American Express adds Flipkart Vouchers for Redemptions on Platinum Travel Credit Card

By | August 24, 2020

As you might know, Amex recently discontinued SpiceJet vouchers which was there as a part of Platinum Travel credit card redemption option giving us higher than usual value per point. 

Now that has been replaced with Flipkart Vouchers at a very good value per point, however only for redemptions against milestone bonus points. This is only a temporary option available for redemption till 31st Dec 2020

Updated redemption Options

So here’s how the updated redemption options on Amex plat travel looks like:

  • Regular points 
  • SpiceJet: 50ps
  • Domestic Travel vouchers: 40Ps
  • Bonus points / 1.9L spend / 7,500 points
  • Spicejet: Rs.6000 (80ps) 
  • Domestic travel vouchers: Rs.5000 (67ps)
  • Flipkart vouchers: Rs.5000 (67ps)
  • Bonus points / 4L spend / 10,000 points
  • SpiceJet: Rs.10,000 (Rs.1)
  • Domestic travel vouchers: Rs.8,000 (80ps)
  • Flipkart Vouchers: Rs.8,000 (80ps)


Is Flipkart a good redemption option?

Yes, ofcourse. Given the current situation, flipkart is a great option rather than giving travel vouchers.

Is it really a good option?

No, as Amazon would have been lot better. It’s been more 2 years since I’ve used Flipkart as I prefer Amazon anyday.

But I’ve started to slowly use Flipkart recently just because of the vouchers received from HDFC spend linked offers and the small Amex Reserve monthly Flipkart vouchers that comes now and then.

How to redeem it?

I’ve placed the request for the same via chat, or you can also do so by calling Amex support line. It usually takes 3 days to process the request.

Should I redeem for Flipkart voucher right away?

Depends. I redeemed it because I’ve decent points available for travel, which anyway is not possible now. So I’ve added it for a mix. 

But not to forget that we may get an equal or better value when Amex adds the new option for the milestone redemptions in future. Not to forget that Spicejet used to give a value of 80ps & 1Rs per point as you see above.

Final Thoughts

As always American Express did not let our hopes down. Infact, they exceeded the expectations by adding Flipkart voucher in place of travel vouchers during these tough times.

However, the downside is this redemption is only allowed on bonus points (achieved on milestone spends). 

I hope they add more options in future for better redemption value even on regular points, likely by year end.

Update: I’ve initiated a redemption and got it in 2 days. It comes with a voucher validity of 1 year, however the validity promised by Amex officially is 6 months.

What’s your thoughts on the newly added flipkart voucher redemption option? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thanks to Rahul for sharing the update.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

76 thoughts on “American Express adds Flipkart Vouchers for Redemptions on Platinum Travel Credit Card

  1. Aayush Chawla

    I think these offers are better than the Spicejet vouchers. Even though the conversion rates seem lower, but we often get additional discounts on travel through other websites/ cards which we forgo when we use the spicejet vouchers. On Flipkart, however it is rare that you get a card discount greater than 10%. So this seems a great option. Worst case can order the monthly grocery for a while 😀

  2. Shailesh

    Flipkart is not that bad, I have redeemed Flipkart coins (loyalty points) for Rs. 5000 Flipkart voucher.

  3. HG

    Great move by Amex, apparently I haven’t redeemed my last year bonus points too, I’ll have to give a call to ask them if they still allow doing that

      1. Apoorva Tiwari

        I have the 17500 bonus points from last year. That would come to ₹13000 of Flipkart vouchers.
        Time to get that new laptop for the eschool

    1. Siddharth Post author

      6 months (180 days). Just got the e-gift card today.

  4. Sameer Valecha

    Are they not giving Taj vouchers on 4 lakh spend milestone?


    Got this e-mail today
    Recahrge for Rewards –
    Keep using your American Express® Card to recharge your payment wallets and remember that you earn 1 Membership Rewards® point for every ₹50 spent for recharging a wide range of different digital wallets like:
    Paytm, Mobiwik, Amazon pay & Ola Money.

    1. Bhavin Shah

      Extremely valuable piece of information as always. Normal people like us will never come to know about this quickly unless we visit here.

