I Swapped My SBI Air India Signature Credit Card for Simplyclick

By | June 12, 2017

Its been a year with SBI Air India Signature Credit Card and i’m quite unhappy with this card as i didn’t enjoy any benefit out of it. Even i wasn’t able to utilize the free business class upgrade voucher (not being issued now) that came along with the card as Business class cabin was full the other day i tried to use it. Also the card got downgraded back to back multiple times over the period of past 2 years.

Above all, i had a never ending issue with SBICards/AirIndia that didn’t allow me activate the Flying Returns Ac that came with the card and so i wasn’t able to transfer the points. I went through all escalation levels and finally ended up escalating to CEO of SBIcards after which the issue got resolved almost after 10 months post card issuance.

Renewal of Air India SBI Signature Credit Card:

As its a co-branded card, its hard to get any waiver on the same and i have no plan to continue with it by paying Rs.5000+tax for a card that gave me no benefit. Hence, i transferred all my points to Air India Flying Returns A/c and requested for swapping the card to SBI Simplyclick credit card.

I was said that i may or may not get approved for this downgrade. However, after a week or so i got the confirmation that my card has been successfully downgraded to SBI Simplyclick and i received the card the following week. Here’s how it looks. I love this design! Do you?

SBI Simplyclick credit card

So Why Simplyclick?

There is truly no specific reason in opting for Simplyclick. Though, i want to keep the credit line with SBI with minimum annual fee and a decent reward rate for which Simplyclick served the purpose.

In meantime, i’ve decent amount of Airmiles sitting on my AirIndia Flying returns a/c and hoping for a one way business class ticket to somewhere nearby. I see that Chennai to Dubai to be one of the decent redemption option, however yet to explore the Air India’s flying returns booking system to understand how it actually works.

If it was you, where would you redeem your Airindia Miles for best value per mile? Do share your ideas in comments below.

20 thoughts on “I Swapped My SBI Air India Signature Credit Card for Simplyclick

  1. Ashwin

    What is the process for this SID? I wish to swap my Simply Click to IRCTC Card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just talk to customer care. I prefer sending a “PROBLEM” sms to “9212500888” whenever i have a query with SBICards.

      1. MANU KUMAR

        It’s not a premium card, but it’s capable of paying back its annual fee many times over…

    2. Lakshminarayanan

      I have been using IRCTC card for the past three years. If u are frequent train traveller u can opt this card. Upon applying this card u will be registered as “Subh Yatra Member” you will get separate IRCTC account for that. You will get 10% discount as points to your Subh Yatra account for 2AC, 1AC, CC bookings . U can redeem those points for 1 AC, 2AC, CC bookings only. The card holder should be the primary traveller for bookings done through redemption.

  2. Majumdar


    I intend to acquire this card- mainly because I dont have a green coloured card in my portfolio!


  3. Vinay

    I am having both SBI platinum and SBI Air India World card. Though I don’t transact much on SBI AI card as they have devalued it now but since this is a lifetime free card, will still keep that in my pocket.

  4. Anoop E S

    Hi Siddharth

    I’m holding SBI Platinum Card (Banking Tie Up – KVB) for the last 6 years. Although they increased my credit limit several times, they didn’t allowed me to upgrade to Elite/Signature. Although, I tried to convince them several times during last one year saying that I got top end cards from other banks (like HDFC Diners Black and ICICI Sapphiro) and this is the only platinum card I’ve, they blindly turn down all my request to upgrade.

    I was little bit fed up with them and thought about closing the card several times. This is also due to the low reward rate of 2 points per Rs.100 which this card is offering. Further, the value of 1 point is around Re.0.25. But I felt closing a card with a limit of Rs.6 lakhs which I am holding for last 6 years will adversely impact my CIBIL score. Further, their periodic offers for EMI conversion with 7.5% interest rate and zero processing fee is quite attractive.

    But now I feel like this Simply Click Card will give more value for my online spending. Could you please give your views on this?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I guess they’re not upgrading because its a tie-up card. You might need to close it if you want to move to SBI premium/proprietary cards.

  5. Anil

    Even Simply Save is good card with cool blue design
    2.5% on grocery, departmental stores
    Recently SBI brought accelerated rewards which takes this to 3.5% on specified merchants like Grofers
    Plus SBI running 10% discount there so all in all good for users

  6. Akash Kapoor

    Hi, I don’t have an account with SBI. Can I apply for this Simply Click Card?

  7. Lakshminarayanan

    Sbi card is providing personal loan on your card without blocking your credit limit @ 7% int P.A. Without documentation and address verification. The interest rate is quite low and attractive too. You can negotiate the processing fee !!

  8. deepak

    it took me 3 months to get the flying returns account activated . it was a pain . i was also thinking of cancelling the air india signature card. Now this is a good option

  9. Shiva

    SBI has launched a new Prime card. Prima facie looks like a much better card than most top-end cards on offer. Any thoughts on the same?

  10. UK

    I guess if you had delayed the swap of your SBI card by a few days, I am sure you would have opted for the SBI Prime card launched yesterday by SBI.

  11. Praveen Perumalla

    A very unique card and a good one to hold. I would say it is a good choice.

    In general, I like the design and the colors of SBI cards.


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