IDFC First Bank Credit Card Review (All Variants)

By | December 26, 2021
IDFC First Bank Credit Card

IDFC First Bank in Jan 2021 announced their new range of credit cards with dynamic interest rates (first in industry) on revolving balance as one of their USP. Its been couple of months since IDFC cards were launched and now we’ve good number of cardholders to figure out how its all going.

IDFC First bank has 4 different credit card variants and here we’re going to explore the differences between them in detail.

Fees & Charges

Joining/Annual FeeLifetime Free
Welcome Voucher500 INR (spend 15K in first 90 days)

The welcome voucher is good to start with but wish they had given higher value vouchers on premium cards, perhaps with higher spend target.

It’s quite surprising to see that they’ve decided to give out all cards for free – not just for first year, but free for life – including the premium range of cards.

Having said that, you must have a quick look at The Truth about Your Lifetime Free Credit Card for some surprises.


Card VariantEligibility Criteria
IDFC First Millenia<12 Lakhs p.a (Income)
IDFC First Classic>12L & <15L p.a
IDFC First Select>15L & <35L p.a
IDFC First Wealth>35 Lakhs p.a (or high HNW with bank, like >10L balance)

Income is one of the few eligibility criteria that bank uses to decide the card variant. The bank also seem to use credit report/other credit card stmt/NRV on savings ac to find the variant fit for your profile.

Upgrades may likely happen after 6 months based on spends/usage pattern/credit score, etc. We will know that in coming months.


Spend TypeRewardsReward Rate
Offline Spends3 RP / 100 INR0.75%
Online Spends6 RP / 100 INR1.5%
Spends >20K (per stmt)10 RP / 100 INR2.5%
Birthday Spends10 RP / 100 INR2.5%
IDFC First Credit Card Rewards
  • 1 Reward Point = 0.25 INR
  • No reward redemption charges

IDFC First bank is the first in industry to introduce same reward structure for all range of cards.

So if you’re looking for rewards, you should be fine with any card and you no longer need to chase the premium/super-premium ones.

Reward redemption is through Poshvine portal and includes Gift cards like Amazon Vouchers as well.

That aside, here are few things you may need to keep in mind:

  1. Reward points do-not accrue on Fuel, EMI & Insurance transactions
  2. Reward points never expire.
  3. If spends are >20K in a stmt, you will earn 2.5% only on spends greater than 20K. So, for spends upto 20K you will only earn the regular rewards, as per the type of spend.

Lounge Access

Access Type / Card TypeMilleniaClassicSelectWealth
Airport Lounge Access (Domestic)4/qtr4/qtr (shared)
Airport Lounge Access (Intl)4/qtr (shared)
Railway Lounge Access4/qtr4/qtr 4/qtr4/qtr
Domestic Spa4/qtr (shared)
Complimentary Airport/Railway Lounge Access & Spa

From my quick research, it seems the spa/domestic/international lounge access accessed via Dreamfolks card on wealth variant is “shared” with a limit of 4 (per qtr).

Apart from that, we don’t know if the Visa Infinite access for domestic access is separate. It’s bit complicated to understand how it would work in real-life. I wish IDFC had made it clear on their product pages.

Other Benefits

  • Golf Benefit: Complimentary Golf rounds on Wealth variant.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Movie Benefit: Upto Rs.250 on Select & Rs.500 on Wealth variant.
  • Forex Markup Fee: 1.99% on Select & 1.5% on Wealth variant.
  • Free Road Side Assistance(RSA) worth ₹1,399 on all cards, except Millenia.

Revolving Interest Rate

One of the biggest USP of IDFC first card is its low interest rate on revolving credit card balances. For ex, IDFC has said that it may give interest rates as low as 9% based on profile.

But from what we know so far, majority of the customers do-not fall under this bracket as very few have reported such low interest rates so far.

My Interest rate is currently at 22% p.a. for now. IDFC recently reduced the interest rate for some cardholders, after a month of issuance. Let’s see how often they do this change in the future.

How to Apply?

  • Online: Apply Now
  • Offline: Apart from online applications, they’re also taking office applications in select branches. You can either apply via card-on-card application or simply ask branch/BM for recommendation.

I got approved for the IDFC First Select Card via branch/BM recommendation (without visiting the branch).

From my experience and also from what many say, it seems branch can help you get the card even if you’re not pre-approved. Just make sure you’ve an account.

You may also check-out the hands-on experience with IDFC Select card article by Satish for even more details on the card processing time, etc.


Customer care says that the eligibility for upgrade will be shown post 6 months based on spends and repayment pattern.

While we don’t know what type of spends they will expect, I think it should be easy to upgrade by having high NRV, if not via spends.

Ideally speaking, you cant use most beenfits like lounges/spa these days. So its better to let it age for an year or so and attempt for an upgrade when the travel is back to form.

Bottom line

  • CardExpert Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Given that the IDFC First credit cards are all given as Life Time Free, these cards are totally worth holding. For entry-level users, saving ~2% on the spend is made easy with accelerated rewards.

For premium users too, its good to have complimentary airport lounge/spa access on a no-fee card. All these will stay as long as there are sufficient spends to justify the lounge/spa usage. If not, they’ll eventually step into paid version.

Are you approved for the IDFC First Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

351 thoughts on “IDFC First Bank Credit Card Review (All Variants)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Requested for BM recommendation a day back. Will have to wait and see.

      Update: Got approved for the Select Variant. Looks like the branch route works for those who don’t have the pre-approved offer.

      1. Chaitanya Mella

        Hi Siddarth, what’s the age of your banking relationship with IDFC Bank. Could be a factor before BMs take requests.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Could be. We never know. Just crossed 4 months.

      2. Sameer

        I have an account with IDFC bank unfortunately they neglected to to give me a credit card the reason is that because customer support team told me that the reason should not be disclosed so what is the use of having an account with IDFC bank for such a long time they are calling people and begging them to take but people really want deserve they are not giving them very much disappointed with the service I I also told them that I have better options with different banks to get a pre-approved Service

        1. Manish Bharti

          I also tried to apply for idfc credit card have an account for last ten months… Whenever i enter pin code of my area it shows area not serviceable… They have opened my account through video kyc.. But now when i want to change my address they are asking asking to visit branch and nearest nearest branch branch is 200+ km apart.. No option to update address online.

      3. ASHISH

        I hold my account with India’s First branch of IDFC bank which is in Naman chambers , BKC, MUMBAI since its inception. Earlier my min. balance was Rs.2-3L , CURRENTLY its 13L , Still didn’t get any kind of approval for any type of card. visited their branch. BM is unable to do anything on my case , did mail to RNO (Nodal officer) but still it didn’t worked out yet. My CIBIL score is 780 & Experian score is 816. Kindly suggest any other option please.

  1. Shivi

    What is the criteria to get that 9% RoI? Any observations, anyone?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Likely Credit limit, NRV, etc

      Update: Their document says that APR is linked to credit “score”.

      1. RM

        My father, 60+ has been offered 9% interest rates. He has good balance in saving bank a/c and a senior senior FD with them. My wife has even far greater balance than him in savings, similar amount of FD like my father, but is offered a rate of 22%. Though she has a much higher credit limit than my father. God only knows what criteria they follow for lower interest rates!
        Our main reason for getting this card though – no cash withdrawal surcharge makes it a superb option for overseas travel and currency withdrawals. Sply for currencies other than popular ones like Usd/Eur/Gbp where there is more premium on currency purchase in local market.

    2. Narendra N C Inampudi

      Criteria is ur credit history/credit score……thats it

  2. Srihari Raghavendiran

    I opened an savings account with IDFC just to get the wealth credit card. What I am being offered now is easy buy card with a limit of 3 lakhs. Not sure how useful the easy buy cars is, but still awaiting for the credit card

  3. Avinash Chukkapalli

    Can we apply without any prior relationship with the Bank?

    Wife is a Doctor. She didn’t start her ITRs yet. Will she be eligible for any?

  4. Maulik Soni

    If U Having Any Active Personal Loan In IDFC. U will Get Pre-approved Offer From Them…

    1. Mohsin Hussain

      Does Amazon Pay later and Flipkart pay later (both from IDFC) count as personal loans? Have Flipkart pay later since 2 years, no Savings account in IDFC though. Haven’t got any pre-approved offer yet.

  5. Abhi

    Many of the vouchers don’t have fixed redemption denominations. You can redeem for as many RPs as you have. Found this unique to IDFC.

    1. manoj singh

      Best thing I found that you can even choose to pay through reward points. It’s value is same as 25paise. I found it very useful. No need to take vouchers as well. Just redeem online directly and get in your account.

    2. RAGIB

      Same is with SBi Rewardz also, you can redeem any number of points (in multiples of 4, obviously coz 4 points = 1 rupee)

  6. Ajai Singh

    IDFC site gives me a 404 error when I tried to apply for it via the “Apply now” button under WEALTH credit card page.

    I had asked if they had opened up applications offline on card to card basis but they said no in Shimla & Chd.

  7. Nakul Pandhi

    In idfc first bank credit card , if I pay the payment of insurance premium.. will I get reward points??

    1. Atul Kumar

      You can your insurance premium through Amazon as you can find many insurance company registered for premium payment. I have used it & received the rewards points from the issuing bank.

  8. AAJ

    My experience. Initially I got a reject on wealth and after few days received Sms for pre approved Select, applied and received. Once I received Select, got SMS for wealth pre approved, however card was not issued as I had received Select by then.
    Gold as well Cc told wouldn’t accrue points.
    Redemption was easy and more important Amazon voucher was available for redemption- need to wait and see if they remove it like STANC Ultimate did it.

    1. AAJ

      Missed to add, I hold SB a/c with them for about an year now.

  9. Pragyan

    I got this card yesterday after reading the article. I did have a consumer loan with capital first around 4 years back. Based on that they were sending me a preapproved offer for the wealth card which I never bothered to look at. After reading the article I searched my SMS and found out the link and applied. The card was generated instantly online with 5L limit and 18% ROI. Very good for a lifetime free card issued without any significant relationship and documents. The customer id and last 4 digits of the card are sent on SMS instantly so I could log in through their app and see the virtual card details.