  6. Bhavin Shah

    Extremely valuable piece of information as always. Normal people like us will never come to know about this quickly unless we visit here.

  7. Sameer

    Thanks Siddharth!

    I just redeemed my last year bonus points for Flipkart 8K voucher.

    This is a excellent deal, Amex is really trying hard to stay on top of the credit card game.

  8. FrequentFlyer15

    CS told me that they will happily extend for 6 more months. Is it true? Has anyone done that before?

    1. Varun chadha

      I just redeemed the flipkart voucher and it provides a validity of one year…

  9. Gkcards

    Do the normal or bonus points expire after a period if not redeemed, or do the points never expire

    1. Anuj

      Points expire after a certain period. However, AMEX team is great and they increase the validity. Atleast 2 times i have done myself.

  10. Prashant

    The validity of the vouchers is not 6months. I added to the flipkart and it shows 1 year.

    1. Anuj

      Amex Mail says 6 months, However when added at Flipkart it reflects 1 year validity.

  11. Anshul

    A big thanks to Mr. Siddharth for updating this information. I have redeemed the milestone points for last four years as i was unable to use them for Spice jet or Travel voucher, but the Flipkart can be used very easily and has a validity of 1 year when loaded on to Flipkart.

  12. Krishna Chandran

    Even I think considering the current scenario, redemption via Flipkart is a great option. Even I redeemed my milestone points for 8000 worth of Flipkart vouchers. Placed the order via chat and was settled in 3 business days. The validity of the voucher is 6 months from the date of issue. Usually Flipkart voucher has a validity of 1 year. So does this mean that I add the voucher into my Flipkart wallet within 6 months and have its validity extended by 1 more year or is it flat 6 months from the date of issue? Can somebody enlighten?

    1. Sumit Sharma

      Yes, your are right. Within six months you have to load it into flipkart account and then it is valid upto 1 year from the date of loading.

  13. kunal

    ‪Woww.. thats gr8 … i redeemed all my bonus points and got 30k vouchers but dont foresee any exp in near future… if any1 looking to buy then let me know can provide 5% disc‬

  14. Manpal

    just got a mail that flipkart redemptions are valid till December.

  15. Dr Patil

    I have bonus milestones points at 1.9 lakhs. Also I am 50k away from 4 Lac milestone points. Once i reach, will it be possible to redeem both milestone points together for a total of 13k flipkart vouchers??
    How Do i redeem the points? I dont see any option in the amex app.

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      Yes. The bonus points can be redeemed whenever and however you want. You can collect them over 3 years and redeem them together also.

      To redeem, you will have to either call support or you can also use the chat option.

  16. Kartikeya

    Hi all,
    Sorry for an unrelated question, but is there any h*ck to reload Paytm wallet with HDFC diners club black and get reward points?
    Any help would be highly appreciated!

  17. Himanshu Aggarwal

    Redeemed my 52500 bonus points accumulated over last 3 years, today for Rs. 39000.
    Customer support was excellent as usual and the vouchers will reach me in next 2 days, as confirmed. I can also see the voucher codes online after Login.

    1. Abhishek agrawal

      How did you received so much value for your points.. what did you redeemed it for..??

      1. Rakesh

        Its 13K voucher for 3 years (7500 milestone points at 1.9Lakh spend for 5k voucher and 10,000 milestone points at 4 Lakh spent for another 8K voucher every year) . That is really good deal!

    1. Sree

      You can add any number of vouchers. It just gets added to your wallet balance which can in turn be used to buy stuff

    2. Saurabh Patel

      Yes. I had used 4 different 5K flipkart vouchers to make a purchase of 20K.

    3. Palguna

      To be precise you can add unlimted gvs to the wallet and if you wanna use it with out adding to wallet by redeeming directly during the purchase its 15.

  18. IP

    Hi Sid

    Love your blog, thanks a lot.

    I am planning to apply for Amex Plat Charge card(with your referral :P), and Platinum travel credit card as its companion card.

