Amazon Summer Sale: Grab iPhone X for Rs.69,999 + Get 10X Rewards from HDFC

By | May 6, 2019

Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone, iPhone X, has received a big price cut on Amazon’s Summer Sale that’s running right now (May 4th to May 7th). Apple iPhone X, which is officially priced at Rs 91,990, is now available for just Rs 69,999 (64Gb).

iPhone X (Source: Digitaltrends)

Now the good news is you can use your HDFC Credit Cards to get additional 10X reward Points. If you have HDFC Diners Black (or) HDFC Infinia this means additional 33% savings which will get you the mobile at just Rs.46,900. That’s an eye catching rate for the mobile that sells at super premium range.

Even if you’ve HDFC Regalia or HDFC Diners Club Miles, this is additional ~10% savings on the purchase.

If this sounds pricey to you, you may also checkout iPhone XR which you can grab at ~Rs.39,500 by this way on Amazon. If you go with Flipkart, you can also get iPhone XR for ~36K as you can also get 10% discount with HDFC cards.

But, I personally don’t prefer iPhone XR, while you have the iPhone X, XS & XS Max.


These kind of deals are there for a while. As you know, that’s how even I bought my iPhone 7 for Rs.21,700. So now after ~2.5 Years, this offer is again tempting me, but as I’ve set my mind for iPhone XS Max, I’ll have to live with my iPhone 7 until a new deal shows up.

Are you going for any big purchases during this Amazon Summer Sale? Do let us know in the comments below

Author: Siddharth

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19 thoughts on “Amazon Summer Sale: Grab iPhone X for Rs.69,999 + Get 10X Rewards from HDFC

  1. SH

    I hope 10X continues when it comes time to replace my iPhone 7 that is over two years old. The battery is fine, and I hope to use it for 2 more years. But these deals are mouth watering.

    By the way there is summer MMT offer that has 10X benefits on domestic hotel booking.

  2. Mouli


    Its, but you mentioned as in the link button that you provided

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Kindly ignore the image for now. It anyway goes to the right link 🙂

  3. Hari

    At flipkart I Phone XR available with 10% instant discount and 10X rewards for HDFC cards resulting IPhone XR for 36K

      1. Rajesh

        Hi Sid.. What will be the price for HDFC regalia first and please share tips for card upgrade from. Regalia first to regalia

  4. Vyom Aggarwal

    It’s available on Flipkart at 67999/- after a discount of 2000 on prepaid orders and 10x as well

  5. Rohit roy

    Are you people getting 33% by default. Its been pain in the a** . I am still fighting for 10% debit card cashback for Nov 2018 Transaction and just got credit card points after long battle of 4 months. No idea how it works. Also guys if you have payed Insurance premium in the month of Jan 2019 then you are suppose to get 5000 bonus points. I was told that it would get credited in June 2019.

    1. MT

      they have a clause saying 90 working days after end of offer…offer ended 31st june 2019…i am also fighting for the same

    2. Gkcards

      Mostly yes. But I do call HDFC once in 6th months or so and ask them about high value purchases where 10x points is 10k+. 10x points were always credited correctly except for a transaction done at Lifestyle last year, which they did credit in 10 days or so (after I called them)

  6. Prashant Gupta

    I am getting the 9X points of Amazon but only after complaining. January points will be posted by 10th May for all. If not you have to call customer and give the details of the transactions and you will get points in next 5 days. This is cumbersome and HDFC should look into it but again who cares says HDFC :-). I recently got 23K points for smartbuy transaction after fighting for 1.5 months only after giving them threat that i will go to court:-). The email customer care is absolutely dumb and pathetic. They dont work unless you threaten them.

    1. Rahul

      Is this the case also for super premium card holders like Infinia and DCB. Or such callous customer service is only extended to non super premium card holders?

      1. MT

        unfortunately in my case , yes , 10x points toh straight away they said will be posted 90 woking days after the transaction “Month”

        insurance 2x and swiggy 5x offer , i was told no such offer existed , please send the offer email to us… i had to hilariously send them their own website links… and the responses just stopped then , this was on 2nd may,2019

        thank you sid for the articles mentioning sources , otherwise they would have avoided giving lots of points… still fighting for them though

        1. sujit kumar hota

          writing to an email id managingdirector (at) hdfcbank (dot) com makes the process magically faster.

          HDFC is not doing a favour by giving us the bonus points. A customer should not be chasing the bank for the same.

        2. Points Addict

          A word of caution: HDFC has the habit of taking down the link once the offer period has ended. So, I would advice you to retain its copy through screenshot/email/PDF for further use.

          1. naride

            if you are having screenshot of may 2019 offer plz can u share it.

      2. Prashant Gupta

        The phone customer care for infinia and diners is very good, but sometimes they also ask to write a mail and then begin the torrid time for us, the email guys are a bunch of fools who think that we are fools😀. Seriously a waste of manpower and money hdfc spending on them and in return getting a bad reputation.

  7. RAJAT

    Now get IPHONE X at 40000 from FLIPKART through SMARTBUY. 10% DISCOUNT on HDFC Card and 10X reward points.SEEMS GOOD DEAL.

  8. Kingshuk Saha

    10% instant discount is also available on HDFC Cards in amazon for XR. If I come via smart buy, I will also get 10x. Means, 10% + 10x, right?


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