    1. Rahul

      Any loan history is more valuable than credit score.. Most banks prefer existing customers.

      1. Pragyan

        I bought an AC at no-cost EMI from an offline shop with just a PAN number and no income proof. But based on that providing Wealth variant is pretty cool.

  10. Niju

    Has IDFC started taking applications for public with no existing relationship with the bank.

    I tried using the Apply option and as soon as I request for an OTP the website shows a 404 error.

    All the cards seems to provide good rewards.

  11. Atul Kumar

    I had a Personal Loan of Rs.1.75 Lakhs 3-4 years back. On that reference i got a Select Card with 2.08 Lakhs limit in the month of March’21. In the first month of uses, i found that this is the best card for rewards as i got 24834 rewards points & i have redeemed it for 6200 Amazon Gift Voucher. Without any fees & lots of features, these idfc cards will break the credit card market to those looks for the rewards points.

    1. Hussain Bootwala

      How much did you spend to get these many points?

  12. Akshit Garg

    Good to see you back in action Mr. Siddharth. I hope you and your closed ones are fine.
    I regularly follow you on twitter, didn’t see any updates after your tweet on Spirituality, so I though you may have stopped writing these articles now.

  13. Shail


    I’m holding some super-premium cards incl. DCB & Wealth cards and, honestly, found Wealth (as I hold one) to be a great card. Here are some of the major benefits/features one must consider –

    1. Rewards redemption – it’s pretty much like cash credit that too with a max reward rate of 2.5% which is actually outstanding. And moreover these points don’t expire ever.

    2. On Wealth variant the 1+1 movie offer can be actually availed twice a month 500+500 =1000 Rs which is again quite significant for movie lovers

    3. Lowest ROI. Mine is 9%. Ofcourse not everyone gets it. However, several ppl reported that the APR% is revised downwards often. In any case it’s the best in the INDUSTRY. Unique benefit in this industry… 9% annual rate and even 18% for that matter is just brilliant.

    4. Intrest free cash withdrawal anywhere in the world – for the bill cycle. Simply considered as an additional expense in the statement and only 250 Rs are levied. Again an USP of these card.

    4. Wealth card gives you effectively 16 lounges – International/domestic/railway, Spas a year which is a good one.

    5. Other benefits which I wouldn’t elaborate include golf, forex @1.5%, insurance etc. etc.

    6. Pretty good customer care and smooth onboarding experience

    7. And above all variants incl. Wealth are offered life time free.

    Sid, i feel, these cards (atleast Wealth variant) deserves to get 4.5/5* rating.

      1. Shail

        Thanks, Sid.

        You may also like to update your post to include some of the features mentioned in my above comment. Some of these are significant ones which make this card a unique one

        You may like to include –
        1. 0% interest on ATM withdrawal
        2. 250/500 Rs movie offer twice a month based on card variant (i.e. 500×2=1000 Rs on wealth) and not only 250/500
        3. Statement/cash credit like redemption which makes it reward rate even more appealing

    1. manoj kumar singh

      Just want to know about lounges
      Is it 4 domestic
      4 international
      4 spa and 4 railway all are separate. I think 4 domestic international and spa are shared or combined. Please clarify

      1. Raja

        Total only 4 per quarter. If you have Millennia, Classic or Select, then use the credit card to avail the access. If you have Wealth card, then use the credit card for domestic and the DreamFolks for international lounge and Spa access. As it is lock down in most places, we can only be sure if someone actually travels enough international and domestic trips and avails the lounge access within a quarter to exactly know if it is 4 domestic plus 4 international/spa or totally only 4 combined. I have not travelled since the Corona outbreak in March 2020, so not really concerned how many access I get, and I also don’t foresee travelling in the near future…

  14. phanilkumar

    IDFC FIRST SELECT CREDIT CARD is a Super credit card with no expiry of rewards with life time free credit card.i got it with Rs.160000 limit at 15% interest rate. If you purchase above Rs.20000 in a month you will get 2.5% rewards like Amazon voucher etc.,, or you can redeem to existing credit card balance. ###YOUR SEARCH FOR HIGH REWARDED CREDIT CARD WILL ENDS WITH THIS CARD”

  15. Abhi

    Got the wealth variant with 10L limit and 9% APR as part of initial invites. Had a healthy bank balance with them, well I had parked funds there for that 7% back then so I guess that’s why a decent credit limit given, but 9% am not sure how they ve given despite only having a fair credit score and not a stellar credit score. During acc opening which was just 1yr prior to getting the card, they had requested my income details also. With IDFC what I could infer is, both limit and APR offered depends first on how much AQB you have maintained, then your income, and then your credit scores.

  16. Abhi

    Has anyone got wealth variant without having an account in IDFC?

    1. Krishna Prasad M

      I received Wealth variant without IDFC bank relationship with 5Lakh limit.

    2. Manoj

      I got wealth variant with 9.74L limit on applying online. I have no banking relationship with IDFC. Probably credit score (807) with several loans and cards running without any default lead to instant approval with good limit.

    3. Jayram

      Got approved for IDFC wealth credit card. Have no prior relationship with bank. On applying they went through credit score and asked details of any other bank card I am holding and the credit limit on that card. This was followed by video kyc where a bank representative took snaps of pan card. No other documents or income proof asked. Got the card details in 3 working days and activated online. Looking forward to receiving the physical card shortly.

  17. Satisfied User

    Apparently the threshold for wealth is at 10 lakhs in the savings account. I have had a good relationship with IDFC with around 40 lakhs in FDs and nearly 10 lakhs kept in their savings account due to the earlier 7% interest rate. I have several cards and a credit score of over 800 along with good ITR. However I was never offered a card. Sometimes I received an SMS or even a call followed by a link but it always said no offer available. On the other hand, my wife has around 60 lakhs in FDs nad over 10 lakhs in savings. She also had no offer but towards the end of March I received a call and a link via WhatsApp. She has no other card or loan. She was instantly approved for the Wealth variant with a limit of 9.6 lakhs and an interest rate of 12%. The card was dispatched the same night and received the next day!!

    I decided to visit the branch and the manager asked his credit card head to look into it. At first he said there was nothing he could do. Then I transferred a few lakhs more to the savings account having it go over 10 lakhs by chance.

    When I went back to the branch, the manager now did some tweaks on the computer and told me there was an offer of 6.9 lakhs for me with an interest rate of 9%. Once again I got the card the next day. Dreamfolks card came abou 4 days later.

    One interesting thing I found is that when you are making a payment in some websites, there is an option to redeem points. If you select that, you get cashback for the points value credited to your card in a couple of days. Overall at. 75 Rupee per 100 spent, the rewards are not that great but the international lounge access is good via Dreamfolks.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “When I went back to the branch, the manager now did some tweaks on the computer and told me there was an offer of 6.9 lakhs for me” – This is quite an interesting point. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Raja

        I suppose you meant Rs.75 for Rs.1000 spent which is 0.75%. The attraction is actually the 2.5% for spends more than 20k.

    2. manoj singh

      75rs per 100 points is also good reward. Can you share some such sites.

      1. Lobogris

        I said .75 meaning 75 paise. Looks like people haven’t seen the little dot. I should have said 0.75.

    3. Sandesh Jain

      Hey, could you please share more info on what that “tweak” was?

      1. Lobogris

        I don’t know the details. The manager called his credit card team lead and first he spent about 5 minutes tapping on the computer. Then the manager spent a few minutes and informed me that there was now an offer of 6.9 lakhs at 9% interest rate. Perhaps there is some way they have of manually triggering an offer even though they were adamant that they had no ability to do so.

    4. ram

      dont u think u have too much money in FDs? why not Mutual funds?

      1. Lobogris

        This was just some extra cash for liquidity purposes.

  18. Raja

    Has anyone received the Rs.500 welcome gift voucher yet? I received my card in Jan and completed the spending target of 15k by mid-Feb but no voucher yet. Anyone has any idea?


      In have received. Please goto rewards link from the app and the voucher will be visible.

    2. Abhi

      Yes, received and redeemed in Apr end. My card also came in Jan and hit target in Feb.

    3. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes, I received last week for card issued on last week of Jan.

  19. Hitesh

    Hi Siddharth,

    M being offered the signature card. Do you think it’s logical to take it or ask them for wealth?
    The card is good but i think i should get a infinite card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Select is a decent one. You may hope for an upgrade after 6 months.

  20. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Dear Raja
    I got card in January and have received this voucher around 15-20 days back. They didn’t send it.

    One fine day, on visiting their redemption website via in-app “Redeem reward points” option, this welcome voucher option flashed like– “you are eligible for welcome voucher worth 500/-“.

    Immediately, I clicked upon that message and was given an option to select a choice among 4 GVs, one of them was Amazon pay. So picked that happily.

    1. manoj kumar singh

      Yes I got this 500 Rs GV from the reward section in app.

    2. Raja

      Found it and redeemed Amazon gift card using the poshvine site. It asks for the mobile number after which OTP is generated. Upon entering the OTP and the first 4 digits and last 4 digits of credit card, the redemption page is logged in. The welcome voucher is shown first thing and easy to choose and claim. The voucher code is instantly shown on screen and also sent by email/sms. Wish they could have emailed the welcome voucher link or at least informed the process of collecting the welcome gift. Thanks for the info!

  21. Akram Khan

    I got the pre approved Select variant in January and after using more than three months I can easily say that IDFC FIRST card is the best and now my most favorite credit card among other 7 cards in my wallet, specially in this pandemic era where no gimmick is working which are offered on other attractive credit cards. The best part is rewards points redemption experience, which is a cash equivalent. Its really make a sense of comfort while using this card when you know that there are no formal or hidden charges, means you are less likely to indulge into reaching a customer care executive. And finally one of the best mobile App interface for seamless experience of your card services.

