Best IndusInd Bank Credit Cards with lifestyle benefits

By | March 28, 2022

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards are known for their handsomely rewarding premium credit cards and best in class redemption value at 1:1 ratio. Here are some of the best IndusInd Bank Credit Cards with lifestyle benefits.

Indulge Credit Card

You might have heard of metal cards of all sorts but how about a credit card with 22K pure gold inlay? Say hello to Indulge – the super premium credit card from IndusInd Bank. Here are some of the key benefits of the card,

  • No Preset Spending Limit
  • EazyDiner offer: 6K INR value per year (3K*2)
  • Reward Rate: 1.5% reward rate on all spends
  • Unlimited: Intl. lounge access & golf
  • Bookmyshow offer: B1G1 upto 700 INR/ticket – 3 tickets per month. 
  • Forex markup fee: 1.8%

While you might be aware of the Oberoi stay vouchers given in lieu of joining fee to maximise value for the joining fee paid for Indulge, the new sweet spot is the introduction of postcard hotel stay vouchers. 

That aside, having the ability to get 5 add-on cards (on visa infinite platform) is an added advantage with indulge. 

Legend Credit Card

indusind legend

If you’re looking for a premium credit card which rewards you for weekend spends, IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card is the one for you. Here’s a quick look into some of the important benefits,

  • Reward Rate: 2% on weekends / 1% on weekdays
  • 4000 bonus rewards on 6L spend
  • Bookmyshow offers: B1G1 upto 200 INR/ticket – 3 tickets a month
  • Dining: Eazydiner Prime that gives upto 25% Off on select restaurants.

So, if you primarily use it by swiping on weekends, you may juice out a nice 2.6% reward rate upto 6L spends. However, the calculation maybe different if you intend to redeem points for cash credit to stmt. as conversion ratio is 1:0.75 now from 15th March 2022.

Note: While above cards are some of the best premium cards being issued at the moment, IndusInd Bank also has Pinnacle Credit Card which I’ve covered in detail in the past but it’s currently not being issued due to MasterCard ban.

That aside, as you might know, IndusInd Bank has also launched the Vistara Explorer Credit Card recently with 0% markup fee, 5 free business class tickets based on spends, Vistara gold tier, 6K INR Eazydiner benefit, etc.

My Experience

As you might be aware, I’ve been using Pinnacle & Iconia Credit Cards since the past couple of years and it’s a good experience so far. Managing the card via app with all controls in a few taps is convenient as well.

Speaking about service, “video branch” support line can get things done quickly and the agents there are quite knowledgeable as well.

IndusInd Bank also runs some kind of lucrative festive offers like the Rewardz Festival every year which usually boosts the reward rate of the spends does during that period by 2x/3x/5x.

Also, one useful thing with IndusInd Bank Cards is that they send an annual FY a/c summary with analysis of the card spends, merchants used, etc. which is quite useful for taxation and also to have birds eye view of the transactions done during the entire financial year.

Bottom line

Apart from the rewards and lifestyle benefits, the unique advantage of holding an IndusInd Bank Credit Card is that unlike most other Credit Cards in the industry, the reward points are evergreen – the reward points accumulated on the IndusInd Bank Credit Cards never expire.

This is quite useful so you may hold on to the same card for a long time without constantly worrying about reward points getting lapsed.

That all said, which IndusInd Credit Card is the best in your opinion? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

29 thoughts on “Best IndusInd Bank Credit Cards with lifestyle benefits

    1. Ajai Singh

      SBI Aurum has the same in fact my old RM told me its value to be around 2k which is coincidentally very close to the extra GST component in the fee 😛

      So have to take it with a bucket of salt

  1. Varun

    Can you share the fee point with which postcard vouchers are given?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      90K+GST = 108K
      50K Vouchagram voucher + 2 nights at postcard hotels.

      1. Varun

        Are you sure about 2 nights? Then it’s a great value even if compared to Oberoi.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, I’m sure.

          True, if you prefer postcard properties then value is huge. Oberoi too has sweet spots to maximize.

      2. Sharathkumar Anbu

        Indulge comes in 2 variants.
        1. Variant with 90K fee point has annual fees of 10K every year waived on spends of 10 Lakhs
        2. Variant with 1.8L fee point has 2 Lakh vouchers and no annual fees.
        Not so great in my opinion unless you are ready to spend so much of money on vouchers and hotels.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          There are also other fee variants given based on the profile it seems.

          It is indeed targeted for a small % of cardholders. Those who prefer Oberoi/Postcard hotels, it definitely makes sense IMO.

