Travel Club Lounge at Chennai Airport Review (International)

By | July 6, 2022
Chennai TFS Travel Club Lounge – International Departure

There are 3 TFS Travel Club lounges in the Chennai Airport (International Departures) – One is in the 3rd floor which I accessed during my last trip and was the best one. The rest two are in the ground floor – one of which is open only during night hours, so the other one is what we’re seeing here.

During my trip, the lounge in 3rd floor was full, probably because many flights got delayed due to bad weather. It’s been very long time since i’ve seen such a dense fog in south India and it took a while for sun to clear it.

Having disappointed with Air India Business Class Maharaja Lounge, i decided to join my friend and headed towards TFS Travel Club Lounge which is located just opposite to the Air India Lounge.


TypePremium Airport Lounge
Card acceptedVisa, MasterCard, Diners Club & many more
LocationOpposite to the Air India Business Class Lounge
Plug pointsYes, in plenty
AmbianceGood interiors & spacious
Food optionsAverage, usually South Indian

Chennai Airport international departures has many lounge options and this is a decent one. If you find this lounge crowded you may explore other lounges.


TFS Travel Club Lounge – Entrance

As always, i get super confused as to which card to use when it comes to domestic lounges 😛 I ended up using my ICICI Jet Airways Amex Sapphiro card to get access and the lounge was nearly full by then.

I hate to see the crowd in the lounge recently, so much that its discouraging to hit the airport early. This is happening only very recently that almost all lounges i’m visiting is kind of crowded most times.

Seating & interiors

The lounge is semi-divided into 3 areas within:

  1. The entrance leads to seating area with comfy chairs of different styles.
  2. Next comes the dining area with dining tables and food nearby
  3. The other side got relatively better ambience with comfy chairs and wooden flooring

Here’s how each of them look like:

#1 TFS Travel Club Lounge – Seating
#2 TFS Travel Club Lounge –
Dining Area
#3 Chennai TFS Travel Club Lounge – Interiors with good ambience


The lounge had basic food spread and as i mentioned earlier, both Air India Business Class lounge and this one has almost same spread and infact this lounge has little bit more but not much to talk about. As i already tasted a bit in the other lounge, i skipped food and just had some juices.

The Lounge also had a bar area, but as i took my flight on Republic day, it was a dry day.

TFS Travel Club Lounge -Food
Chennai TFS Travel Club Lounge – Food Area
TFS Travel Club Lounge – Breads


You can get things done, but for some reason or other, the guys in lounge doesn’t feel right. Evilly looks, no kind words, no smile at all – something is wrong with these people. Not sure if they worked all night, or maybe too much of crowd to deal with – no idea.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.9/5

Overall, it’s yet another crowded lounge with average food. Even though it was less crowded when i was about to leave, i still don’t find this lounge attractive. If you’re visiting the Chennai intl terminal, i would highly suggest you take the TFS lounge in 3rd floor, which is much better in my opinion.

Have you been to this TFS Travel Club Lounge? Share your experiences in comments below.

20 thoughts on “Travel Club Lounge at Chennai Airport Review (International)

  1. Shankar

    Thanks Sid, for your detailed review. Your reviews will definitely help most of the first timers like me to know what to expect and take informed decisions. This website very informative and providing insights into different cards, their features and differences and how to make the best use of them, which you can get only after spending several thousands to lakhs of rupees. You are doing a great job mate, please continue this for all of us!!!

  2. Vinod Kannan

    This is very similar to the TFS lounge in domestic terminal in 3rd floor oppsite to Gate 5. Resembles it in every way including the Lounge staff. They look at us as if something is going to go wrong. Total disappointment. My last visit to the lounge was only to have 2 idlies in d morning. Even though I had ample time left for my flight, i just left the lounge soon since it was already over crowded.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s true, both domestic & intl lounges in 3rd floor looks same.

      Oh you too felt that “looks”?! That bouncer kind of looks at a bar, infact worser than that.