  22. Ram

    Bro i am using both IDFC first and HDFC millennia credit card and i feel HDFC millennia scores over IDFC when it comes to rent payment. It deserves over 4 rating too considering you get around 1000 rs month on month for rental payments. perhaps you should post a dedicated article just for best rental payment credit card

  23. Abhishek

    Never seen such banking experience with TOP CLASS SUPPORT. I had a pre approved CC in my account but due to technical difficulties I was not able to apply for it. I just used CALL BACK feature of IDFC First Bank Support and they approved it instantly. Even I can use the card with full limit without getting card on my hand. I mean literally other Private bank should follow IDFC First Bank as they are not able to provide such fast Banking Experience yet.

  24. Rachit

    Can anyone confirm if wallet and fuel transactions are considered for RPs?

  25. Atul Kumar

    Yes I can confirm it bcz I have got the reward point for wallet transfer.

    1. Raja

      6x for wallet loads. Nothing for fuel. The fuel spends does not even accumulate towards the 20k target for getting 10x points.

  26. arko

    got this mail. I have high credit score and bank called me up to offer IDFC First Select with 2 lakhs limit .then I don’t know what happened. I have cards of most of the banks (10-12 credit cards) with no failure in payment ever.
    Dear Customer,

    Greetings from IDFC FIRST Bank.

    Sorry! We regret to inform you that your IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card application no has been rejected, as it does not meet our internal criteria.

    Always You First,
    Team IDFC FIRST Bank


      Do you have account or any other relation with the bank?
      Did you applied Card to Card basis.

  27. Santosh Kumar

    a tested method to get a CC drop email to your respective state nocal officer. I am from Bangalore so emailed to Karnataka nodal officer. RNO.Bangalore[at] saying the following:

    “I have recently opened a savings account with IDFC around 4 months ago. The main reason behind this was to get hold of your newly launched credit card.

    Could you please have a look at the possibility of issuing me a credit card.

    I also have maintained a balance of more than 2.5L in the recent past. I request you to check if it’s possible for you to recheck my eligibility and get back to me?”

    Got a call in few hours application processed card received instantly. got Select variant

    1. ZAHID

      Dropped email to nodal officer (Kolkata) but it didn’t worked. Account is almost 5 months old. AMB is more than 4 L. Have FD & RD account also. Got mail from credit card team asking to show interest via SMS or thru their site.

      1. Santosh

        If you don’t mind me asking, is everything else alright with regards to your cibil others loan repayments etc?


  28. Raja

    Yesterday evening I have seen offer for select credit card with limit 1.5lac. I didn’t proceed that time. I wanted to see its reviews. When I re login after an hour there was no option then. I couldn’t understand why they removed instantly. I have a saving account for last 5 months

      1. Raja

        Finally got offer for select card with limit 1.5 lac, in mobile app. I accepted and filled basic details. Now card is showing in mobile app. Very quick process. Hardly 1 minute. I had opened saving account with visa signature debit card. Balance maintenance hardly around 50k. Liked their quick way

  29. Indian guy

    I have the select signature credit card and the income criteria does not apply. My income is less than 15 lakhs now. Left the rat race. Though my credit score is 800 , so might have helped.


    I don’t have account with IDFC. But after reading the views here. I saw people are getting credit card without account. So even I submitted the application request.
    I think it’s almost 3 months. I tried 2-3 again. It shows the same thing.

    “Thank you joining the waiting list.”

    I had sent email to customer care.
    They said same thing.

    But I have noticed one more thing. After submitting the request I am getting Sms for pre approved loan from IDFC.

    Around 2 msg every week.

    Account holders are not getting the card even after emailing to nodal officer.
    I think I will have to wait long

          1. ZAHID

            One again sent mail to Nodal Officer. Then got call from credit card team to show interest via SMS. Also tried with branch. Operation Manager asked to wait for 15 days.


    In current situation it would not be possible to visit branch, branch is in metro cities.
    I am from suburban.

    But would BM/branch entertain my request?
    I do not have any relationship with the bank.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Got it. They wont.

      Replied for this: “Account holders are not getting the card even after emailing to nodal officer.”

      1. Santosh Kumar

        I actually tried this route, worked for me! nodal officer. Might also be possible that after raised to nodal officer my bank guys pushed it forward, i am from BLR so maybe things move faster here.

      2. Credit card maniac

        I had opened account in January for credit card and since waited with patience maintaing 5 figure balance. Ran out of patience so emailed nodal officer and a day later I got call back for acceptance of pre-approved card offer.

  32. Prashant

    I could not get my branch details also. On enquiring on phone they said they won’t share the number.

  33. Sunil Patel

    Please try application thru rm. I am idfc account tried applying thru online channels but rejected. Rm gave me instant insight about my credit limit and roi. Gave otp approval on Friday and card recieved on monday with exact limt and roi as informed by my RM

  34. Utkarsha

    I just visited IDFC First bank in Thane and had conversation with one of the executive. She said card is only for account holders of IDFC.

  35. Daksh

    I also mailed nodal officer and got a pre approved offer for Select Variant on my 5 Months old bank account. In application I asked for wealth Card as I also mailed them my Infinia credit card statement.

  36. Raja

    Got offer for select credit card on mobile on 11 June 2021 and filled online data and approved instantly and finally received credit card today (14/06/21). Quickest service by idfc bank just in 3 days. Impressed by their service. Let’s see after using it.

  37. Raja

    Today received an sms for my unused Select credit card stating 10% cashback upto Rs.250 for spending minimum Rs.2000. I immediately swiped more than Rs.2500 and hope to get the Rs.250 but not sure if it will be back to my statement or as gift card. I had been using my wife’s Wealth card all these months instead to maximum utilise the 20k threshold for 10x and left my Select card unused. So, I think this is targeted offer to encourage usage…Offer period mentioned as 12th June to 30th June. Anyone else got this sms?

    By the way, IDFC debit card also is offering 10% upto Rs.1000 cashback until 1st July. This may also be targeted or could be for all. Minimum spend of Rs.5000 accumulated is required.

    1. AB

      even these insurance payments does not count towards 20k, last month I used it for rent payment and subsequent payment only counted for 6x points . Strange policy.

  38. Raja

    I made an insurance payment through Payzapp and it was classified as Non-BBPS payment and there was no reward points. However, I made another insurance payment on AmazonPay and classified as Amazon Seller Service so I got reward points. So, it would be better to add amount to Payzapp wallet first and then pay the bills for the reward points to be accrued…I just missed out about 2600 points for the 26k payment…

  39. Vedha Moorthy

    Thank you Sid for the Valuable suggestions. Opened IDFC account after reading the reviews on . After 3 months, applied for CC but got rejected and probable reason was already holding “One metal card” by IDFC. 2 days ago got a call from Branch on Pre approved offer on Classic variant @12% and received the card today. Can anyone answer on what is the maximum on that 5% cash back on 1st EMI transaction within 90days of receiving Card? Welcome offer??

  40. Yogini

    Got an SMS from IdfcFirst for pre-approved Select CC. I have a 1-year SB Account relationship with the bank. Applied via the link for the CC, gave all necessary information, and after a few days today, got an SMS that “Sorry…. your credit card application has been rejected as it does not meet our internal criteria.” What the hell is this process called IdfcFirstBank?

    1. Alok

      call up their credit card number 1860 500 1111. The number is not toll-free so you need balance.
      These days they are asking your employment details and your current correspondence address and they will verify them.
      while filling the form, provide correct address and e-mail of your work. they send an email to your work e-mail to verify. after that a person will come to verify the address that you have mentioned during the application, then you will get the card in 2-3 days.

      My 1st application was rejected saying the same reason as yours but this time I filled all details correctly and got the card.

  41. Alok

    Finally received my IDFC SELELCT credit card after a lot of hassle due to me not being present at my current address.
    Looking forward to paying rent from this card now.

  42. Raja

    The credit card spend offer fulfilled on 15th July as credit back to card. Rs. 250 received for spending more than Rs.2500. IDFC is quite fast in offer fulfillment…

  43. Kartikay

    Has anyone tried cash withdrawal thru ATM?
    What are pros, cons and the maths behind it, can anyone please explain the practical important points?

  44. kartikay sharma

    Has anyone tried cash withdrawal thru ATM?
    What are pros, cons and the maths behind it, can anyone please explain the practical important points?

  45. SS

    Just got Wealth card approved.
    I opened account about 6 months ago. Funded it with 10.5l.

    I got an SMS for LTF IDFC wealth card. Application took hardly 5 mins and card was approved and ready to use in the app.

    So far I’m very happy with IDFC’s service.

    1. Ganesh

      Our, for my wife and me, experiences getting the card (wealth variant) processed and delivered were smooth. Both of us have IDFCfirst bank salary account and the reason for triggering the wealth variant could be having the balance of 5+ lacs in the saving account for a few months.


  46. Srinivas s

    Anybody got credit limit enhance ments or card varient upgrades after 6 months uasage ?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Having Select card since last 7 months exactly. No upgrade or LE till now despite good spends

      1. Chaitanya

        Hi Sathish, As per the MITC document limit enhancements will be considered only after 12 months of card issuance. The sales guys and cc do give shorter timelines though.

    2. Hari

      I got my Select card upgraded to Wealth variant through branch. New card is showing on the app. Yet to receive the new card.

      1. Bharath Gurram

        Hari, What’s the criteria which should be fulfilled for the upgrade? Please let us know.

      2. Sandeep Kumar

        How old was your select credit card and what is your relationship value with the bank? Only 10+ lacs balance in account will do or you need to buy other products as well?

        1. Hari

          There is no fixed criteria. I have an SB account with the bank with not much of a balance. My select card was issued in June 2021. I shared my DCB statement as proof of having a super premium card from other bank and asked them to upgrade to wealth variant. My branch manager asked me send the upgrade request to the credit card team with DCB statement for an upgrade. They approved my request. I was told by the BM that the bank has just started offering upgrades.

  47. Amit Kumar

    Anybody know how to proceed for add on card application. Customer care are not taking request.

  48. sank

    Is card approval also depends on branch where one is holding the account. I have heard that only select branches can issue CC.