    Now, the points that I earn on Platinum travel card(regular + milestone points), can I use them for airline/hotel transfers like the Amex Plat Charge card points?
    The Amex Plat charge card points are different(can be transferred to airlines, hotels) and Platinum travel credit card points are different(can only be redeemed for the limited number of options), even when I have them as companion cards?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Both cards have the ability to transfer to hotel/airline partners irrespective of the card’s fee setup.

  19. Aims

    Hi Sid, i have 25k points on my Platinum Travel card. But i dont see the option to redeem for Flipkart vouchers for 80p conversion on the portal. It is showing the usual redemption of 7700 points for 2k flipkart.
    Is this option not available through portal and can be availed by calling customer care only?

  20. Vinod Kannan

    Redeemed all the Milestone Membership Points earned last 2 years for Flipkart Voucher worth 30500 rupees…. Redeemed the HDFC Infinia points for 20000 rupees…. Clubbed them together and Bought a Laptop… Btw, i have cancelled the SBI Simply Click, ICICI Emeralde, Sapphiro, Amazon pay Cards.

    1. Avijeet

      Can u tell me the conversion ratio of
      1.Amex to Flipkart
      2.Infinia to Flipkart

      1. Vinod Kannan

        HDFC INFINIA : 1000 RP = 500 Rs.
        Amex Travel : 1.9L spend / 7,500 points = 5000 Rs.
        Amex Travel : 4L spend / 10,000 points = 8000 Rs.
        Note : Only Milestone Reward Points are considered for this Conversion Rate on Amex

  21. TheTaxGuy

    Since the redemption of 10k points overs better value than 7.5k points, can I accumulate the 7.5k points and remember them in multiple of 10k only?

    1. palguna

      These are milestone points, hope you are holding a Amex Platinum travel card?

  22. Krishna Chandran

    I read comments about getting annual fee waived for Platinum Travel Card. I tried calling up the customer care and they offered the fee waiver in exchange for 10,000 RP. I thought its a pretty decent ROI as fee + GST was 5900. The only higher ROI I see currently are the Flipkart vouchers. Does these fee waivers change from time to time? I remember reading a comment that somebody got 5000 RP added to their account but no waiver of the fee. Did anybody get the complete fee waived off for nothing in return?

    1. MSJ

      Yea, so June this year they gave me an offer to spend 2L in 60 days to get fee reversal. Galdly accepted the offer!

  23. Rakesh

    I have found in my statement a claim of 25k points against 8k flipkart voucher. I have used only 10K points, however i think amex system shows it as a burn of 25k points. The have gifted the remaining 15000 points for redeeming the voucher as per the statement.

  24. Rahul

    Amex offers one of the best redemption rate across industry and their rewards come near a time when you looking to buy merchandise from those outlets/e-comm website. I think sticking around as card holder gives good rewards.

  25. Rohi

    I do not understand the difference between bonus and regular points. How do i see the breakup for me?

  26. MAA-traveler

    Redeemed voucher for a Rs 10000 Taj voucher along with another item. So if they continue with Flipkart, we may use this as an proper travel card. 😀

  27. SourPai

    Hi Sid and everyone,

    I used to load Paytm using Amex and use it at petrol pumps. It used to give max benefits with Amex MR points and milestone accruals along with paytm cashback. With Paytm charging money for credit card loads, this option is clearly gone. In this case, which is the best card to use for Fuel transactions? All other cards I have do not give any benefits on fuel, like Diners black, Axis select, SBI prime, ICICI amazon pay, Axis FK & Amex etc. Which card is really optimal for Fuel now?

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      Actually, you can still do this with PhonePe. I have been doing it for the past month. All Paytm QR codes can be read and paid using the PhonePe wallet.

    2. Vikrant

      Hi. You can go for the Indian oil Citi credit card. I’ve read and researched a lot of options for paying for fuel but nothing came close to this card. Paytm is charging fee for wallet loading and phonepe has limited scope at most petrol pumps. Plus most of these pumps nowadays prefer UPI transactions over digital wallet. Best part for Citi card is the redemption process is super smooth and hassle free. No need for a citi POS machine for earning or redeeming points. It gives a descent value back of 2.6% + 1% fuel surcharge waiver. Can be used only at Indian oil outlets though.

