travel for leisure), paying some membership fees of business associations (FIEO, CII Etc) and for smart buy on amazon etc. (again a lot of purchase on amazon is office purchase). But then with 10 lakh credit limit I assume almost everyone is using their cards for some kind of purchase of non-personal end-use nature.
    for a small business user how do you separate business use from personal use?

  16. Hussain Bootwala

    I went to a participating location and spent more than 200 rs but I dint get the cashback,
    The support team says the address is not matching with the eligible businesses which is not true but now they are asking me for the invoice so they can investigate further. I dont have the invoice as I dont store all the invoices except important ones. So they are saying they cant do anything without the invoice. This doesnt make sense. The transaction is on the credit card and the name of the shop matches the eligible shops. What do I do?

  17. Gaurav

    @Siddharth you’ve mentioned in your post that supplementary cards are also eligible for this offer. However, on their website they’re clearly mentioned that supplementary cards are NOT eligible for this offer. Well, I actually don’t know whether people who have used their supplementary cards, in addition to their primary cards, have gotten the cashbacks.
    Furthermore, ICICI and Indusind banks cards, issued on Amex platform, are also eligible for this offer. Even though the Amex customer service was clueless w.r.t. the same, but it’s mentioned on their website.

  18. Abhi

    Offer is back atleast on my Amex PT.. spend 1000×5 and get back 500×5, valid till Oct.
    But last time when 200×5 offer came, I didn’t get cashback on spends at couple of shops, even though they were listed in the campaign and reflect as the same shop name in card statement.

  19. Tathagat

    For AMEX shop small offer 2021, most of the merchants included in merchant list do not accept amex card swipe outright. They do not explain any reason except amex cards are not allowed for payment here.


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