YES Private Credit Card – A Card for the Super Rich (MasterCard World Elite)

Ever since Yesbank has stepped into the Credit Card sector, it has been stocking up it’s arsenal of credit card portfolio steadily. Yes Bank has a card for all segments of people. Be it the Yes Prosperity Rewards/Cashback Credit Card for the beginners to Yes First Preferred/Exclusive Credit Card for the relatively High Net Worth Individuals. And we… Read More »

Rs.2000 Cashback on Spends of Rs.25,000 or more with Indusind Credit Cards

Indusind was reminding its credit card customers last friday with a “trailer” kind of sms stating that something “exiting” is coming. Post that, they’ve sent out the Super Sundays – 10% Cashback offer and today they’ve sent out a new spend based offer. They messed up a bit though. This was the sms they sent: Indusind Credit Cards… Read More »

Get Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.12,500 for Spends on Amex Credit Card

Every year American Express runs a lucrative festive promo that gives handsome rewards based on spends. Last year, they ran 24k Gold Diwali – Tanishq Gold Vouchers worth Rs.20,000 promo that allows us to save effective 10% on any spends in form or Tanishq vouchers. This year too, American Express is running a similar promo but they’ve made… Read More »