HDFC TATA Neu Infinity Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

By | February 25, 2023
HDFC TATA Neu Infinity Credit Card Experience

It was a revolutionary moment in India when RBI decided to allow use of Credit Cards on UPI (on 09 June 2022), starting with Rupay Credit Cards. Purpose is to widen the scope of UPI significantly. While HDFC is live with Rupay Credit Cards, not all credit card issuers are live on Rupay.

As such, going ahead, this facility of UPI on credit cards may be extended for Visa/ Mastercards, but we don’t know when that would happen.

This stresses the need for having a good Rupay Credit Card. What better than being one issued on HDFC Bank platform? Also with this launch, HDFC scrapped the policy of issuing only a single card to an individual (maybe limited to Tata Neu cards). Earlier individuals could take 2nd HDFC card on approval basis high NRV and via branch only.

Fee Structure

HDFC Bank launched two co-branded credit cards with TATA Neu on 24th August 2022. Entry level TATA Neu Plus & a more premium TATA Neu Infinity credit card. Both are available in Visa & Rupay platforms as per customers choice.

Currently on Invite model, will be available to everyone sometime later. Many are getting the Invite albeit at different Fee points as shown in the table below.

Joining FeeJoining BenefitRenewal FeeRenewal Benefit
1499+ GST as Joining Fee1499 Neucoins1499+ GST, Waived upon spending 3L in previous yearNIL
FYFNIL1499+ GST, Waived upon spending 3L in previous yearNIL

Currently TATA Neu Infinity Credit Card is offered at above 3 tiered Joining/ Renewal Fees to customers.

1 Neucoin = INR 1 each, can be redeemed via TATA Neu app for shopping on its platform.

My Experience

HDFC Tata Neu Rupay Select Credit Card

Received the Paid offer in September 2022, didn’t accept.

Was using the TATA Neu app (mainly for Bigbasket & twice for Croma) regularly. Received the FYF offer sometime in November 2022, again didn’t accept it.

Received the LTF offer first on 15th Jan 2023. Upon proceeding was shown Neu Plus Credit Card with a very low limit of 1.09L, hence didn’t go ahead. Understandable as this number isn’t linked with HDFC bank & less transactions via it on TATA Neu as well.

Received the LTF offer again, but this time on my HDFC bank registered mobile number. Immediately applied and shown both Visa & Rupay options. Opted for Rupay Select variant with the intention of being able to use it on UPI one fine day & also because it will be my first credit card on Rupay platform.

NOTE: If you are an existing HDFC credit card holder, limit will be on shared basis. Card is issued with temporary limit of 5000 and gets shared within 5 days.

Also to get TATA Neu Infinity, your existing HDFC bank credit card limit should be in excess of 1.5L. Below this, in all likelihood you will be offered TATA Neu Plus only.

PRO TIP: If you want this card as LTF, spend regularly on TATA Neu app via HDFC Bank Credit Card (if existing HDFC Credit Card holder) & wait for the offer to kick in.

In all probability, both these cards are likely to be offered LTF to almost everyone sometime or another (Thanks to the launch of SBI Cashback Credit Card).

If you have high NRV with HDFC bank and received the card FYF, push them to get it converted to LTF.

Application Process & Image

  • 03.02.2023- Opened TATA Neu app to see LTF Invite
  • 03.02.2023- Applied & opted for Rupay Select variant. Credit score enquiry made
  • 03.02.2023- Verification done via Debit Card. Netbanking also an option to verify
  • 09.02.2023- Received SMS of Card approval. Opened Neu app & Card shown
  • 10.02.2023- Card dispatched via Bluedart
  • 11.02.2023- Card delivered
  • 14.02.2023- Card LIVE on UPI


Exciting times ahead for Credit Card holders in India. Integration from HDFC/ NPCI/ TATA Neu to get this card Live on BHIM UPI comes at most opportune occasion of Valentines day.

UPI linking now Live on TATA Neu & Freecharge app as well. Here’s my detailed coverage on UPI Experience with a Credit Card.

