Get Marriott Dining Vouchers worth Rs.10,000 With Amex Plat Charge Card

By | December 21, 2018

If you’re holding American Express Platinum Charge Card (metal card), here’s an offer for you. Even if you don’t have one (like me) we get an idea that the Plat charge card holders get some special offers like this. This might help to decide if you really want to go for the expensive metal card in future. Let’s get into the details,

Marriott Dining Vouchers from American Express India

Amex Marriott Dining Voucher Offer Details:

  • Offer: Get Rs.10,000 Marriott Dining Voucher
  • Spend Criteria: 5 foreign currency transactions, each worth Rs. 5,000 or more in value
  • Offer Reward Rate: ~35% (Considering approx. Rs.30,000 Spend)
  • Eligible Cards: Amex Plat Charge Card only
  • Offer Period: 20th Dec 2018 to 31st Jan 2019.
  • Fulfilment: On or before 30th April, 2019
  • Source

Reward rate of >30% from Amex is a wonderful thing and so it’s definitely a great offer.

For Amex Centurion Cardholders, its 20k Voucher on 10 Txns. Source

Thanks to the plat charge cardholder Saugata Halder for sharing the offer info.


If you’re travelling out of country this winter season, this is probably the best way get value from Amex Plat charge card. Not to forget, you also get 3X points on Plat charge card for all international spends. So all in all, its a sweet deal!

Next to Taj Vouchers, Amex now seems to play with Marriott Dining vouchers since past couple of months. The Marriott Dining voucher offers for Diwali is one of the best offer indeed and I’m looking forward to see more such offers in the near future.

It would be nice if AMEX send out domestic spend based promo with Marriott Dining Vouchers, similar to: Get hotel stay Gift Card worth up to Rs.15,000 for all cardmembers. What say?

What’s your take on the above Marriott Dining Voucher Promo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Get Marriott Dining Vouchers worth Rs.10,000 With Amex Plat Charge Card

  1. Amex Guy

    Interesting bits:

    1. This is a cash voucher issued in India and in INR, so bill will have GST, unlike redemption stay vouchers on stays where Marriott does not apply GST. The vouchers would be used against final bill. This is important because this is a bit counterintuitive for regular Marriott folks. This is not a Marriott credit.

    2. If Amex runs out of vouchers, they will give 10K statement credit. Got to love this!

    3. The transaction fee + tax component is not part of 5K. Only the exchanged forex is. Just a gotcha.

    Made 3 transactions already. So I’m sure I’ll be qualifying.

  2. kiran

    This seems to targeted offer.I am holding one but i didn’t get this offer.

    1. Amex Guy

      Doesn’t look like a targeted offer:

      “The “Offer” is open to only American Express® Platinum Cardmembers whose accounts are valid and in good standing. An American Express Platinum Cardmember for the purpose of this Offer means a person holding American Express Platinum Card issued by American Express Banking Corp. in India.”

      You can always call in for peace of mind. But I’m pretty sure it’s not targeted.

  3. Priyansh Modi

    Did anyone actually got 5k vouchers from ICICI Amex offer?
    Yet to recieve any communication on same.

  4. Ccgeek

    Didn’t receive the coms on this either. Cross checked with the conceirge. Valid on my account.

    Seems like the entire voucher needs to be exhausted in 1 go and can’t be reused.

  5. Amex Guy

    The same offer is available to Centurion members, but with vouchers worth 20K, on 10 eligible spends of at least 5K each.


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