  49. Upendran. M

    I applied through the website and surprised to find that I could proceed with my credit card application. Tried once during March and got a message that they will get back. After that there was no response from the bank.
    After giving my details, I got approved for Select variant with 9%int PA and 3.75L CL. (my cibil is 800+, also I hold Infinia and One card with >5L CL). VKYC was done and approved – all in about 15 minutes. Smooth onboarding process.

    1. Pramtesh

      Upendran as soon as I saw your comment. I immediately applied the card
      I chose wealth. But they approved me Select with limit of 3lk.
      Even I am having Infinia less than 5lk
      In the drop-down there was no option to select Infinia. So I had to type.
      V-KYC got interrupted. Still got confirmation that V-KYC is completed
      I hope it’s not rejected

      1. Upendran. M

        Hi @Pramtesh, I got the approval mail with the card details on 19th night itself, and I got my physical card yesterday (21st). Again a superfast process. So if you are still waiting for approval, better to enquire with customer care.

        1. Pramtesh

          Thank you Upendran.
          I spoke to customer care. The application is on hold due to incomplete V-KYC.
          They will be arranging again V-KYC within 48 hours.

        2. Pramtesh

          After raising many complaint to customer care, also to Nodal Officer and Principal Nodal Officer. Lastly on twitter.
          I got call from the bank and was told to apply again as fresh application. As earlier link is expired.
          Already I noticed cibil inquiry.
          So this would be again an inquiry I think.
          But good thing is that this time the limit approved is 20% more.
          So I think delay was good

          1. Pramtesh

            Yesterday I applied the card as fresh application. V-KYC was done correctly this time. And today a bank person came for physical verification. I wasn’t available at home. But he ask my dad about how many years we live in this home. Only 1 question he asked.

            Very strange verification inspite of V-KYC

  50. Ravindra

    I applied for IDFC card and they rejected with internal criteria not matched , when i called them , they told we cant share reason.

    I have all leading bank Luxury category credit card

    This approach of bank will not take them longer run in Credit card business for sure.

    1. Pramtesh

      Same thing happened with me. In a history of 10 years. I have 13 banks card(4-5 are super premium including INFINIA) all approved in 1st attempt.

      But IDFC card got reject. Yesterday received sms and email regarding the same.

      V-KYC done successfully. 350k limit alloted.
      Physical verification was also done.
      Both residential and offical address.

      And later evening Bank is sending me messages that my V-KYC is pending for saving account.
      I have never applied for saving account.


        Well I’ve applied for the same and had V-Kyc on same day(07/09/21).. Today they did physical verification at my office address… I applied on card to card basis so physical verification was not necessary I think…In my view my application might be rejected because when they had to provide the card they don’t go through so much verification.. Only Cibil score and card statement is ok.

    1. RAGIB

      Hopefully yes, but can’t be sure as we are still experiencing this new card.

      Do a transaction of Rs 100/- and check after few days if you are getting 6x RPs. Then go for higher wallet recharges.

      1. sr

        Added money in payzapp wallet few days back. But until now it’s showing 0 points only. Could you please tell me when they are crediting reward points for these transactions

    2. Raja

      Yes, 6x eligible on Payzapp wallet loads. I have been loading and getting 6x since the start….

  51. RAGIB

    In IDFC website, airport lounge access details are not present for the Select Card. It only mentions railway lounges.

    Wheather they have removed this facility or forgot to mention that in the upgraded website page.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      It is available on their site, may be you missed it to spot. I accessed lounge at Jaipur airport using my Select credit card on 10th Sep.

      1. RAGIB

        Thanks for clarification. I too saw it later but couldn’t delete or modify my comment already posted.

        Your comment will help others not to get confused. 😀

  52. Ashwin ROW

    I applied online through their website and got the select card basis my HDFC Diners Privilege card. Got a CL of 300,000 and rate of 1.83 % or 22% annual.

    Any thoughts on how I should improve my interest rate with them?

    1. Ashwin ROW

      Quick update
      They approved my application yesterday after mailing me on my official email address. Got an email from their credit risk manager asking me to confirm my designation and office address. Attached my form 16 a & b and my ID card copy and the application got approved.

      I’m hoping they will see my salary details and lower my interest rate in due course of time. Fingers crossed.


    I applied on card to card basis against my Citi Cashback Card with 1.68 lakh limit and got approved for same limit – IDFC Select card variant… On 7th Sept I applied and today got application approval message and card has been added in my IDFC account.. Hurray!!!!

  54. sr

    There is a welcome offer. Spend rs.15k get rs.500 voucher. Is payzapp or paytm wallet loads eligible for this?

    1. Abhi

      Not sure if targeted, but I also got a 5% cashback offer on tap & pay on card swipe machines, capped at 1000, in addition to the 10% upto 300 offer. Possibly these two offers (10% and 5%) can get combined.

  55. Chaitanya

    When I applied on their website it August the application was declined citing internal policy. Now, after completing 4 months of having a savings account, I received a call stating that I’m pre-approved for the Select variant. Application was processed and approved over the call and received the physical card in two days.

  56. Abhi

    Got an offer for balance transfer (BT) from other bank card to IDFC at 1.18% processing fee. As a one time offer this will fetch 10X which is 2.5% . There’s obviously the benefit of extra grace period too. Sounds like a no brainer but just wondering if availing BT can affect credit scores. Have never done it in my 15yr card history across banks.

  57. NSY

    please provide more info on 5% cash back on 1st EMI transaction within 90days of receiving Card? Welcome offer?? is it beneficial for opting it knowing no reward points on emi transaction.

  58. Varun

    Is railway lounge benefits available on Wealth variant. Can both primary and add use them in Delhi station.

  59. Sandeep Kumar

    I’m facing strange issue with my idfc select credit card. Its not working on POS machine (either chip or contactless). Both POS and contactless transactions are enabled on my card. Talked to customer care they told no issue on their side. Replaced the card, it worked for few days then again same issue. For your note, card is handled very carefully and no damage . I’m able to use the card for online transactions. Any idea what could be wrong?

    1. ZAHID

      Same issues with me. Got the card (SELECT) changed. Have to do the transaction with new one.

    2. Shivi

      Check with the merchant if any specific error was seen on the machine so that you can report the same to the customer care & take corrective steps accordingly.

  60. Purna

    I have not received even regular points with idfc card for redgirraffe bill payment via payzapp.

    1. Abhi

      Rent via redgirraffe is misunderstood as insurance payment, and there’s no RP on insurance transactions with IDFC. Even if you use a hdfc or any other card on payzapp to pay rent via redgirraffe, it’s recorded as an insurance payment.

  61. AK

    Applied for IDFC First bank Credit Cards on 16th Oct after seeing their full page advert on Times of India and received the card today.
    – You need to apply for the card on the website after filling in the form and validating Aadhar Card.
    – Once the form is submitted the Video KYC process starts. You will get a video call from IDFC where you need to show your PAN Card, aadhar Card. They will take a photo of these on the video call
    – Then there will address verification. The rep from IDFC will visit both your home and work address for verification.
    The card will then be issued.

  62. Sampath

    I have applied this card yesterday without any income documents. We need to submit Aadhar card which will ask for Authorization. In the Video KYC they have taken my photograph and asked me for PAN Card. Their representative came to my home for verification. They’ve mailed me on my office email ID. Got a message today that my card is approved and in the net banking I can see the full card details. The whole process took less than 24 hrs and that too on weekend.

  63. Anurag

    Anyone how to upgrade select cc to wealth cc am holding select since 10+months thxs!

  64. Deepak

    Just applied and got the Video KYC completed for the Wealth card. The Card should be delivered in a week.

  65. Alok

    I too applied yesterday online and it curated to select card, This is the second time i applied as first time the invite it got rejected after Video KYC. This time it showed when i submitted the application select card with 2% per month interst and limit 161000/- then i had this huge video kyc issue their link was not opening up everytime it said camera permission not given even though it was given tried several time more than 30 times with two different links and calling their care team. Then i finally thought ok let me try on my office laptop and voila it opened and video KYC completed and now when it check it is Application verification . i applied crd to card basis. It also mentions by 19th Nov it will be dispatched but i still see they have credit verification and decision and generation not done yet. But i see they have checked in my cibil when i submitted the application . Let us see if i get this.

    1. Deepak Kumar

      Same here, the video KYC for the Wealth variant happened on 5th Nov but the card delivery date is getting postponed almost daily. It seems to be stuck at the “Credit Review” step and Application decisioning and Card generation steps still to go..

      1. Alok

        I received it today, you may receive a SMS msg stating your application could not be verified kindly update your address with landmark. once you update it next day a physical verification will happen and after that next day or by night you will receive a msg stating card approved and to download their IDFC app and you will see virtual card of the physical. Your physical card will reach in 5 working days.

        But their was a issue wheni checked the interest rate they have given 3%pm . but when i subitted my application it showed 2% APR PM

  66. neil

    i have two queries:

    1. The welcome voucher of Rs 500 is on cumulative spend of Rs 15K or min one transaction of 15K. My understanding is that it is cumulative but the call centre executive said that it was on a min txn of Rs 15K.

    2. If i do a txn of over 20K, how will i accrue points? Regular Reward points /Rs 100 on entire amount or regular RP/100 up to 20 K and 10pts above 20K?

    1. Alok

      IF you use above 15000 you will get 500 INR as welcome bonus if you do it in one transaction or several transaction . but if you transact at once or cumulative above 20 K you will get the bonus only and 10X rewards. I saw my rewards point as 2116 for transaction 35k at once . rewards i could see it today on IDFC App.

      1. Alok

        Just checked it says Earned in current period 2119 and when i clicked to se i can redeem it in next period

        1. Deepak Kumar

          I checked with customer care, in case of online spending amount >20k, 6x points gets applied by default and the difference is credited at the time of statement generation.

          I had spent 42,216 and can see only 2533 points, whereas it should have been 3421 (1200 + 2221) points. Expecting the remaining points to be credited at the time of statement generation..

