American Express Centurion (Black) Cardholder Review – India

The American Express Centurion Card from Amex is perhaps the most desirable piece of anodized titanium, an invitation-only charge card issued by American Express to platinum card holders after they meet certain criteria. This “secret” card is made for the wealthy few and so the benefits are in parallel to the lifestyle of the super rich. This is the review contributed… Read More »

Giveaway: Thanking Top 10 Loyal Readers of CardExpert

While there are thousands and thousands of monthly readers who get benefited from our blog content, there are few of you who came out to interact and help others get solution to their queries. While i have been able to answer the comments in earlier days, there were situations recently wherein i hardly answer them because either i don’t… Read More »

HUGE Devaluations on HDFC Credit Cards from 15th August 2017

HDFC is recently known for their series of devaluations since past 2 years and its surprising to see even further devaluations on their premium cards now inspite of the fact that their competitors are becoming more rewarding. Now HDFC has come up with lots of changes to many cards including Diners cards. The changes are so big that… Read More »

Visa vs MasterCard vs Amex vs Diners Club – Which has the Best Foreign Exchange Rate?

Foreign Currency transactions are getting quite common these days as foreign vacations are increasing like never before. And as there are unique products available under low price in websites like Ali-Express, even a typical consumer started spending on foreign currencies. However, i still see people charging 1000’s of $ on their credit/debit card that has 3.5% foreign transaction… Read More »

HDFC Infinia Vs YES First Exclusive Credit Card – Who Wins the Game?

Based on various articles we have published in the past, such as this and this, we all pretty well know that Yes First Exclusive Card and HDFC Infinia Card are two the best super premium cards in India. If there is one card that one aspires to own, there is very high probability that these two are among them. Well,… Read More »