2X JPMiles & more with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Cards

By | March 22, 2019

Jet Airways – the cash strapped airline is doing all it could to increase the cash flow and i assume this offer is more because of that, than a regular offer. I’ve written more about it in detail as to How Credit Card companies can save the cash-strapped Jet Airways just incase if you’re interested in exploring more. ICICI Bank & Jetprivilege has come up with accelerated JPMiles offer on their credit cards and here’s everything you need to know,

2X JPMiles on ICICI Jet Cards

2X JPMiles on Domestic Spends

  1. Offer: 2X JPMiles on all domestic Spends
  2. Applicable on: both Visa & Amex Cards
  3. Offer Period: 1st Dec 2018 to 31st Jan 2019
  4. Offer Reward Rate: >8% (on Sapphiro range of cards)
  5. To Enrol: Type FLY <Your JP Number> & send it to 5676766
  6. Fulfilment: 90 working days from the end of the Offer Period
  7. Source

2X JPMiles on International Spends (Visa)

  1. Offer: 2X JPMiles on all International Spends
  2. Applicable on: Visa Cards only
  3. Offer Period: 1st Nov 2018 to 31st Jan 2019
  4. Offer Reward Rate: >8% (on Sapphiro range of cards)
  5. To Enrol: Type TRAVEL EASY <Your JP Number> & send it to 5676766
  6. Fulfilment: 90 working days from the end of the Offer Period
  7. Source

That’s twice as rewarding than usual and there are no upper cap mentioned for the promo. However, you may still need to note that upper caps are applicable (account wise) as per the default terms & conditions of respective cards.

The only downside i see on this offer is that you’ll need to wait for over 5 months (3 months as per offer, 2 months as per usual ICICI transfer time) for the Bonus JPMiles to reflect on your JP Ac as ICICI is incredibly slow in posting the JPMiles.

Exciting Prizes for Top Spenders (Intl Spends)

Exciting Prizes for Top Spenders

  1. Offer #1: Top 10 spenders to get an iPhone 8 (Min. Spend: 10L)
  2. Offer #2: Top spender of the day to get an Amazon Echo (Min. Spend: 2L in a day)
  3. Offer #3: Spend Rs 50,000 and more in order to get a Sennheiser headphone
  4. Applicable on: All ICICI Credit & Debit cards too.
  5. Spend Type: International online/offline purchases & International ATM withdrawals.
  6. Offer Period: 11 Nov 2018 to 31 Jan 2019
  7. Note: Different set of Winners for credit Cards & Debit Cards each
  8. To Enrol:  Give a missed call to: 9099611616
  9. Fulfilment: 90 working days from the end of the Offer Period
  10. Source

So apart from the 2X JPMiles offer, you also stand a chance to win the above prizes if you can spend a lot on your international trip. Surprisingly, even online txn are being allowed for ICICI Intl offers these days, so well, you can just sit anywhere in India & win too 😉


That all being said, now you’ll come up saying “But Sid, Its not wise to take the offer on JPMiles with current situation of Jet”. Well, a wise men one day said “Fortune favours the Brave”. I mean, i don’t really suggest everyone to go for it, but its worth risking within your capacity.

What’s your take on ICICI bank JPMiles promo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: The Bonus JPMiles were credited on 19th March 2019

Author: Siddharth

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27 thoughts on “2X JPMiles & more with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Cards

  1. ashwin

    It is a great promo and till 31st Jan, I’m going to use only ICICI Jet Amex Sapphiro card. 🙂

    1. Ameya

      Same here!! Also, club the Amazon voucher on ICICI Amex card benefit too! That is a straight 10% benefit

  2. Ajay

    Hi, can you share which website can be used to make international transactions while in India?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      1. amazon.com
      2. aliexpress
      Other chinese and usa websites delivering goods to India

  3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Dear Sid

    One request. Please put new comments on top/ upside. Bcoz most old comments are already read by regular readers of this website. So if somebody wants to see new comments, one has to still scroll the page all the way down, specially in case of popular articles where comments easily cross hundreds in numbers.

    Hope most other readers will also agree with this.