  67. Ankur

    I have a savings account with IDFC with balance around 5-6L.
    I was repeatedly getting multiple calls for pre approved Select Card. In each call I mentioned if you can offer Wealth, only then I’ll consider and make a note on my account. So today they themselves called saying we are offering you wealth card as you requested. So I agreed and within minutes the card was visible on my IDFC mobile app. Got a message physical card would be delivered within 5 days.
    No documents, no video kyc and card was approved.

  68. Sateesh Guptha

    Me too got this card. Their procedure was very smooth. I have applied fir this card online where they had given two options:

    1) credit limit of 150000 without any income proofs
    2) Credit limit upto 300000 with any proof like pay slip and and other bank credit card statement.

    I have chosen option 2 and uploaded pay-slip and My diners club black card statement.

    hola….. application is successful. Then I have got video kyc with beautiful lady and she asked some basic details. That’s it….second step completed.

    In step-3 their executive visited my home and office. In both I am unable to meet him directly since I’m busy in work. He just asked security about me. That’s it… all steps done.

    After a couple of days card was generated with 300000 limit as they promised. Now waiting for physical card which will be delivered today.

    So , finally I have 7 cards in my wallet.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s interesting to see the new multi tier credit limit system. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Pranab

        Me too also had the same (tier) experience as of Sateesh.
        I was also offered the same 1.5L & 3L limits. I only shared my last Infinia statement.
        Video KYC completed same day (13th Nov) and received the application number.
        But it was stuck in ‘Credit review’. Every day I was checking the status, and it was just adding 1 day to ‘Your card will be delivered by (started with 19th Nov)’. Yesterday (25th), contacted CC over phone and the person informed me that there’ll be a physical verification at my home/office and I’ll get a call from that field person.
        Today (26th), I received messages and mail about my card approval and generation with 3L limit (without physical verification) and it’s showing in app and website.

        1. Sachi

          Same happened here but these bunch of idiots made me apply 5 times and all the 5 times applications was rejected instantly.
          I was offered wealth card .
          Got stuck on verification as they said couldn’t verify the address but no one visited me and the adress was so common that it’s a unique in one city and everyone knows it, it’s like a landmark of the city and husband is head of it . But no, these bunch of fools did harm my cibil thrice, earlier twice and now once, as per the entry .
          So I wouldn’t recommend idfc card.
          They hurt me where it hurt most. My cibil was 800 plus and now it’s 757.

      2. sateesh guptha

        Thank you Sid sir. I have got APR only 18%p.a. and one more interesting thing is , we can withdraw cash with out any interest upto billing cycle (only negligible cash advance fee of I.N.R.250 is applicable which is also less than any other card).


        Now I am having 8 credit cards with me.

        1) HDFC DCB(LTF) taken in 2017
        2)YES FIRST EXCLUSIVE(LTF) taken in 2017
        3)AMEX MRCC(LTF) taken in 2016
        4)AMAZON ICICI(LTF) taken in 2019
        5)AXIS MY ZONE(fee of INR.500 , which is already recovered from Swiggy 40% offer) taken in 2021
        6) Axis select(special fee of 1500 from my RM and I got 2000 amazon voucher) taken in 2021
        7) INDUSIND SIGNATURE LEGEND(LTF) taken in 2021
        8)IDFC FIRST WEALTH(LTF), received one week back

        A big thank you Sid sir. Except amex card, remaining all cards I have taken after reading your reviews only.
        Almost all are LTF cards (in fact I have Got extra money back and with my DCB card I have booked flight tickets and hotels worth 2.5 LAKHS FOR FREE)

        1. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

          Hello @Sateesh
          Call the Axis Customer Care and say them that you are a so privileged customer of Axis and you are not happy with the fees of My Zone Credit Card as other friends of yours have it as LTF. Don’t do it but you can threaten them with card closure. It’s not applicable to Select Credit Card.

          1. sateesh guptha

            sure Darshdeep sir. Will do it on one fine day. 🙂

  69. Deepak

    I have finally received my Wealth card with 5,00,000 limit and Interest rate (APR) 9%.

  70. Harish Kumar K

    I applied on 11th November 7PM. There were two options for IDFC Select card, 2L limit without income proof and 3L with any income proof. I opted 2L limit and vkyc completed by 7.30PM. Two different executives visited my home and office at 10AM on 12th November. Card got approved by 10.30AM and card was visible on idfc app. Received physical card on Nov 17 delayed delivery from bluedart (expected delivery was 15th). I have no account with them. This increased my total cards to 12.

  71. Saurabh Sharma

    I just got an add on wealth card issued for my wife. Let’s see if they send DreamFolks card as well which would mean add-ons will also get spa / international lounge access


      did the add on card come with same number or different?

      1. Amit

        For IDFC Card, add-on card comes with different number than primary card number. You can check it on netbanking/mobile app as well once issued.

  72. Jasond

    Since my pin code is unserviceable, despite being a state Capital and with two branches, I opened a account with assurance from them that I will be getting pre approved card within 3-6 months, if not more.

  73. Alok

    ok received welcome bonus 500 INR today through email. when i called cust care how to redeem it when there is no code he said i will receive email after 90 days or sms . somehow had my doubts and logged in again on their reward portal and found a banner welcome voucher click on it and redeemed it for amazon pay as other vouchers dont matter to me as i dont use them at all.

    Thanks in Advance

  74. V T

    I applied for Wealth card after reading review of IDFC First Credit Card here. Honestly I was not looking for new card as such, but LTF & good list of Lounge was only reason for me to apply. Currently I hold Diners Black & Amex rewards and 2 other. Even though good (Amex & Diners), they get declined at many places. So I have Citi Indian Oil as backup.
    For IDFC, Application process was smooth. They have two choices, either Select with low limit (without docs) or Wealth with high limit (by providing bank statements). I chose later. Video KYC was scheduled next day (27 Nov). After completing video KYC, someone from verification came at my door step within 2 hours which was really fast and surprising for me. I don’t remember having physical verification after my first card in 2011. I have had at least 10 different cards in last decade. Anyway today I got another call from branch to ask why my home address city and office address city is different. After that within couple of hours got SMS that card is approved and will be delivered soon.
    I could check card in app. IOS app is fine. Not as smooth as Amex but nothing to complain about as well.
    Till now IDFC felt good to me. Hopefully they will serve me good. I may open a saving account with them if their credit card service is good.
    I’m currently frustrated with HDFC for their overall attitude. Cant cancel HDFC CC as its my oldest card. But may reduce my relation with them if I get good alternative. Hope “I” can replace “H”.

    1. AJ

      Can you share what was the minimum income criteria they told you for Wealth card.

      1. V T

        I directly applied on website. Not sure what’s income criteria. On applying wealth they just suggested two option on website, Select with lower limit or Wealth with higher limit.

    2. Ankit

      They denied me wealth credit card and rather offered Ltd select varinat with 3 lacs limit. Although I have both Infinia and diners black. Anything different I could have done or could do now to get wealth one. I have idfc savings account but I just keep 25k req for MAB.

  75. Alok

    Hi All,

    I tested yesterday to see if we get wallet loading points i checked today morning one indeed gets wallet loading points . previously it was 2119 points and today i saw updated as 2240 that means for 2000 RS loading i got 121 points. And loading was for paytm. today i will test for other wallets and see and update it.

  76. Alok

    as informed earlier tested mobikwik wallet loading for 2K and was given 120 points for this . check it today. but when i tried trf from wallet to bank mobikwik is charging 2% i lost 48 INR there earlier there was no charge on trf of funds. They have the sillest reason charges to pay banks for trf from wallet to bank. i see for CC but this is new for me charges to trf from wallet to bank.. For everything they charge. thinking of uninstalling it.

  77. gunjan sinha

    very bad service I applied for this card on 19th November 2021 but still application status is reflecting on review while as per verification staff it should be delivered within 7days means by 27th November.
    also a very hilarious response i received while checking with their customer care they said sir please don’t check your application regularly that’s why it is being delayed.

    IDFC team if you can’t manage the service then you should not take an application for services.

  78. Pavan krishna

    Any one received 10X rewards on above 20k spends ? I did a transaction for 50k and I still see 6X rewards only for the entire transaction. Please let me know.

  79. Atul Kumar

    Without the prior information to the customers, they have change their criteria for the Rent Payment & Wallet Load because then i was trying to add money to Paytm wallet or paying my rent through IDFC Card, they have declined my transaction but when i contacted their customer care, they told me only 3 transaction allowed for rent payment & wallet upload after my last bill generation. Anybody faces this issue. Please confirm.

  80. Abhi

    When you transact online with idfc card, on otp page you get a checkbox option to ‘pay with points’. It uses your points balance at usual value (25ps), so you don’t always have to redeem points for vouchers. Can use them for direct transactions also. Basically first your card will be charged for the amount you transact, and after a day, the equivalent points are debited from your balance and credited to your Card account in cash.

  81. Vaibhav Potdar

    Done all formalities but they rejected saying doesn’t fit in internal criteria.
    Very strange no details of criteria

  82. PointsPandit

    I have recieved IDFC First Wealth Credit Card as LTF card with 9% APR. Also received DreamFolks card.

    Now, if I apply for Add-On Card, can I get additional DreamFolks card for my spouse as well. I understand that limit on the Free Intl Lounge/Spa visits shall be shared in any case, but it would be helpful to get lounge/spa accesses when name against ticket is matched at certain locations.

  83. Ragul

    Please suggest me a card which gives discount in F&B also apart from movie tickets?

  84. SKS

    In 24 hours I received the IDFC first wealth variant virtual credit card.

    23rd Dec evening 6 pm: I applied through the link shared by Sid.
    3 card options were showing up for me.
    1. Select variant with 2 Lakh limit without needing any proof.
    2. Select variant with 3 Lakh limit, need to submit income proof.
    3. Wealth variant with 7.56 Lakh limit, need to submit my other another credit card statement with limit 6.3 Lakh

    23rd evening 6:30 pm: I went ahead with the wealth variant and submitted the required cc statement and and soon my video kyc happened smoothly.