  3. Vinod Kannan

    Ya.. Definitely the Bouncer kind of looks…
    American Express has launched a new Credit card named “The American Express Everyday Spend Gold Credit Card”. This is an entry level card with an annual fee of just 499 or so… They also waive the annual fee if u spend just 40000 in a year. U get 10x n 5x categories similar to HDFC diners cards. But the catch is that the monthly limitation on those Categories is 1250 points per month… Seems Amex is catching up to the competition.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, its the “EveryDay” credit card for beginners that western markets already have. I was said about the launch of this by mid 2018 but its already out? i couldn’t find the details online.

      Btw, Thanks for sharing the info 🙂

      1. Vinod Kannan

        Ya Sid… The card was launched yesterday. It is not live on the website yet. But i have seen it on Flipkart app and called Amex customer care to confirm the same. I have the link to apply online. I have sent u the screenshots also. Check FB Messenger.

  4. Ameya

    Hi Sid
    I am a frequent flyer and I too have noticed the lounges getting full phenomenon.
    I believe it is something to do with all flights operating at high PLFs as well as credit card companies commercializing the lounges.
    The exclusivity and luxury is missing now a days in the lounges all over India. We are cruising to a situation where the existing lounge infra is falling short significantly.
    This has led to food being OK in taste, quality and spread. Hope someone new comes up who caters to select few only and maintain that luxury one had come to associate with Lounges.

  5. Saurabh

    Hey, Was alcohol being served in the international lounge. And was their limit on alcohol, or was it unlimited like lounges at Delhi and Mumbai?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They do serve alcohol but not sure about the limit.

    2. Sharathkumar Anbu

      In TFS lounge in Chennai, If you use Priority pass, They will serve unlimited alcohol. If you use any other cards like Visa / MC / Amex / Diners, You will get only 1 glass of alcohol.

      Due to this reason, When I fly internationally, I would love to fly from Bangalore instead of Chennai. In Bangalore Plaza premium and AGL, Alcohol will be served unlimited for all cards.

    3. Suresh

      In indian international lounges, usually there is a bartender to serve/mix, exceptional being delhi lounges. Other locations, its unlimited meaning self service.

  6. GTMAX

    Hi Everyone,

    How many international terminals are there in Chennai Airport? It is a bit confusing as when I see lounge access covered by Diners, Mastercard and Visa & as per this article I understand there are a total of 3 lounges for international departures. Are all of these accessible for all international departures? Or there are different sections within the international terminal which will limit my access to any of these lounges? Is Old Terminal, New Terminal (Anna International Terminal), Terminal 4 (mentioned in my Chennai-Singapore ticket) having different sections within the same international terminal or different terminal altogether??

    Appreciate your help.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Domestic: 2 Lounges
      International: 3 Lounges

      Don’t get confused with terminal #

  7. Premnath

    First of all at Chennai domestic airport, when we enter inside, on the reception one person is checking our card is valid or not. After that in tells us that breakfast is not ready and it will take another 1hr. time. I got confused that whether he was letting me in or not! When asked that we can use launge then no answer come. Inside kept boiled eggs are half boiled. Their cover is coming out with boiled egg layer. There is no salt in salt n pepper dispenser. No sugar at tea outlet.
    Staff is not coming operative.
    Take this as an educational way.
    Change it good hospitality.

  8. SURYA D

    I given Visa my zone and advantage credit,then I given master card of hdfc times and Flipkart credit card,all these cards are lounge access cards,but why simply they swiping and telling not valid?
    What is the reason behind this

  9. Saga

    Hi, do you have a direct payment method ? Because my husband’s credit or debit card does not allow lounge access . And he is travelling soon , is there any other way to get an access to it apart from cc , debit cards or priority pass . Like any one time payment methods.

  10. Nirave Rathod

    why doesnt anyone reveal the pay at desk charges for people who dont own the fancy cards? yes we exist!

  11. ramamoorthy iyer

    Excellent food .
    The partner Musharraf was serving a smile that’s contagious. Keep up the great work.
    Clean place

  12. Kevin Alexander

    Mastercard issued in UAE can be used for complimentary access to any lounges in Chennai Airport ??


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