Hands-on Experience with SBICard AURUM

I recently got the SBICard Aurum – the super premium credit card by SBICard and here’s my detailed hands on experience with the card. Note that this is not the review article. If you’re looking for the features and benefits of the card, you should check out the SBICard AURUM Review article. Application Process One fine day, one… Read More »

HDFC adds Reward Points accrual details (per txn) to Infinia Credit Card Statement

One of the most demanded feature on HDFC super premium credit card products like HDFC Infinia & Diners Black is the transaction-wise reward points accrual details. This is primarily because the cardholders are having tough time to understand the fulfilment of offers like 10X rewards program and the cardholder had to call support every-time to check this information.… Read More »

Changes to Amex MRCC from 1st April 2021 – Good or Bad?

There are few changes happening to the the most popular credit card from American Express India which is: Membership Rewards credit card. The changes are going live from 1st April 2021 and here’s everything you need to know about it. The Changes Monthly Bonus: Eligibility for monthly bonus of 1K MR points raised to INR 1500/txn (instead of… Read More »