    24th 2pm: I received a verification email in my office email and I responded to the same.

    24th 4pm: I received sms and email saying my card is approved and will be delivered in 5 days. When I checked the IDFC mobile app I could see the virtual credit card with 7.56Lakh limit.

  85. PointsPandit

    Got approved for IDFC First Wealth Credit Card without any income proof or any existing card statement upload. However, card took around 12-14 days for processing despite completing the Video KYC on 1st day itself.

  86. venkat

    I am having sb account with IDFC right from 2015. I have Select credit card for last one and a half years. Now they offered me Wealth Debit Card with very good offers.

  87. Shradha Singh

    I have a credit card of IDFC FIRST Bank. It is a free for lifetime credit card which offers me an incredible interest rate – way lower than the 3% per month, charged on my other cards. Also, Loved their rewards too, especially using the points to buy stuff online.

  88. Pratyush sharma

    Can 10x reward points applicable if i pay rent through cred???i have to pay 45k rent.. please confirm

  89. mukund

    @Sid and others, the >20k , 10x rule is not actually 10x right…its basically 10 RP/100rs spent which is worth 2.5rs actually ( so 2.5% RR ) – this is lower than what Diners black gives on normal transactions ( 3.3%)

    Pls correct me if i’m wrong

  90. mukund

    I believe 10x rewards are just a marketing ploy and the return is only 2.5% for 10x right?

  91. Amrish

    Does IDFC issue their cards to someone who’s already holding a one card. My One card shows as IDFC card on my cibil report, hence asking. I had applied for the select variant and physical verification was done 4 days back. Since then it is stuck on credit review. If IDFC counts onecard also as their own card, then they might decline my application

    1. Srinivasan

      No, i hold both one card and idfc select card. They won’t decline the card due to holding one card.

  92. manoj singh

    You can have one card along with the idfc card. No issue at all. I also have both

  93. Pranab

    Can anyone help me with points redemption as statement credit process please! I can see only ‘Gift cards’ & ‘Membership’ options.

    1. Srinivas

      When you buy online with your card on otp page tick check box option to redeem rewards .

  94. Iyer

    Applied for wealth card online and it was easy process. Took few minutes and completed video KYC as well. They gave me 9% APR, life time free card. Already hold Infinia, so don’t see major additional benefits other than SPA probably.

  95. Iyer

    Update: Within 30 mins of video KYC, got text message with my customer ID and last few digits of credit card number.

      1. Iyer

        I didn’t have to upload any documents. Only video KYC verification. They sent the courier details by email yesterday. Pretty fast.

  96. ankit

    I applied for IDFC Select card in August 2020 and it was declined mentioning some internal reason. Since then when I try to apply again on its website it says no offer is available for you at this moment. I have CIBIL score over 800 and hold premium cards like diners black. How to proceed ??

  97. SR

    Anyone got IDFC First CC approved who already hold OneCard issued by IDFC Bank?

    Please throw some light on how it got approved if online application is getting rejected.

    1. SR

      Looks like already answered.
      Please look for comments from Amrish, Srinivasan and manoj singh on Jan 2, 2022.

      But if someone has input to contribute, please comment below.

      1. Saurav Das

        No special process for PPL holding Onecard already. In my case, I left my IDFC wealth application incomplete due to fear of delay in approval or outright rejection. Surprisingly, they called me up and processed and approved the application on call. I received the card details and customer ID while I was on the call itself.

  98. OP

    After video KYC, next day got message that card is rejected due to internal criteria. My CIBIL is 790+ and I have 6 cards. No prior relationship with IDFC.

  99. Tarun

    Hi. I got my IDFC First Wealth card couple of days ago. Can someone tell me when I would get the Dreamfolks card ? Or do I need to apply for it separately?

  100. daredevil

    Has anyone tried cash withdrawal?
    Cause IDFC First bank ATM allows only 10k withdrawal at a time. So if my cash withdrawal limit is 20k, and I withdraw 10k twice from ATM, will I be charged 500 Rs or 250 Rs?

  101. Amol

    I have IDFC first select CC.

    Has anyone tried making redgiraffe paying using idfc first mobile app, where in biller => rent section, we actually have redgiraffe as a biller.
    Any idea if we will get 6x/10x reward points? Or redgiraffe will be marked as insurance itself (this happened with me, when I paid redgiraffe via payzapp last month and got 0 rewards. On contacting customer care, they said merchant is registered under insurance category). Anyone got any similar experiences?

    Or do I not bother much about idfc first select, and just pay using axis ace on payzapp, as that gives sure shot 2% reward points as cashback.

    1. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Amol,
      Same thing happened with me. I have IDFC Select credit card. I tried using via RedGirraffe, they did not give any RP’s mentioning MCC code is insurance. And for insurance they don’t award any RP. Case closed. Refrain IDFC for rental payments but can try with MagicBricks, No Broker. Haven’t tried those options yet.

  102. B podder

    Can anyone confirm if rewards are applicable for NPS ?
    Please someone make a sample payment of ₹500 and check

    Thank you in advance

  103. SR

    Has anyone availed any offers for IDFC First CCs using OneCard issued by IDFC?

  104. Ankit Saraf

    Have been getting calls/sms/emails for select card and got email for wealth card today. Immediate approval and card got added to account. Physical card in 5 days.

  105. Anav

    I had applied for IDFC First credit card after reading this article with positive reviews on the 3rd of January.

    I had uploaded statement of my super premium credit card but that hasnt helped expediting the verification process and still stuck in verification stage for over two weeks now.

    The worrying part is that
    escalation through the branch and social media haven’t helped.

    Has anyone else faced similar issues or is this an one-off issue?

    Thank you

    1. Amrish

      Similar experience with me Anav. I had applied about a week before you. Had uploaded CC statement during application, VKYC done the next day and physical verification at home in 3-4 days. After that it was just kept lying in “Credit Review” for weeks, but finally received the card today

      1. Santosh Kumar

        I am hearing they dont particularly like infinia and DCB statements.

        1. Pranab

          That’s incorrect.
          In a gap of 2 months, I’ve applied twice (with 2 mobile numbers) for Select, uploading same Infinia statement, received 2 Select cards.

      2. Anav


        Like in your case, my card has been approved after a 21 day wait. I had to escalate to nodal officer to cancel my application.

        Was hoping for wealth variant based on my Infinia CC but select variant has been approved with low credit limit. I dont see any benefit other than Road Side Assistance and ATM cash withdrawal.

        Thank you

  106. Vibhav Oswal

    Are offline spends eligible as well for 2.5% cashback above >20k target?

  107. Anav

    Thanks Amrish.

    Mine is still in verification stage and there is no response to the escalation email sent to nodal team rno.bangalore(at) .

    Could find CEO’s email ID, so couldn’t escalate any further.

    I have requested the PNO to cancel my application and withdraw the multiple hard enquiries made by the bank in my CIBIL. Wonder if the latter is feasible.

    Maintained more than INR 5L to improve my chances to get a better credit limit on the card.

    Disappointing experience with the application, so have decided to close the savings account with the bank.

    Lesson learnt : don’t look beyond your current super premium card!

  108. Arvind

    Has anyone faced issue sending emails to IDFC First Bank?

    My registered email id is an outlook one ( and email sent from Outlook does not reach bank.

    Got it confirmed after the branch manager did not received my emails sent multiple times.

    Mails sent from Gmail reached promptly.


  109. Santosh C

    Is Longue access allowed for add-on cards holders ? Any idea ? HDFC Diners allows, but there its not clear.

  110. Raja

    For wealth card, IDFC mentions 36 lakhs income or 5 lakh credit limit. Has anyone got it just based on credit limit? I filled my details, but got only select card as option, despite having 5 lakh credit limit in another card. No IDFC relationship.

    1. Deepak Kumar

      I have Wealth card with 5 lacs credit limit and no other relationship with IDFC.

  111. Rahul M R

    I have the select card with me with 4 lakhs limit and has another add on card for my wife .
    Last day I just applied again and I got wealth with 6.9 limits and got the approval immediately.
    Not sure whether I can hold both cards at same time but In the account it shows both cards to be active now

    1. Naga

      Lucky you got the 2 approved cards.
      I tried applying, it does not allow me in 1st step itself, probably bank does some internal checking on Name and mobile number. Probably you tried with a different mobile number ? 🙂

      I also talked to CC, they said can only hold one card.

      Also May be i got the new card this month only, there might be some cooling period for another card. Not sure.

  112. Raja Sivaji

    My request to upgrade is closed and i got a reply that they have yet to start card upgradation or limit enhancement services. I saw many members said they have upgraded.

  113. Paras

    Has anyone having select Varian got an upgrade to wealth variant? That too while not being idfc saving account holder?

  114. Paras

    Has anyone got upgraded from Select card to Wealth without any other relationship with bank(like saving account) ?

  115. Arun

    Thanks Sid,

    Recently I applied for IDFC Card, and I would say the process was simple (optimistic). Their website is not in terms of reliability. Most of the time it timed out or showed error. Then after multiple trials the application completed. Video KYC was smooth. That’s it. The application status stuck at KYC for 5 days. I escalated through social media and voila, within hours application is complete . Right after 4 days got the card.

    Did we mention that select add on card shows an offer (100% refund upto 500)? It is in the welcome kit. The CL, interest rate etc are fair in terms of relationship. After HDFC’@ s tricky movement, decided to stick to Ace, and this card for a while.

  116. Anupam

    How does one apply for Add on card. It seems we are eligible only if we get an SMS or mail and cannot apply regularly via the app as we get an error. I have Wealth variant.

  117. Vicky

    i got idfc classic with 9% APR in my idfc dormant account with a 1L limit. cibil 765 with 16 credit cards over 7 years.

  118. Ameet

    Got a First Wealth card assigned, VKYC done, application approved, virtual card made in all maybe what under 30 mins? Fastest banking anything ive experienced.

    And this is all without any prior relationship with the bank.