As per my talk with dedicated HDFC TATA Neu Credit Card customer support yesterday, Neucoins earning rate will be as applicable category wise, whether transaction is done via UPI or POS/ Online. Also capping per transaction/day will be regular as applicable for UPI like 1L etc. and not restricted to 2K/5K as feared by some.

Disclaimer: Being latest entrant, tnc’s are still not very clear and can’t be relied 100%. Will take some time for them to be stable.

TATA Neu customer support too fares just ok. Can’t be relied upon easily if something goes wrong.

This article will be Dynamic in near future, as per the feedback received by users & based upon my personal usage experience. For those curious about UPI transactions & its rewards, expect a separate article on that by this weekend.

Author: Satish Kumar Agarwal

An Engineer by profession. Charmed by the world of finance including Credit cards, Mutual Funds, Insurance etc. Helping friends in becoming financial savvy gives joy n pleasure to me.

87 thoughts on “HDFC TATA Neu Infinity Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

  1. Ejo

    Got it without doing any transaction on Tata Neu app. I just downloaded the app and did some browsing. It was showing FYF earlier and the moment it showed LTF applied. Process was smooth. Holding a millenia card with 2 lakhs plus limit and the same is shared with the new one.

  2. Anshul Maheshwari

    I got the LTF offer for TATA Neu Plus, should I apply or wait for some time to get HDFC TATA Neu Infinity as LTF?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      If existing HDFC cardholder with less than 1.5L limit, Infinity approval chances are very less unless limit increases above it.

  3. Abhi

    So does it mean UPI payments like the scan and pay UPI QR codes at small shops will fetch regular rewards on this card?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      It should, until more guidelines come post mass onboarding of people. Will be more clear with time.

      1. Abhishek chatterjee

        Already used HDFC bank RuPay Regalia credit card on UPI (Regalia RuPay was live on UPI 2 months ago).

        Got Rewards points on all UPI spend and Regalia milestone benefit also count on UPI spend.

        you can also visit NPCI website and then RuPay card merchant category code page. Choose few months old date, you will see “UPI merchant category code” list.

        latest month “UPI merchant category code” is not updated yet.

        Important Info – RuPay credit card link UPI limit is 1 lakh per day, First time UPI register on UPI apps – limit is Rs5000 for next 24hrs on Android and 72hrs for IOS users (sometimes banks also take few more hours or day to reset your UPI limit to full 1 lakh per day).

    2. Vikram Saxena

      No, their is a catch here, only merchants that except credit card with POS will be available for upi linked card payment. For routine payments of small ticket size it says that UPI payment through card will not work for current account holders . Meanwhile any card which allows UPI payment directly ?

  4. Jaishankar N

    Thanks Satish for your inputs.

    I’ve received the email for LTF Tata Neu Card, however while checking in App it shows as FYF. Then I approach their CS team via WhatsApp then got the answer as my card as LTF then I applied via App and received digital card as FYF only. Again I chat with CS team then get the reply via call as my card is LTF. Now waiting for Physical card to be on hand.

    Thanks to all our community 🙂

  5. Arun

    Hi Sidarth, please let us know more about rewards on upi spends. Thank you.

  6. Aditya

    I have been using the infinity variant of the card for the last 2 months. I have been loving it! I have got 5% on 1mg, Croma and Big Basket for all my transactions. I tried it on Bill payments and got 5% on that as well. I don’t think even Infinia gives this benefit. I called up their customer care and the 5% rewards are also available on Tanishq. Redeeming the points is super simple and can just be selected while doing a payment. I already got my January Grocery Free via the Tata Neu app! 🙂

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

        You can, if SBI doesn’t mess with MCC.
        Share the feedback if successful.

  7. Akshay Singhal

    I too got the infinity variant Rupay card as 2nd HDFC credit card. Honestly, the reward program is fabulous for Tata ecosystem transactors like I am regular on bigbasket and 1mg. I infact got heavy neucoins on offline Tanishq transaction. 5% cashback on jewellery is a very big deal. More than 90% wallet share of mine belongs tk this card.

    1. Mohamed

      Bro. Did you received 5% cashback neu coins for Tanishq. Looks amazing. Initially they told , not applicable for Jewellery purchase.

