Syona Spa at Chennai Airport Review (Domestic)

By | September 5, 2018

Ever since Salem airport reopened, i’ve been flying regularly on SXV-MAA sector almost every month, ofcourse on points. Accessing the new TFS Lounge is the usual thing i do before flight but this time i tried something new. I noticed that the Syona Spa outlet at Chennai airport has been recently added to the Dreamfolks Dragonpass Airport wellness program and decided to give it a try.

Syona Spa at Chennai Airport – Domestic Departure


Its located inside the security check-in area (Airside) at domestic departure terminal, Chennai Airport. After security clearance, turn right and walk few meters to reach Syona Spa.

Note that there are two Syona Spa outlets in same departure terminal marked west/east on Dreamfolks website but i was said by the Spa manager that the other one was still under construction.

Price & Getting Access

  • Paid Access: The Syona Spa at Chennai airport offers a variety of 30/60/90 minutes massages. Usually the rates are expensive, from ~1000 INR for 30 mins.
  • Complimentary Access: I accessed this spa using my Dreamfolks DragonPass Card issued with ICICI Jet Sapphiro Credit Card

Looking at the way the lady at billing counter reacted, i believe i was the first to access using Dreamfolks card but she said i’m 3rd or so. Unlike at O2 Spa Bangalore Airport, here they used a swipe machine to authenticate my card. The charge slip shows the pending spa visits left on card.


Its a very small place with narrow entrance, dim lit and the walls were covered with mirrors that gives you a feel that its spacious, but it isn’t in reality. I would say the ambience is overall average and nothing much stands out.


If you go with the complimentary access, Dreamfolks gives you three options (30 mins each).

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Head/Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage
  • Upper/Lower back Massage

I went with Head/Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage and it was just okayish.

Syona Spa at Chennai Airport


Overall, it’s just an average spa outlet and you can’t expect much of relaxation here, maybe i would have felt so as its a pretty new outlet. That being said, at-least something is better than nothing.

So if you’re a Dreamfolks card holder flying out of MAA, its better to save the visits to use them at other airports or just go ahead and use it just to get a new experience.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Have you been to Syona Spa at Chennai Airport or planning to visit anytime soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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9 thoughts on “Syona Spa at Chennai Airport Review (Domestic)

  1. Ameya

    Hi Sid
    I too have the DreamFolks DragonPass card but when I tried to use it at the T2 Terminal (Heaven on Earth Spa), the lady there gave a condescending look and said that an appointment needs to be made before! I asked her how to make an appointment, she just went inside without answering. Mind you, the spa was empty.

    I have decided only to use the DragonPass for International Lounge access.
    By the way, you said it shows the pending visits. I guess this card only has 2 visits of Spa and 2 visits of Internation Lounges.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You could have called Dreamfolks customer support from there.

      That aside, yes you can make an appointment through Dreamfolks support. Infact i made an appointment for this visit as its a very new outlet, but its not required in most cases.

      Yes, i used up all spa limits. Time to force my co-travellers to apply for one 😛

  2. Ameya

    Cool. Will keep that in mind next time!
    Atleast you travel with some company, I am a solo traveller

    1. Kricheni

      Can I get a contact number for Syona Spa at Chennai Airport (Domestic)


    vanakkam mr siddhath. i am arranging transit at chennai domestic airport, for my aged friend to sleep for 2 hours, to bath and refresh. as there is no dormittary in chennai domestic airport, i thought to consider this spa. how about the bathing facility and the toilet. hope it has western toilet and does it have hand rails for safety ? can you pl clarify on safe comfor for a 70 plus gentleman, having little problem in his leg.

    thanks mr siddharth

  4. Christudas

    What is the contact number of The Syona Spa at Chennai airport?

    1. Amit

      Horrible experience my back is in full pain not able to move properly.full back is turn red in color.

  5. Ashs

    Horrible service. Staff are not clean at all. They eat food inside the spa and its smelling. They talk loud. The place is not clean at all. Worst hygeine. Better stay away.


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