Get Amazon Voucher worth upto Rs.4000 on ICICI Amex Credit Cards (Targeted)

By | November 29, 2018

Surprise, surprise! Looks like ICICI has seen grand success with their Diwali spend based offers – Marriott Dining Vouchers & Tanishq Gold Vouchers that now they’re continuing the offers even after the festive season. Yet, this one is targeted and i haven’t received the offer either.

I assume this one is for ICICI Amex cardholders (reward points variants) or maybe select users in that net. Here’s everything you need to know,

ICICI Amex Amazon Voucher Offer

ICICI AmEx Amazon Voucher Offer Details

  • Type: Spend based / Targeted
  • Fulfilment: 28th Feb, 2019
  • Offer Reward Rate: 10% (WOW!)
  • Source

While ICICI cards are one of the least rewarding, its good to see their spend based offer that gives such a great value. A Reward rate of 10% upto 4k and that too as Amazon voucher is an amazing deal. Just wish that they extend it to other cardholders too!

2X JPMiles Offer: If you’re holding ICICI Visa Amex Jet cards, you can now get 2X JPMiles on International spends (Online too). More details here.

:: Thanks to Mr.Parashivaiah for sharing details on the Amazon Voucher Offer.


Spend based offers are lovely – Banks get more spends and potential EMI conversions in long run while cardholders get more points. Its always a Win-Win.

Even-though I didn’t get the offer, I’m super excited to see that ICICI is getting better in the game. ICICI is constantly active in their credit card products & promotions since past 6 months and i’m looking forward to see more such offers.

The ICICI Dineout Offer is the one i’m longing for! How about you?

Did you receive this offer and if so which card are you holding? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “Get Amazon Voucher worth upto Rs.4000 on ICICI Amex Credit Cards (Targeted)

  1. anbu

    Nice article as always. Whenever i need some clarification on cards or on its T&C, i always visit your site and your content is always worth a visit. Thanks for your help/guidance.

    Do you have any email subscription to get your new content directly to mail box ?
    i am away from twitter and FB for obvious reasons.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Social media is the best place for now. Thinking about regular emails in future, lets see.

    2. Sathish

      Your can use blogtrotter site.

      Submit your email id and site name…later confirm your subscription.

      Its like instant email notifications once any new posts are posted….useful for now, until email newsletters are started in future by Sid.

  2. Ptashant Gupta

    I have received cashback offer 3 times: spend minRs500 8 times a month and get Rs.1600 cash back. Thats 40% back. I have icici amex hpcl coral card. Havent received this offer one yet.
    Icici has been my one of the most rewarding card in last 1 year. Got 5 Rs1000 dineout vouchers and 3 times Rs1600 cashback. (Yet to get 2 months Rs1600 in account but qualified).

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Looks like we Jet card holders are missing out on these. Pls do share the next time you get such offers from ICICI.

  3. Raj

    Intimation about this offer was done through email or SMS?

    I am also holding ICICI Jet Amex but haven’t received any specific offers.

  4. Jai

    Has anyone received the Marriott/Tanishq vouchers yet?
    What’s the usual wait time?

  5. Prakhar

    Icici has been getting better. Though haven’t received this, but was surprised to find a 1000rs cashback in the statement as I had spent some extra on amex rubyx to qualify for the marriot/ tanishq voucher at the beginning of this month. Figured out they have some campaign running since Jul 2017- pay day surprises- top 1000 spenders for 1-3 of every month receive a 1000rs cashback

    1. abhishek Indore

      Yes today I have received one Bookmyshow voucher code worth Rs.1000/- thru email for this offer.

  6. Priyansh Modi

    First time commentator, a semi regular reader

    I have Jet Rubyx and got this offer. So don’t think it’s limited for jet/non jet cards

  7. Ashwin

    How to get ICICI Bank Credit offers on email. I understand that I may not be targeted for this offer but I’ve never received any mail/SMS for their Dineout/Tanishq/Marriott offers.

  8. Saurabh

    its seems all card company we keeping up with year end offers, got a mail from HSBC

    “5% cashback and MakeMyTrip Gift Vouchers worth Rs 5,000 when you use your HSBC Credit Card”

    1. Ameya

      “Use ICICI Bank American Express Credit Card and get Amazon voucher”
      I got this mail yesterday.

  9. Amit G

    I got a similar offer with BMS Vouchers Now. 500 Voucher (5000 Spend), 1000 (10000) and 1500 (15000). Spend Period Jan 20 to Jan 31. Minimum 5 Transactions of 1000 Each.

      1. Amit G

        Can’t Say, i holds all Amex, Visa and Master. But in the Picture Amex is shown.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I also got the offer but problem is they dont send the mail on times.

      1. Ashwin

        I hold three ICICI Cards but never get SMS/email for offers. Can anyone suggest how to make sure that I get the offers intimated?

    1. Ameya

      Got the email from ICICI bank with 4 vouchers of ₹1000 each (spent ₹40000 so was eligible for ₹4000). Good return!

  10. ARR

    Hi all,
    Paytm/paytm mall is running an offer of 10% cashback on ICICI AMEX cards.
    Minimum purchase is Rs.3000/-
    Maximum cashback is Rs.5000/-
    Offer period: 4th-13th March


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