Should you transfer HDFC reward points to Club Vistara?

By | April 9, 2021
transfer HDFC reward points to Club Vistara

HDFC Bank recently enabled the ability to transfer Infinia credit card reward points to club Vistara, which is a very good option. Apart from that, Diners cards had the option even before. But should you actually transfer the points? here’s everything you need to know about it.

Conversion ratio & value

Below are the details for HDFC super premium cards like HDFC Infinia, Diners Black .

  • CV Point Value: 0.75Ps to 1Rs/point (as per my valuation)
  • HDFC RP Value: 1Rs/point (redeemable for flights/hotels)
  • Conversion ratio: 1:1
  • CV Point Validity: 3 yrs (36 months)

Apart from above, you get amazing value while transferring points from Diners Club Miles to Vistara, as mentioned in the past as well, as that too transfers at 1:1. All other HDFC cards transfer at 2:1.

So in most cases it’s better not to transfer points to CV and limit yourself to Vistara. But there are situations where transferring HDFC reward points to Club Vistara makes sense.

When to transfer?

  1. Points Expiry: If your HDFC reward points are about to expire in 30-60 days and if you don’t plan to redeem for travel, transferring them to Club Vistara is the best option ever. Keep an eye on your HDFC CC stmt. every month to know if points are expiring.
  2. Transfer Offers: If you get bonus points on transfers, its usually good to take. For Ex: offers like Club Vistara Points Fest
  3. In short of CV Points: If you intend to redeem CV points for a flight that needs ~20K points and if you’re in short of 2K points or so, its good to transfer points from HDFC instead of buying CV Points.
  4. Vistara booking: If you anyway intend to book only Vistara flights, its better to transfer points to Vistara and book instead of booking from HDFC as you could redeem only 70% of the points on HDFC redemption portal.

Remember that Vistara redemption is also bit tricky as you need to take care of award availability, transfer period delay (3-5 days), etc. However, its usually smooth as long as you don’t deal with group booking (or) taking flights in busy routes/season.


The ability to convert HDFC reward points to Club Vistara gives very good flexibility to use HDFC reward points effectively. It’s one of the best ever feature on HDFC credit cards. This is especially very useful at times like this as travel redemptions are not easy.

It would be very nice if we see more transfer partners with HDFC like Hyatt & Marriott – which would make HDFC credit cards worthy for playing the points game.

Have you transferred HDFC points to Club Vistara? If so in which situation? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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24 thoughts on “Should you transfer HDFC reward points to Club Vistara?

  1. Naveen Swami

    For domestic travel CV points values only about 0.5 per point.

  2. Avijeet

    Just one thing, do whatever you want. Just avoid transferring your points to interMiles…
    My Personal Experience

    1. Nish

      Any reasons ?

      Is it not good even when they have the bonus offers of 50% or 100%?

      I found that Intermiles value is only around .30 to .35 in 90% of cases in flights and hotels. IS there any good redemption on Intermiles ?

  3. Vishal Arora

    Hi Siddharth.
    If the value of points remain the same then will this transfer not allow us to pay 100% of the flight charges using points rather than only 70% using smartbuy redemption portal?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s right + taxes (under 700 INR usually).

    2. Ayush Agrawal

      Just keep in mind that on smartbuy the value of a point is 1 re. everytime. That’s important predictability. And in smartbuy you can buy any ticket, any airline, any fare class. That’s important flexibility.
      You lose both the predictability and flexibility if you transfer to Vistara. The value of a point can be as low as 50p in many cases, and in many routes you may not find any seats. Plus you can only book on Vistara.
      In my opinion, transfers only make sense as emergency top-ups to your existing point pool.

  4. Raghav Kejriwal

    Hi Sid,

    Not related to this article but will you mind writing a piece on upgraded paytm First Citi Card. I guess with the upgrades in place it’s a better option compared to Amazon ICICI and Flipkart axis as utilities including Insurance premium will fetch 3% cashbAck.

    Looking Forward to your analysis !

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Kindly help me with a link to the upgraded card features.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      Even I’am curios to know that, how i can achieve 3% cashback on Citi Paytm First card.
      Please share details and links.
      Thanks in advance.

  5. Mala Debnath

    It’s better to transfer points to CV at one go rather than multiple times as HDFC charged me 99 rupees per redemption!

    1. Deepak

      Agreed. Plus you get bonus points also. I got 40% bonus CV miles on transferring 40k points.

  6. Ankit

    Keep in mind that you don’t earn CV points or tier points on award tickets. Also, chances of upgrades are very slim/Zero on award tickets. So if you are a CV Gold or above member, it is better to use the HDFC points to buy a revenue ticket unless the ticket prices are very high and it is better to get an award ticket.

    1. Prashant bhushan

      What do you mean by upgrade chances are low on award tickets? Upgrade using coupon or complimentary upgrade by the airline?

  7. Rohit

    I am from south and I hardly find any vistara flights so can anyone tell me what locations are they famous for ?

  8. LK

    Unless you’re doing a little top up, I would suggest KrisFlyer instead. Through them you’re able to book Star Alliance international flights on a very good conversion. Much higher value!

  9. Praveen Katiyar

    This feature is one reason I’m ok with my Diners Club Miles.

  10. Dinesh

    What is the conversation rate for Hdfc Diners Privilege card (1:1 or 2:1 ratio) ?

  11. Anshul

    Would like to bring to everyone’s notice that as Government has increased the minimum cap , the fares have skyrocketed and now the points have become of great value , specially if you are to travel in Economy class.

  12. Rohit

    Points would always remain same no matter flight cost increases or decreases.
    Only advantage would be when flight cost reduces. Coz you can fly more.

  13. A fellow travel enthusiast

    To those who have transferred the reward points from their HDFC Diners Club credit cards to CV, could you please tell me what expiry date did you enter while registering for the CV Frequent Flyer Program on the HDFC website? I’m confused, as CV membership does not have an expiry date.

    1. Nishant Jain

      Did you got your answer. I am in sthe same boat


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