      1. Naga

        Most banks are now doing instant hard enquiries at the time of online application. There is a hard enquiry when I applied.

        1. Gagan

          Yes, hard enquiry is a norm. But then few banks have pre-approved offer in which there is no hard enquiry.

          I got for 2 of my family members, who had bank accounts with IDFC, pre-approved card offer with no hard enquiry.

        2. Gagan

          Thanks. I also experience same, when I applied for their Wealth variant last week.

  119. Samzi99

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten a better variant such as the Select or Wealth after rejecting the Classic recently? Got a few calls and sms since past few days that I am eligible for a seperate IDFC Classic card and on the call they disclosed it is because of my OneCard – but the limit is terrible.

    Have contacted my local BM and they are unable to help saying they don’t see the offer in the system. Just wondering if anyone here has figured out a workaround to a better variant or has any tips.


  120. Vishnu Sreenath

    Applied for a IDFC credit card ( Was not specific about the variant).
    Got three offers
    1) 4 lakh limit – No income proof (Select variant)
    2) 5 lakh + – Bank statement (Wealth variant)
    3) 6 lakh+ – HDFC DCB credit statement (Wealth variant)

    Had chosen have other credit card option during application (DCB was not available in the list of CCs – Chose Diners Privilege)
    My DCB CL was 5L+

    Had immediate VKYC and got the card approved in 45 min with virtual card enabled. (7 lakh+ CL)
    Only asked for PAN details during VKYC
    The best experience so far on CC application.

  121. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I just got the IDFC First Select card. Applied on 03/04/2022, got the VKYC done next morning. There was address verification at my place of work in a couple of hours after that, card got approved and showed up in the app in 2 days. Physical card received 5 days later.
    Must say a very smooth process from the bank. I happen to be a visually impaired person, but unlike many other banks, IDFC First had no problem following law of the land in not discriminating against disabled people. Absolutely no fuss whatsoever, I had such a smooth experience only with Amex earlier, though I do now hold cards from most major providers, in most cases after a stiff fight as they initially refused to issue cards for someone who is blind. Very impressed with IDFC. Kind of expected the professionalism from Amex, but coming from a Desi bank, this was very impressive indeed. Their Android App and website are also reasonably accessible, quite usable for a screen reader user.

    1. Gagan

      Thanks Mahesh for sharing your experience.

      Respect to IDFC First for having such non-discriminatory policies, ideally which all institutes should have by default.

      I also applied for IDFC First Wealth Card recently and overall happy with the experience.

  122. Shuvam Guha

    Has anyone got any limit enhancement or upgrade offers yet?
    I wanted to understand how is IDFC with card upgrades and limit enhancements.

  123. Abhi

    For my wealth card, post the bill generation in May, 10X is applicable only if spends exceed 30K instead of 20K. From Oct they are introducing redemption fee of 99+gst as well. Another limitation is rent and property management transactions only qualify for 3x or 6x and not 10x regardless of monthly spends.
    Time to switch to SC Ultimate.

  124. Varun

    I applied for Wealth card and got the video kyc done same day but still my application shows in application review status since last 7 days. How much time does it take for approval and card delivery.

  125. VG

    Hi Sid,
    Can you please confirmed if Wealth card lounge access is applicable on add on card or not? What is the meaning of shared in this respect?

    1. Anupam

      Yes it is applicable on add-on card. The number of free lounge visits are shared between primary and add-on card holder.

  126. Saurabh

    Got wealth credit card approved for 5L limit. No other relationship with bank, applied online – it asked for multiple details including take home salary, existing other bank CC limit (12L HDFC Infinia for me), etc but no proof was asked for. Got V-KYC done and approved within next 30 mins. Maybe my CIBIL score of 799 helped and they didn’t ask for any other document/proof but that’s a bit surprising.

  127. Anil

    Any idea how is 10X reward points calculated? Let us say that my total bill is 47K. How are 10x reward points calculated? I calculated it as per the below formula:
    (47000-20000)/100*10=2700 but that’s not what I got. Can anyone explain?

    1. Phani

      47K Online.

      – (47000/100)*6
      – ((47000-20000)/100)*4

      47K Offline.

      – (47000/100)*3
      – ((47000-20000)/100)*7

      25K Online + 22K Offline (Example)
      – Use above formulas individually and add total points.

      1. manoj singh

        Suppose first 20k spend is online and next 30k spend is offline then how many points is calculated on spend of 50k. Will it be 1200 plus 3000=4200 points. Or other scenario first 20k spent offline and next 30k spent online then what’s the point calculation. Will it be 600 plus 3000=3600. Please explain

        1. Raja

          Yes, both calculations correct. But now IDFC has revised the structure for the rewards. Please check their website for the updated rewards structure for the different cards.

  128. Varun

    After series of escalation and posting on social media my wealth credit card is finally approved. The limit is 10 lacs and it’s visa infinite variant. I applied online using my infinia statment of limit 12 lacs a month back and it was stuck in verification stage. I can see card details on the app and physical card is expected to be delivered in 5days.

  129. ankit

    Can some one confirm if the add on card for wealth comes with seperate Dreamfolks card or not. Also what is the process to apply for add on card.

    1. Amit singh

      Yes add on will get seperate dream folks card.
      You should have received a QR in the welcome kit which takes you to a url for applying for add on card. The url can be searched on Google as well just type “add on card application for idfc card”. The add on card holder has to complete the video kyc.

    2. Gagan

      Hi Ankit,

      I understand that addon card does come with separate Dreamfolks. Further in next 7 days will get this confirmed as have applied for addon card.

      The process to apply addon is simple. Scan the QR code which came in leaflet or google search for “IDFC Credit Card addon”. Once done there will be V-KYC for addon holder, even if he/she has account with IDFC Bank.

      Tip : don’t use firefox as I had issues there. Chrome worked fine

  130. akash

    anyone got idfc card upgrade ? want to upgrade to wealth with salary eligibility.

  131. Mahendra

    Hi All,

    I applied for this card recently. They changed minimum spend for getting 2.5% from 20k to 25k.

    I will post again once I received card and full details if there are any other changes exists.

  132. sridharr

    Hi All,

    Please help me with this query on “add on cards”,
    1) when a primary card holder applies for a addon credit card for one of his family member, the credit score enquiry will happen with the primary card holder account or on the family members account?
    2) if the add on card is issued successfully , will it show two cards in the credit history of the primary card holder

    1. Rajesh

      Why will there be a query for add-on card? The whole point of add-on cards is that the primary holder will pay the bill.
      It will show up as a supplementary card in the add-on card holder’s CIBIL but doesn’t really improve their standing.

    2. Manoj Singh

      No enquiry for anyone
      It will show one card only in your history

    3. Saurabh

      Answers from my experience :

      1) None of them. No credit enquiry for add on cards only KYC for add on card holder
      2) One card

    4. Shashi Gupta

      In my case add on card approved within 5 min and card delivered in 2 days, so not sure if credit score enquiry happened in this case.

      For 2nd , yes it shows in both app logon of primary and add on member.

    5. Amit

      Hi Sridharr,

      I do not have add-on card with IDFC bank but I do have add-on card with HDFC. So, as per HDFC experience :
      1. There will no enquiry happen for addon-card.
      2. You will have 2 cards with same number and cvv but with family person name on it. So, it will show single card on. Others can also confirm on that.


    6. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Sridharr,
      I don’t think any credit enquiry is done for an add-on credit card. Even if it happens, it should be for Primary card holder and nothing to do with the enquiry for add-on card person.
      There is no mention of add-on cards in your credit card statement unless a spend is done on an add-on card. Add-on has nothing to do with CIBIL, its an internal arrangement of an issuer bank to the customer.

  133. Phani

    Generally add-on cards means share your credit limit with multiple family members by having each one with same card.

    Here, credit limit is same (not separate for each family member) and entire liability is on primary card holder to make sure every add-on spends + primary holder spends must be paid within due time.

    1. No credit enquiry (because here they’re not giving extra limit neither different card – they’re proving access to use same limit with multiple family member names) and it won’t create credit score if the family member need one because this card still belongs to primary holder.

    2. It won’t show multiple accounts either because they’re not proving new card here, sharing same card benefits with family members.

    Not sure in IDFC case, any different but this generally holds true for most cards.

  134. Biswajit

    IDFC mentioned Reward program not applicable on Fuel, Insurance, EMI transactions & Cash withdrawals. Is Electricity Bill Payment get reward points?

    1. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Biswajit,
      Yes electricity bill payment is included. Just an FYI- Rental payment done through IDFC bank credit card falls in the category of Insurance premium payment, hence, no RP’s can be earned on that. Refrain it from using for any rental payment.

      1. AbhiKohli

        Are paying rental through redgirraffe? It is RG’s problem that they are using insurance mcc. Every card treat it as insurance (In my DCB I get insurance points separately every month) Only problem with IDFC is they don’t pay RPs for insurance payments. 🙁

  135. Rahul

    I got my select card upgraded to Wealth card. It took me a mail to customer care post which they asked salary/it return/ other card details etc and within a week approved and sent a new card along with Dreamfolks card

    1. Fahim

      Hi Rahul,
      Can you please let us know the email id you have used ?
      Also, how old was your select card and its limit?
      Which card statement you have shared with them and what was the limit ?

      This will help others as well.


  136. vivek

    I have two question
    do we get .75% on offline store spending or we get 2.5 % on offline spending on IDFC wealth CC considering we have crossed the threshold of 30k?

    2. Does Add on card also enjoy and share the same lounge access limit which primary holder enjoy?

  137. usdoc

    IDFC Select Credit Card

    Does anybody know the revised value (in INR per 100 spent) ever since the reward points structure has changed on IDFC Select Card? I’ve kind of really stopped using this card ever since the change happened as I believe the value has really gone down.

    1. uttam

      3x for offline transactions. where 1x is 25 paise per Rs. 125 spent.
      So, for offline transactions, it is 3*25 paise/125 rs = 0.6% reward rate. (i.e. 60 paise per 100 spent).
      similarly, 6x for online transactions = 1.2% reward rate.
      10x for spends above 25K = 2% reward rate.