  2. A Dua

    Indusind has recently reduced points value by 25-30% on all their credit cards including Legend

  3. Mohit

    I am holding legend credit card which I received LTF through Paisabazaar. But now weekend offer of 2x reward point has been reduced to some category excluding most usual categories where a person spend. This merchant list has further been reduced from 1st Jan 2022 onwards. So in my view, IDFC card(except insurance) and flipkart Axis card (except wallet load) are better than IndusInd card

  4. Vikrant

    Could you explain how you arrived at 2% reward rate on weekends for legend? As far as I know, 1RP = 0.70 Rs for the legend credit card as statement credit. So it’s just 1.4% reward rate even on weekends.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Insta vouchers, like: BMS/PVR/LP/Allen Solly/Titan and few more are there.

      But yes, the cash credit at 1:1 used to be an amazing option.

    2. Mohit

      Whenever you spend on any merchant (except the exclusion list), you will get 2x reward point on your spend. This exclusion list is increasing with time like earlier, automotive merchant were eligible for 2X RP but from 1st Jan onwards, it is eligible for only 1x RP.
      Fuel transactions will not accrue reward points on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card.
      Other merchant with 1x or 0.7x RP are :
      • Utility Bill Payments
      • Insurance Premium Payments
      • Government Services/Charges/Payments
      • Education Institute Fees
      • Real Estate/Rental Payments (effective 20th January, 2022)
      * Real Estate, Medical, Automobiles & Telecom transactions (1x on every day)

  5. Prem Taparia

    I’m a bit puzzled by this article Sid. You’ve never been a great fan of even the topmost Indusind Credit cards, so what prompted this gushing article? Especially at a time, when they’ve recently devalued their redemption ratio to 75 paise per reward point? They’ve also started charging a redemption fee of Rs100 plus taxes on points redemption. And like many other cards, they too have now put restrictions on reward points earned on rent payments (adding to their already long list of such transactions wherein reward points earning ratio is restricted, like Utility payments, Insurance payments, Government payments (NPS), E-com travel/airline transactions etc). If at all, I was expecting an article from you on “why NOT to go for Indusind cards”.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lol, I get it. But truly speaking I missed the 1:0.75 redemption change while preparing the article initially.

      That said, Indulge is still good for a few, especially for existing premium banking customers.

      1. Pranav

        I echo Prem’s thoughts. I have always trusted your reviews. But somehow, this review feels like a company’s own promotion.
        1) There are multiple cards which have evergreen rewards. Your statement is factually incorrect.
        2) Reward rate calculation is accounting for best case scenario (generally, you take middle case)
        3) No mention of devaluation even post-publishing. You could easily add a note.
        4) Customer service mention feels like company written and not your own words.

  6. Vardhan

    I received my complimentary indulge LTF card last week as an upgrade from the old signature variant which I held over the last decade.No joining or annual fee for me.Even the customer care was shocked to know about me getting this complimentary LTF upgrade as Indusind doesn’t upgrade for free ever…Indulge being their top most card was definitely not on the cards.

    1. Rithun

      Can you share more details on how this upgrade was performed? Through RM or other means.

    2. Gautam

      I was upgraded to Indulge too with First Year Free plan but didn’t know LTF is possible. Can you please share more inputs on this?


      Congratulations. Such comments gives us hope to get any card as LTF. Everything is possible

  7. Saurabh

    Hi Sid, readers,
    Have an IndusInd Legend CC, but wasn’t aware of the Eazydiner benefits. So thanks for sharing this. Needed to know, how does one go about getting an Eazydiner Prime membership using the Legend CC? Thanks.

  8. Abhijeet

    I am getting my previous indusind CC upgraded to legend for 10000 as joining fee in return for 8000 amazon voucher. Is it alright or can I negotiate for higher voucher?

  9. Prasidh

    I have an II Indulge Card and this “No Preset” spending limit is such a hoax. It’s basically an extra 25% of the Outstanding Credit available. I am glad, I traded my points for this complimentary upgrade and didn’t spend a buck on it. Also got free vouchers which I traded at Genesis Luxury. It’s not worth it and I plan to discountinue this card. I have a question- What does “No Preset” spending mean? Do they have this shadow limit on every card?? I thought the Amex Platinum charge doesn’t have any limit?? Can someone confirm? Thanks

    1. Vikram

      I am not sure about what it means when Indus Ind says it. But I do know what Amex means when they say no preset spending limit. Firstly, please note that it doesn’t mean infinite spending power. What they basically do is that they approve or decline a transaction based on a multitude of factors. To avoid attempting a transaction and getting embarrassed at the merchant’s, Amex has an online option to see if you are eligible to make a transaction of a particular. You can try on there and based on that you may know if you’re eligible to make a particular high value transaction. And based on your spend and repayment patterns your credit line kinda improves dynamically. For Amex it applies only to it’s charge cards the gold and platinum cards. But HDFC Infinia and Indus Ind Indulge too use the same term now for their credit cards. Not exactly sure what they mean or if their algorithm is good enough as Amex’s.


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