  28. Madhab

    Called Amex for some other reasons and they informed me about this me today.
    I opted for it immediately. This is a very good offer. Yes, they did mention it is only valid for 6 months.
    But they didn’t mention that it was for milestone reward points. Thank you for adding that clarification.

    I wish I had read this blog post earlier. Anyway no loss, I still got it.
    Thank you for the good work!

  29. aka

    has anybody used amex taj voucher & set off the difference by using Taj experience card ?? Plz respond.

  30. Andy

    Hi Sid
    There is a new email by amex updating on new vouchers scheme etc. Please share your inputs on it.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      A slight drop in the overall return on spend. Will update shortly.

      1. Saurabh

        Hi Siddarth- Waiting for your updated review of Amex Platinum Travel card. Renewal month is coming up and your review will help in deciding to go ahead or not.

    2. MSJ

      500 decrease in Value for each Milestone reached.
      An overall decrease of 1000/- per year, if you reach both the milestones.
      It Amex is also decreasing its reward point value. Exactly one year back it devaluated the MRCC (Credit/Amazon vouchers) and now the Platinum Travel.

  31. Rohan Sood

    Unable to use the vouchers to book flights on flipkart. They say it’s not applicable any help if you guys were able to book flights with the vouchers?

  32. Ros

    hi @Sid i redeemed spice jet vouchers in January 2020 for travel in April 2020 due to pandemic travel was cancelled and amount was refunded to Amex travel desk. if i request for refund from Amex travel for spice jet tickets i am unable to do it generally what’s the procedure

  33. Niju

    Any idea on best redemption option for points accumulated on Platinum Travel Card currently.
    I don’t see the flipkart vouchers for Milestone benefits anymore anywhere in AMEX portal except the regular flipkart vouchers giving about 30ps per points value.

    I was planning to accumulate un redeemed Mile stone benefits for last few years and get a flipkart voucher but I think I didn’t anticipate AMEX removing these after 31st December.

    1. Hari

      Call amex helpline. Did that today and redeemed 10K points against FK vouchers.

    2. Anoop E S

      Pls call customer care. I redeemed bonus points for Flipkart voucher last month

    3. Niju

      Called up Amex Customer Care and converted all MileStone Benefits to Flipkart Vouchers for an upcoming purchase

  34. Vineet

    Called the customer care today for my platinum travel card fees. They were very kind to offer me to deduct only 5000 points for the fees+ gst of 5900 rupees. That works out to 1.18 rupees per point. That according to me is a great value. I had spent Rs. 4 lakhs the previous year. However this year it looks difficult to achieve

  35. Sai Narayana

    I am having following points in my account.
    5000 MR + 5000 Bonus MR as welcome gift
    7500 Threshold MR + 7500 Bonus MR for meeting 1.9L spend
    10000 Threshold MR + 15000 Bonus MR for meeting 4L spend.
    When I contacted Amex through chat, they are saying that all points are of same value of 0.30 so I will get flipkart vouchers of 3000+5000+7500=15500 only at the rate of 0.30.
    What they said is true?
    If not, please clarify in detail how much max Flipkart gv I will get..
    Thanks in advance.

  36. Shivam

    Hi Siddharth,
    I actually have an Amex MRCC while is really good but I guess the Platinum Travel card seems even better.

    Is there a way to upgrade to platinum travel card?
    If not how can I get platinum travel card along with the MRCC, I mean if there are any restrictions to have multiple cards from Amex.

    Considering the RBI ban is lifted from Amex.

  37. Niju

    I had an MRCC and after holding the card for just above 1 year was informed I could upgrade to Platinum Travel and keep MRCC as a LTF as long as I hold on to Platinum Travel.

    You may have to spend at-least around 3 lakhs in an anniversary year as I had a similar spending and offered an upgrade or rather another new card.

    I think the Gold card make better sense if you use reward multiplier but otherwise Platinum Travel can give you an upgrade as well as fee waiver on MRCC.

  38. Ragul

    Hi, I am confused about AMEX RP.

    I am thinking about AMEX PLATINUM & PLATINUM TRAVEL card

    1) what is the value of 1 amex RP if we use for travel bookings and voucher purchase from amex multiplier?

    2) number of RP for Rs100 spent in both cards


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