    1. Saurabh Jain

      No. Not mandatory. In fact you can get this card in addition to your existing hdfc bank card

  8. Nikhil

    I have saved 12K already (NeuCoins) in about 6 months on the Infinity card. BigBasket, Cliq, Air Asia were brands which I anyway used regularly. For me, a portion of apparel, entire bill payments, and some part of relatives’ spends have come to Neu now. I’m looking forward to more exclusive offers on commerce brands apart from Tata brands so that 5% savings contributes even more. I love the sale periods on Neu when there is a 10% offering. Go for it, Neu!

  9. KMS RAO

    Have been getting offer since 4 months and during third week of Jan 2023 got an SMS that I am eligible for LTF card and offer is valid till Feb 8th. Also , received a email (registered mail Id of Big basket) with same details. On Feb 5th applied through neu app and had opted for Rupay variant of Infinity card. Immediately received a prompt for Video kyc and completed that. On Feb 9th card reflected in app, but yet to receive card.
    Have been using Big basket since 3 years, paying bills on Neu app since 6 months and have Regalia card with a high limit.

  10. Apurva

    I have been using this card now for a month now. Onboarding process was pretty smooth. Neucoins rewards are super helpful and redemption process is very easy. Card can be used on Tata brands ecosystem as well as normal purchase. Dashboard is superhelpful. Limit given was higher than my other current credit card . Definitely a long term permanent primary card upgrade option for users. Kudos

  11. HG

    The extremely bad UX of this card is the fact that on the OTP page, no merchant name or amount is visible, similarly when the OTP is delivered, I couldn’t figure out the amount, I feel like this is an extremely basic feature they should deliver

  12. Nandhakumar

    I was applied card today and wrongly applied visa card and process is completed.if I will change card to rupay after delivery..anyone know please answer @sid

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

          This is the Review of HDFC TATA Neu Infinity CC bro.

          Obviously the table is for the same.

  13. Adhav

    Will UPI transactions on Tata Neu Infinity Rupay Credit card earn us Neu Coins(ie do we get rewards) ?

  14. Mohit

    Though I am using TAT NEU app since beginning but unfortunately, not able to get any of HDFC-Tata credit card as LTF. Only option coming is FYF only with renewal fee from 2nd years. I tried speaking with my RM as holding HDFC preferred relationship but didn’t get help. HDFC-Tata neu customer care also didn’t help.
    Can anyone advise how to get it LTF?

  15. Rachan

    Thanks for the informative post.
    My question, do we need to buy using existing HDFC card to receive LTF card offer.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Seems to me that LTF option will likely be triggered by TATA Neu more than HDFC Bank (can’t be sure though).

      Spending on TATA Neu app via HDFC card should expedite this.

  16. Annindya

    Today, got the call from HDFC regarding Millenia LTF. On checking found Milennia and Neu Infinity as LTF but the Agent mentioned that Neu is only FYF and then renewable is chargeable. I didn’t trusted the agent did my own analysis and it turns out Millenia was more useful to me as there was 5% cashback on 10 different vendors out of which I buy frequently from 8 vendors compared to Neu where I have use for 2 vendors so ultimately applied for Millennia. This simplified my card usage as well.

    Now I will stop using Amazon and Flipkart (already closed ) CC and use this as Millenia actually covers benefit of both the cards and more.

    1. Mahesh S. Panicker

      Millenia has a monthly cap of up to 1000 cashback, meaning any combined spends over 20000 across the 10 merchants will give you nothing. Always a good idea to keep the Flipkart and AmazonPay cards if you have it. The Amazon card is LTF, and the Flipkart would give you 1.5 percent for other spends as well. I have all 3 cards, and find them all handy and worth keeping.

  17. Bg

    I am getting only FYF offer. Holding Infinia with 10L+ limit. How do I get ltf offer?

  18. Ashirvad Gupta

    I have Infinia with 10L + limit and I am getting FYF offer since 1.5 month. How do I make it ltf?

  19. Mayur V Patil

    what is the points earning structure. how many neu points on what spend?

  20. BCh

    I am getting Infinity LTF offer for sometime but reluctant to apply. I use BigBasket frequently and get 13-14% value back by purchasing BB gift cards using SBI Cashback card (shopping through neu app).