      1. Anshul

        Is there an option to set a reminder email when someone replies to your comment?

  4. JV

    Hi Siddharth,

    Need some information regarding JP miles conversion. Any valuable information from other readers much appreciated as well.

    I received Jet airways email regarding bonus JP miles for converting from any Bank credit card / Loyalty programme.

    I have 33000 RP in my ICICI Sapphiro CC, and i want to convert those to JP. As per JET’s calculator I will get 22000 JP miles on converting and 30% bonus jp miles separately.

    Problem is I don’t know how to convert those online or by contacting ICICI WEALTH MANAGEMENT Customer Support. They simpy are unable to convert and tell me to contact Payback. When i called Payback they told me that i will get only 6500 JP miles for converting my ICICI CC RP because that is the structure as stated by Jet airways on their calculator page as well.

    Since you have used ICICI SAPPHIRO CC in the past, you are the right person to know on how to proceed and get the intended JP miles.
    Please I need your help.

    Hope to have your response back ASAP. It is urgent since i need to convert and book. Appreciate your help.


  5. ravi

    Currently Jet is running a promotion on Jet co branded cards at 50% annual fee. Got a mail to that effect.

  6. Krishnakumar

    I have noticed that from last 2 months I am not getting credit of JP Miles for spends on JP HDFC debit card. Earlier I was getting credit with 2 weeks.
    Has anyone experienced the same?

    1. Nipun

      You need to send reminder mails and follow up, I never got automatically

  7. Siddharth Mehta

    Thanks to ICICI Jet Sapphiro, I have 65k miles in my JP account. I am wondering if I should redeem it for vouchers from their rewards catalogue. There’s just negative news about Jet every single day. Seems like the airline is going Kingfisher way for sure. Any thought here?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Even if Jet files bankruptcy, you may still be able to redeem JPMiles with their partners as JetPrivilege is independent from Jet Airways. But yes, its still risky to an extent. So it may well be worth redeeming for amazon vouchers if you don’t intend to redeem with their partners in near future.

      P.S. I’m taking risk 😀

  8. Tushar

    Do you think it’s still worth it to continue a paid Jet Airways credit card? I have a Rubxy one – but use my Amex Plat Travel 90% of the time. Other than the 4 lounge visits, I don’t see much of an advantage.

    1. Ameya

      Me too. But I am waiting till 7th June (90 working days). Not sure if JPMiles remain relevant till that time.

  9. Raj

    I am also waiting for extra rewards. Let’s see if they keep word now.

    Also guys, please suggest alternative card once we close ICICI Jet Sapphiro card?

    1. Amann

      So many options-

      Axis Vistara or
      Hdfc DCB or Infinia or
      icici Amazon or mmt

      Depending on you mr spends/ needs

      1. Raj kumar

        Thanks for your response.
        Apologies for not being very clear in my earlier post, my question was an alternative card from ICICI which has benefits close to ICICI Jet Sapphiro card. ICICI payback reward system is really bad and would like to avoid that.
        I will look @ MMT card.

        1. Jambui

          Icici amazon card is only left without the stupid payback reward system.

  10. Amit kumar

    I have opted for Icici Sapphiro card now. In Bangalore but 1 get 1 on BookMyShow is a huge benefit.

  11. Raj kumar

    I got miles credited to my jp account with heading ‘Jet Airways ICICI Bank Bonus Miles for FTC on Sapphiro’
    But that doesn’t tally with this offer at all.
    Can somebody check he got any credit like this?

    1. Himanshu Gupta

      @Raj Kumar
      Yes, even I got my account credited with 5000 JP Miles stating the same description. I wonder what is it for.

      1. Ashish Nikhare

        Even I received. May be as a compensation for the Base Fare Waiver voucher on Jet Airways.

        1. Raj Kumar

          @Ashish Nikhare
          Yes, you are right. It was that only.

          But no sign of fulfillment of this offer?

  12. Ameya

    Have not received my bonus miles yet! I have escalated the matter to ICICI Wealth Management Team.
    Let me see if I get those.
    Atleast a ticket on other airlines can be booked!


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