Yesbank EMI Festive Offer – Interest Rate as low as 9.9% p.a.

By | November 2, 2018

If you’re disappointed with Yesbank’s 2018 Diwali Promo, here’s an offer that could throw some smiles on your face. Yesbank has come up with industry first lowest interest rates on credit card EMI. This is aimed to push the festive spends on the card and is for a very limited period. Here’s all you need to know,

Yesbank Credit Card – Festive EMI Offer

YesBank EMI Festive Offer

  • Interest: 9.9% p.a.
  • Min. Amount: Rs.2500
  • Processign Fee: 0%
  • Foreclosure: 2%
  • EMI Tenure: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24
  • This Offer is not valid on Instant EMI transactions and can only be availed by calling YES TOUCH Customer Care number 1800 103 6000.
  • The EMI on Call facility is not available for transactions related to purchase of Gold, Jewellery, Fuel and other select categories as per the internal policy and guidelines of YES BANK.

The 9.9% Interest rate is probably the lowest in India i’ve ever seen in the unsecured loans / credit card industry. Its infact as low as my Home loan interest rate and the tenure of 24 months is totally unbelievable.


Some of us here maynot be in the EMI net but for those who love EMI’s this is an AMAZING offer that you can’t miss. Given that Yesbank Diwali Offer is not that attractive, this tempting EMI offer is certainly a great way to add value to the cardholders this festive season.

Looks like Yesbank is listening & hope they’ll come up with more offers in near future.

What’s your take on Yesbank’s EMI Festive Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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8 thoughts on “Yesbank EMI Festive Offer – Interest Rate as low as 9.9% p.a.

  1. Vikas Gupta

    9.9% is only for 6 months tenure, for 12 months and onwards the interest rate differs

  2. Kevin lawarga

    Can this offer be used for transferring by personal loan balance to yes bank card?

  3. Abhishek Sharma

    I recently purchased a phone on amazon using Citibank card which has no processing fees or interest for 3 months EMI.

    1. Naveen

      This is not the usual no cost emi they have on flipkart and amazon.

      It is basically any purchase above 2.5k you can convert at 9.9% pa interest rate (which is really low for credit cards). – That’s only 2.5% for the 3 months tenure.

      Basically all cards have no cost emi on e-commerce sites during the festive season especially

  4. Shailendra Mishra

    Hi Siddharth,

    Recently I applied for Yesbank business Credit Card, on a card to card basis.

    But due to some glitch in their call management system, every time verification team called me, the call got disconnected. I raised disputes, to tell them about it, but result remained the same as every time I picked up the call from verification team, it got disconnected.

    So, they rejected my application, as I expected. But they avoid mentioning a reason and only said it is “not meeting the credit policy parameters of YES BANK ”
    I wrote an email to support, but same reply.

    So, I have only one question for you :
    As per your experience, as an applicant am I entitled to know the exact reason for rejection, or they have full right to not tell me the exact reason behind rejecting my application.
    Also, Support staff said that they will send me a letter to my address with exact reason within 15 days (which I do not believe) is it correct?

  5. cnp

    This can be really misleading as credit cards charge GST on interest. Hence the interest is effectively 9.9*(1.18)=11.8% Interest.
    Hence the above is only useful if someone needs cash for a short period like 6 months. Anything beyond one year, one should go for a personal loan if they can as PL is being offered at starting at 10.3% if someone is looking for a bigger amount and longer duration.


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