    1. balajic

      Can you explain a little bit more how do you get 13% percent? where do you purchase bb gift cards ?

      1. BCh

        Step 1: Login to SBI yono app, go to ‘Shop & Order’. Find gyftr and buy BigBasket E-Gift (Instant Voucher). You’ll get 4-5% upfront discount and if you pay using SBI Cashback card, followed by another 5% cashback on paid amount.
        Step 2: Login to Big Basket app, click My Account> My Profile> My Gift Cards. Redeem your gift cards here by entering card no and PIN received from gyftr. It will reflect in bb wallet balance. Close Big Basket app.
        Step 3: Login to Tata Neu app, shop in Big Basket (under Grocery), choose Tata Pay as payment option. BB wallet balance would be utilized by default and you will get 5% neu coins on your shopping amount (assuming if you have an active NeuPass). I am using neu app from very beginning and got this NeuPass. This 5% neucoins are credited few days after delivery and can be used in the next purchase.
        By this way we can extract much more value back than Infinity Card.

        1. balajic

          To use sbi yono, do we need sbi bank account? I don’t have one and I am unable to use it.

          1. SaMa

            A bank account seems essential to register. I used the credentials for my SBI bank account closed 4 years ago to complete the registration even though it no longer has a bank account associated with it. Thereafter, I was able to link my SBI Cashback card using my SBI Card credentials.

  21. Prashant Gupta

    After reading this article I checked the app and I have ltf offer. Don’t know whether to apply or not as have all top cards.

  22. Utkarsha

    Hi, i am a Tata Employee and got invite for this card on my Neu registered number in Dec as first year free. Didn’t join.
    Then got LTF offer on official email id but after processing, card was given as FYF only.

    Being Tata Employee, i get Neu pass which gives me 5% neu points on every transaction and the infinity card give me additional 5%. So in all i get 10% neu points on every transaction done using this infinity card.

    I am holding Visa variant form past 2 months and after reading this article, i will follow up with the Neucard support team to get it LTF.

  23. rajesh

    I applied tata card on 2nd Feb and my kyc completed by physical on 7th Feb ,still it is showing card is under bank review. May I know is any one facing same issue.

  24. Abhishek Singh

    I already have two HDFC Cards : Millenia and Moneyback. Can I apply Third one ( Shown Eligible for LTF Tata Neu Infinity Card) ? or should I close Moneyback Card. It is my oldest credit card .

  25. dhruv

    got preapproved FYF offer ,got rejected , already have regalia any idea how to get it ?

  26. Santosh

    1. Incase of Visa Variant do we get Priority pass?
    2. Incase of Rupay Variant i think no separate card required for International Lounge access. Hope we’ll get also all other offers under offered under Rupay Select as well like Health Checkups, Spa vouchers etc

  27. SG

    When I try to apply for card right now, it throws error that something wrong as happened, please try again later. I have LTF free offer but not able to apply card

    1. San

      Please check your details under profile and address

      Both should be the same

      Hope this helps

    2. Akash

      Hi, I was also getting this error. Now it’s working. They may have fixed it.

  28. Judge

    I now hold 3 credit cards of hdfc – intermiles, neu and Regalia. i applied throug the NEU app and my limit was raised to 10 L from 6 L right after this card got issued.

    1. Ravi

      Same as bank account, just search for “credit card” will show up all supported credit cards and select the one which you have and done. Tata Neu app I added this way.

    2. MS RAO

      Download BHIM Upi app from Google play store. First add a bank account which is a must.
      Then add your Rupay credit card also. Credit card payment can be done by scanning any phone pe/ G pay/ paytm that are registered under merchant category and by selecting credit card from drop down that can be seen below scanned merchant name.
      Have read an article that this can be done through PAYTM also.
      Have been using since a week any its very convenient

      1. Amar

        Thanks was able to add in BHIM App and able to transact also on UPI QR code.
        However, only Tata Neu app allows to add credit card, apart from BHIM and unfortunately facing an error when I attempt to scan and pay using CC from Tata Neu itself.
        Only able to do it from BHIM App so far.
        Paytm, Gpay, Amazon not allowing to add rupay card for UPI. Havent checked freecharge.
        UPI was my only spend apart from credit card, hardly use cash. Now even that will be taken care of by this card. Awesome.