      1. usdoc

        I guess this is 1.2% and 2% per 125 spend.. no?

        In anycase not as rewarding anymore it seems esp if you have another card that offers almost 1.8% value per 100 on any transaction value.

        Moreover, I think IDFC is also reducing the redemption value of each point from Sep/Oct onwards from existing 25 paisa per point to maybe 20 paisa.

        1. uttam

          No, it is 1.2 % and 2% per 100.
          because, it is 6x (Rs 1.5) and 10x (Rs. 2.5) per 125 spent.

          BTW, where did you get this information on reduction of reward value from 25 paise to 20 paise from sep/oct onwards? Any links?

  138. Shivendra

    Couldn’t find any b1g1 upto Rs 500 offer on Wealth credit card

  139. YW

    I applied for Select card last week after seeing that they are covering my pin code now. I had no previous banking relationship with them.

    As soon as I filled in the details online including my current card details and limit (picked the card with highest limit I have which is 3.8L), I was surprised to see that I was instead offered Wealth with 2 options

    1) 4L limit without proof
    2) 4.9L limit with proof

    I chose the first option and KYC was done immediately in 5 mins and my virtual card was ready in approx 15 mins from that. And I tested the card immediately for an online payment. End to end, the whole process from filling in the application to fist transaction probably would not even have been even 30 mins.

    Card was dispatched and is due to receive in couple of days.

    So far I’m impressed with IDFC First but early to say how the relationship will be. Touchwood, hopefully this continues.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Indeed a surprise, as they generally give Wealth cards on 5L+ limit.

      1. YW

        Yes, maybe they relaxed the entry criteria to Wealth now. I saw couple of comments on upgrades to Wealth from Select above but no instance of Wealth offered to a profile like mine (<35L income, 795 credit score, no prior relationship, no savings account, online apply)

        And received the card today, couple of days in advance. Got shipped from Mumbai only yesterday, but it's in my hands now.

        A question – I'm traveling out of country end of this month and would I be able to access the lounge with just the credit card or need the Dreamfolks card? And would it be shipped on its own or need to apply?

        1. Rakesh

          You need dreamfolk card to access lounge outside india which comes separately after delivery of wealth credit card.

          1. YW

            Received the Dreamfolks card as well today. Thank you!

        2. Varun

          Post delivery of your wealth card it will come after week.

      2. Rahul

        Yes they first increased my limit to 5, as they said it is the bare minimum for a wealth card. I had taken the wealth card for the spa benefits which has been severly degraded though

  140. Mahendra G

    Hi all,
    Could you please clarify below for select variant?
    If i spend 1lac at a time in offline, how will rewards calculated?
    Case 1:Will they calculate 25k(3X rewards)+75k(10X rewards) ?
    Case 2: wil they calculate 1lac for 3X rewards and next transaction onwards 10X rewards considered?

  141. jitendra

    if we get reward points for wallet load for idfc select credit card?
    please confirm.
    thanks in advance.

  142. Hari

    Got wealth card with 5L limit, but interest rate shows 36%, is this something to worry? how it was decided? my cibil s 801.

    1. Amit Mishra

      I don’t think so as long as you pay full outstanding amount.

  143. pgupta

    After reading the comments here, I too applied from their website by providing my existing hdfc regalia card details. I just told that my regalia card has a limit of 10.95L and they directly showed me an offer that stated I can get a wealth card with 10L limit, 36% APR and no income proof at all. I continued and ta-da the card was delivered to me within 3d and virtual card was available from next day itself. I have heard people say that they reduce the APR after a month or so..

  144. usdoc

    I’m wondering how are they actually calculating the reward points on First Select Credit card.

    On my statement on a spend of INR 177062 (total online spends), the reward points they have accrued as as follows:
    3x (offline spends) : 0
    6x (online spends) : 12581
    10x (on spends > 25k) : 7586

    Question: Given a 25k spend limit for 6x, shouldn’t the max points in that category limited to 1500 (25000*6/100)? And the rest of balance spends (in my given case 177062-25000=152062) should go towards 10x ?? Am I missing something?

    1. Satya

      It looks to be right.

      By default all online spends fall in 6x.
      Only 4x extra will be posted above 25k.

    2. Abhi

      First they calculate 3x or 6x based on your spend category being offline or online across the entire spends. Then they add another 4x for the spends done above 25K irrespective of category. Exceptions like Real estate spends are ofcourse there.

    3. Raja

      They made a mistake on the reward points calculation in my July statement as well and they took back the additional points in the next statement. They sent an email clarifying the mistake. Otherwise, the calculation mentioned by others is correct.

  145. Hari

    Do we need to activate or something like that to use dreamfolks privilege card? Does it need any PIN?

  146. Amar Chand

    While having a conversation with a branch official, he informed me on passing that the FD based secured card, IDFC WOW, may come out on Thursday (i.e, tomorrow).

  147. neha

    The complimentary road side assistance saved me when they sent a crane to get my car out of a ditch in a remote place. Since i can use this only 4 times a year, i have now asked my husband to also apply for the same


      Thank God ! Good to know that you are safe.
      I believe this is complementary only with IDFC cards. Does any of the card issuer has this?

    2. Abhi

      Many cards offer roadside assistance, most of them complimentary. There are variants in icici, hdfc, indusind, Yesfirst to name a few.

      1. usdoc

        I hold a Yes First Exclusive card for many years. They have never mentioned that RSA is an included feature.

      2. PRAMTESH

        Could you specify the exact card Variants that you said for hdfc indusind ICICI Yes1st

        1. Abhi

          Indusind – Legend, crest, Nexxt, clubvistara indusind, etc.
          Yesfirst exclusive
          Icici emeralde, diamant, sapphiro (select cities)
          Idfc first (intended to type idfc not hdfc earlier)
          Amex platinum (now discontinued)
          You need to verify if any of them have discontinued.

    3. AbhiKohli

      All insurance companies offer RSA for very minimal extra. My current car insurance (from future genrali) doesn’t have a limit on number of times.

      1. Abhi

        Some card issuers provide it complimentary, some cover it as part of CPP (card protection plans) that come at a fee, such as SBI.

  148. Mahesh S. Panicker

    IndusInd does offer RSA on their cards. I held their Platinum card earlier and now using Legend card. Both cards offer RSA facility… Haven’t used yet so don’t know about the quality of service, but even when I got upgraded to Legend recently, the executive who called for the same, had highlighted this feature…

  149. Raja

    A transaction that I supposedly did in May was billed to me in my Oct statement. There was no debit message or email at that time and no hold on my credit limit for this amount even in the Sept statement. Suddenly this amount appears in the Oct statement. I recall the restaurant said that due to network issue the swipe did not happen and I paid cash. When emailed to Customer Care, the first reply was that the transaction did happen so I had to pay. When I emailed back asking why no debit messages and why no hold on the credit limit or why such a long delay, they simply replied that merchant can post anytime and that I need to get a NOC from the merchant to reverse the amount. I escalated the issue to the Head of Customer Service and Nodal Officer but no reply despite sending another reminder to them. They did not even acknowledge my emails. Thank god that the transaction was for Rs.285 so it is digestable but what to do if the amount was big and I get stuck with no replies like this? The amount was of course duly debited from my account on the due date but still no reply…Is there really no time limit for the merchant to post the transaction? I remember that it was one week to hold the limit and 30 days to post. Can anyone comment on this?

    1. Vikram

      This has happened to me a couple of times. First was in 2008. It happened with my ABN Amro Bank Titanium credit card back in 2008. I had swiped the card for about 11k or so and the amount didn’t come in the bill. The transaction was successful. When I didn’t see it in the bill I called up the merchant and he told me that he hasn’t claimed it yet and said he’ll do it soon. He thanked me for checking up on it.

      The second incident was however far worse and more stressful. I tried booking tickets on Vistara website. The transaction was indeed successful from the bank side and I got an SMS. But the tickets didn’t get booked. Tried again and the same thing. So the amount god debited twice and no tickets were booked. Usually when there’s an issue the amount gets reversed automatically. But since this was close to 30k overall I didn’t wanna take a chance and so called up the DCB customer care and informed them. They too told me that it usually gets reversed automatically but to be safe they asked me to raise a dispute instead of waiting for the reversal as then my timeline to raise a dispute would expire. So I did.

      I contacted Vistara customer care and they said that they can send me a payment link for making the payment. But what I wanted was to get the money back which they showed no interest in. Apparently the money had been charged from my card but they didn’t receive it as there must have been some error on the gateway side. So they said they can do nothing about the reversal.

      I took this message to HDFC and they said that they could reverse the transaction only if the merchant confirms over email that they didn’t provide me the service or that I paid through other means and that the bank can go ahead and process my request for reversal. This was the most painful thing for me. I had to call Vistara customer care many many times and mailed them so many times too. Every time they’d confirm on the call that they didn’t receive the money but would never give the same in writing. Finally in one of the emails they mentioned that they didn’t even get the money. This I forwarded to HDFC right on the last day of the time till which the reversal request would be open. I had already got the bill with this amount included in it.

      Luckily HDFC accepted this as proof and began processing my request for reversal. Initially they gave me a temporary credit for this amount while their investigation was open. Finally the amount was credited back permanently. The whole process took about 45 days.

      Bottom line is that if they money is charged on your card and is not automatically reversed or if the merchant doesn’t reverse it, then the bank can do nothing about it unless the merchant confirms it in writing. Otherwise the merchant could take the bank to the court for denial of payment. Because when you use your credit card it’s a 2 way promise. the bank promises to pay the merchant and you promise to settle the bank later on.

      Ideally this kinda lock should never happen in a robust infrastructure. But this is how ours is and that’s the sad reality. I heard that in such instances Amex sides with the customer rather than the merchant and this is why many merchants don’t accept Amex, other than for their 3% MDR.

  150. Mahendra

    Hi all
    These cards not accepting at Delhi and Hyderabad airports for lounge access. Customer care confirmed the same.


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