Get Upto Rs.1000 Cashback on Rent Payments with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

By | May 27, 2019

Rent payments are one of the major expenses for most and the ability to pay rent on credit card gives you free credit period & reward points.

That said, here’s an offer over and above regular rewards on HDFC Bank Credit Cards when you automate your rent payments via HDFC SmartPay. The Rent payment service used by HDFC is Redgiraffe.

Offer Details

  • Infinia: Rs.1000 Cashback on 1st txn
  • Regalia/Regalia First: Rs.500 Cashback on 1st txn
  • 5% Cashback Offer: For the first time SmartPay Registration, you would get 5% CashBack for first 12 months (Max: Rs 100/cycle). Offer valid till 31st March 2020.
  • Transaction Fees of 0.39% subject to a minimum of Rs 39/- per transaction shall be applicable for HDFC Bank Cards.
  • Offer valid till 31st May’19.
  • Source


The Cashback offer on Infinia is quite attractive and on Regalia too its decent. While this may sound good, remember, you can also get 5% on your rent payments with SBI Prime Card.

While there was no upper cap earlier on SBI PRIME, now some do say that SBI started capping these reward points. This is yet to be confirmed though.

What’s your take on HDFC Rent payment offer and how do you usually pay your Rent? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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37 thoughts on “Get Upto Rs.1000 Cashback on Rent Payments with HDFC Bank Credit Cards

  1. Shashank

    Hi Sid, do we know if these are only for new registrations or include users who already make RG payments through our HDFC cards ?

  2. Singh

    I pay 45k rent on sbi prime and getting 5% without any restrictions. Maybe someone paying higher rent can confirm

    1. manju

      Hi , Can you please tell me if any documents are required to register for Standing Instructions for Rent payment like Rental Agreement,etc.?

  3. Anish Gupta

    Please note

    5% Cashback Offer: For the first time SmartPay Registration, you would get 5% CashBack for first 12 months (Max: Rs 100/cycle). Offer valid till 31st March 2020.

    Is for 1st registration with Smart Pay.
    They aren’t giving me this 5% cashback based on my statement. on inquiring they said that my 1st registration was done in 2013, so I’m ineligible

    SBI Prime card is better for this
    20 points (5%) per 100 and
    easier to meet your milestones:
    -3L annual Limit
    -2 x 500 Pizza hut coupons per 50k per calendar quarter

  4. Nishit

    I don’t think any cap on sbi prime card.. Just yesterday i got 4800 pts for lic auto pay of 24000

      1. Prannoy Ghosh

        I just spoke to SBI CC – they confirmed that monthly capping of 7500 points for all spends (any category) has been in force. Even confirmed the same with my existing card details for a Standing Instruction against my dad’s statement.
        SBI Prime has been hugely devalued after this.
        The major effect is in Birthday Spends & SI on Utility/LIC where 5% rewards were given without any cap….So now you can spend a max of Rs 37,500 per billing cycle to give only 7500 pts.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That’s very sad indeed. Thanks for sharing the Update.

          1. Purna

            I could not find any info on SBI upper cap on that.If any changes they usually mention under important messages in SBI statement.

        2. sujit

          this cap of 7500 is per category or for all categories put together?

  5. Anonymous

    I do not find the rent payment option on the Smartbuy portal. Kindly clarify.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      You can’t find it in Smartbuy. It’s called Smartpay where you schedule Standing Instructions on Your HDFC bank credit card.

      After logging into Net banking / Credit card portal, You will be able to see Smart Pay option under Cards -> Credit Cards -> Enquire -> Smartpay

      1. Anish Gupta

        I was having similar issue.

        I created request through this site for HDFC card

        Please note your RG number.
        RG’s customer care clarifies any queries over the email

  6. Arjun

    With so many people mentioning capping of the rewards points, there could be some merit in it.

    However for the moment it has not been enforced it. My statement got generated last night (26th May) and I had made spends worth approx Rs 55k in the bonus 20 reward point category and got around 11k points as per the calculation.

    Rent would be due in a weeks time. Let’s see if there’s any cap in the next month. Nothing for now.

  7. GauravD

    Finally got with them on call, here is the capping structure on SBI PRIME:
    Category 1 – in this you get 2RP/100 Rs —> No capping
    Category 2 – here are the subcategories
    1. dining
    2. departmental stores
    3. groceries
    4. movies
    In these, you have capping of 7500RP per month. Category 2 is for all those transactions where you earn
    Category 3: All standing instructions, where you get 20RP/100rs → No cap.

    1. Ankit Jain

      This is Correct. No cap on 1st category. Paid 2l lic payment + 40k rent. Received points as per.

      1. GauravD

        Indeed, also, 7500 CAP on category of 10RP/100Rs is fine. if you look at the spends for this category, you have to spend 75K to reach the cap, which IMO nobody reaches. (except few)

    2. George Mathews

      Hi GauravD,

      The standing instructions you mention, are they for utilities alone or all bank transfers?
      I do a monthly transfer to my parents bank a/c, would it be possible to set standing instructions on the same and get 5% using the sbiprime card?


  8. sujit

    Hi. can you share link or official communication from hdfc about this offer?

  9. Prannoy Ghosh

    SBI Prime had to put a cap……didn’t expect this soon…. The 7500 cap is for entire month…. That’s what the CC told me…. So much confusion, and they have not updated in their website….. Pure chaos and heartbreak…. Some people say 6000 cap….. No story matches… I think he SBI CCs themselves are confused on this

  10. DCB User

    Is it only for non-diners cards? What about Diners Black!!

  11. Ankit Jain

    No cap for sbi prime, last month paid 2L LIC + 40k rent. Thanks Sid and all. Got card post reading the posts.

    1. A2Z

      Will one get 20 RP/100 for making direct rent payment or has to set Standing Instruction (SI) for this?
      How to register for SI for Rent?

    2. Manju

      Hi , Can you please tell me if any documents are required to register for Standing Instructions for Rent payment like Rental Agreement,etc.?

  12. Siddharth S

    Hi all,
    Is 20RP valid for prepaid electricity meter recharge ? I have this in addition to rent .

  13. Karthik

    Thanks for sharing this and I am planning to take this up. I have a query. Do we also get reward points in hdfc regalia first (4 points for every 150 spent) – for the rent amount apart from the above said offers? Also I have amex mrcc, can I use it or red giraffe is tagged as utilities by amex and no points will be received?

    1. Siddharth S

      I checked yesterday, amex is not supported by redgirrafe.

  14. Pranav Sharma

    I registered on Redgiraffe with hdfc link, and on that i mentioned end date for the rent eg oct as rent gets renewed after that , after the rent amount gets renewed do i have to again register on that link or i can change it somewhere

  15. Manju

    Do they ask for any documents like Rental Agreement,etc. to register for Standing Instructions for Rent Payment?

    1. Sree

      Yes, rental document is needed. Just upload a scan copy of the same. Infact i uploaded only the front page of my rental doc since my rental agreement was due for renewal since last 4 months. But they accepted it

  16. Mouli

    I was making the rental payment in RedGiraffe using HDFC DCB card and now moved that to SBI Prime as I find this as more beneficial

  17. Vijay

    Can we use Diners Black card to pay rent using Red-Giraffe platform?

  18. Prashanth M

    NoBroker has started rent pay option via credit card – but they charge 149Rs (introductory charges) for a rent of 19K! Time to swith to RG 🙂

  19. Deepak Kumar

    If I pay rent from business regalia card on cred app, will I get reward point? will it be treated as transfer?


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