  29. Rohit Bahl

    I got the invite for Tata Neu Infinite as LTF. I applied & even the verification was done. Today received a message stating application is rejected due to internal policy. I do not understand for what joy they approved and rejected later?

    1. Dinoop

      Wait for few days. Many people including myself experienced this and after few days they process it

  30. Seshagiri Telkapalli

    I got multiple invites but finally decided to opt for it for LTF. Applied on Feb 20, 2023. Digital Card issued on Feb 21, 2023. Super Quick. No verification nothing. I have HDFC Bank account and Regalia First Credit Card. As mentioned above, 5000/- limit initially, later will be increased to existing card credit limit.

    But still unable to figure out how to add UPI payment using CC on TataNeu app as mentioned in original post (**UPI linking now Live on TATA Neu & Freecharge app as well.). BHIM App is asking Card PIN which yet to generate.

    1. Ravi

      Register credit card via hdfc netbanking/Cards section and then set the card pin via netbanking/cards or phonebanking.

      Then go to UPI setting section in (TataNeu/Paytm/Mobikwik) and select add bank/add rupay credit card.


    2. Sarthi Longani

      Netbanking – Cards – Instant PIN generation. If card not showing in netbanking, add new card.

      I did it the moment my digital card appeared.

  31. Kumar

    When I am doing UPI payment with my Rupay credit card I am getting this error “you cannot send money from CREDIT to CURRENT account “

    1. Aditya

      You can only do merchant payments and not send money. But your Bhim Id while shopping and in the UPI request choose to pay with the credit card.

      1. Balpreet Singh

        My observation. Tried using this card for merchant payment yesterday. However BHIM app could not even scan the QR code after multiple trial. Same code was scanned by Gpay in a second.

        Has others also experienced the same?


  32. B Pradhan

    I also got the LTF offers, got virtual card after 3 days of my application date.

    1. Anurag

      Has anyone received Priority Pass with Infinity Rupay credit card? How does one access complimentary lounge access at international locations?

  33. Prashant Gupta

    Finally i applied today for the infinity card LTF. Gave into the offer.

  34. Dp

    Received as paid variant initially as FYF and later on converted to LTF.

      1. dp

        I request for LTF conversion via email but didn’t get any response even after two weeks. Contacted customer support, but they denied LTF conversion. Since I have other cards, I didn’t find value in paying 1.5K and requested to close the card. Card closing request was taken and card is closed from their end.

        Later on, I got a reply for my old mail that they have taken an exception and issued a new LTF card to me.

    1. Kevin

      did you get an email with the FYF and LTF? My account has been showing FYF for few days, I am waiting for the LTF offer though

    2. Rejaneesh

      How did you manage it to get converted to LTF? Mine is FYF only, would like to make it LTF somehow

  35. Himanshu

    Someone please tell me how much rewards on doing Bill Payments on TATA PAY, as even after having NeuPass and Tata Neu Infinity Card, I am getting only 1.5% coins as return on bill payments made on Tata Neu App using TATA Neu credit card.

  36. Mangehs

    What is the total Neu points earned with Infinity + Neu Pass 5% or -10% considering if I buy something from Croma on Neu app

    1. Prashant Gupta

      yes are people getting 10% for spends on Croma through Tata Nue. Need to make some large purchase.

  37. Shail

    Thanks Satish for the article.

    I have a query, doesn’t it make more sense to use SBI Cashback on Tata Neu app, to get 5% from Tata Neu and then 5% from SBI?

    Doesn’t it make it equivalent to the Infinity Neu Card (max 10% on Neu app)? Plus the SBI Cashback also gives 5% CB throughout other online purchases.

  38. Prashant Gupta

    Has anyone applied for Add on Card. Made some payments on UPI and it was seamless.

  39. Gowrish Mallya

    What about insurance premium payments to Tata Pay? Does it earn 1.5% or no points?


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