HDFC Bank Jet Privilege World Credit Card Review

By | August 29, 2017

Ever since I flew Jet Airways Business Class (domestic), I got hooked to it and always wanted to fly again. Since then, I’ve started giving more priority to ICICI Bank Jet Sapphiro (Amex) which is one of the best Jet Airways Co-branded cards and was looking for opportunities to accumulate more JPMiles.

That being said, my HDFC Business Regalia was getting dust for quite long time since it was devalued during last November 2016. So I went ahead and swapped it for Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card. Good part is that the upgrade is Free and 86% of my points were converted to JPMiles.

HDFC Bank Jet Privilege World Credit Card

Even if you apply it for first time, you may get First Year Waiver on choosing any of the available cross-sell (Payzapp, Add-on, etc) at that time.

Welcome Bonus on JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card

Joining fee: Rs. 2,500 + GST (waived for me on PayZapp Activation)

Welcome Bonus:

  1. One complimentary Base Fare Waived off Jet Airways Ticket for domestic travel. (This is given only for paid cards, hence i didn’t qualify for it)
  2. Discount voucher* worth INR 750 to be availed for booking a return ticket for domestic travel (only for paid cards)
  3. 3,750 Bonus JPMiles on the first swipe of your card within 90 days of card setup (Revised from Oct 1st 2017)
  4. 3,750 Bonus JPMiles on the total retail spends of Rs. 75,000 and above, within 90 days of the card setup (Revised from Oct 1st 2017)

Benefits 3 & 4 are given even for cards with free upgrades. I received the first 5k JPMiles on JP a/c within a week of swiping. This is pretty fast than ICICI.

Renewal Benefit: 3000 bonus JPmiles even if the fee is waived on 3L spend in previous year. Thanks to Saravanan R for this info.

Airport Lounge Access:

  • Priority Pass (International) : 5 Visits
  • Mastercard (Domestic) : 4 for Primary Cardholder

Benefits of  HDFC Bank JetPrivilege World Credit Card:

  • JPMiles Earn rate: 4%
  • JP Miles Accrual Rate: 6 JPMiles/Rs 150 on retail spend ; 18 JPMiles/Rs.150 on flight booking with jetairways website ; 8.25 JPMiles/Rs.150 on retail spends done with JP partners – extra JP miles program.
  • Discounts: 5% Discount on base fare for tickets booked on Jet Airways
  • Renewal Fee waiver: You need to spend Rs 3 Lakhs/year to get your renewal fees waived off.
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Yes,  Five Complimentary Priority Pass access to 600+ Lounges Worldwide in a calendar year. Also, through MasterCard Lounge Program.
  • Additional Baggage Allowance: 10 kg for Première and 5 kg for Economy Class.
  • Special Features: Get extended validity of JPMiles for 5 years ; Enjoy premier check-in for all domestic flights of JetAirways
  • Tier Points: Get 1 Tier Point on every Rs. 2,00,000/- spent (retail) on your card.
  • Cardexpert Rating: 4/5

While I’ve ICICI Jet Sapphiro (Amex) credit card that gives 5% earn rate (my perspective), it has upper cap due to which it’s always good to have a secondary card to earn JPMiles. Better acceptance is also another advantage with HDFC Jet World Credit Card as its on MasterCard platform.

JPMiles transfer time: While ICICI transfers the JPMiles monthly upon statement generation (with another ~15 days delay) HDFC transfers it in a week or so. Love the speed here!

Bottom Line:

If you have moderate spends and want to have JPMiles instead of reward points, this is one of the best Jet cards to hold. The ability to earn Jet Privilege Tier Points is one of the greatest advantage of HDFC Jet Airways credit cards, so going up in the tier is now made easier.

If you can spend more or if you’re looking for even better Jet Card, you must opt for HDFC Jet Diners Credit Card that has better JPMiles earn rate, though acceptance of Diners cards is another topic. I maybe going for that when i plan to fly more often, probably in 2018.

HDFC Bank Jet World Credit Card is the card with great design, i love its looks so far. Do you have any Jet cards? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

85 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Jet Privilege World Credit Card Review

  1. Arjun

    I currently have Regalia (LTF) and also HDFC JetPrivilege Master Card World Debit Card (the debit card that comes with unlimited domestic lounge access). I’ve been trying to get a Diner’s Club Black Credit Card, but HDFC’s response & follow up haven’t been so great yet. Since the devaluation of Regalia points, I have been thinking about alternate options. My credit card point redemptions are usually flight tickets anyway. Is this a worthy alternative for Regalia? Other cards I hold are Yes First Preferred(LTF) and Amex Platinum Travel.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      As long as you fly on Jet often, yes, its better than Regalia. Its more of a personal choice though.

    2. Saravanan R

      Unlimited lounge access in Jetprevilage World Debit Card changed into just 2 /per quarter.

  2. Arjun

    After going through details and comparing at one glance, I’m more inclined to JetPrivilege Diners Club Card. It has unlimited lounge access globally and the joining/renewal rewards are worth the fee too

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes indeed. As long as you fly often, its a great card!

  3. Pradeep K

    Awesome article Sid! I already have diners black with Hdfc, is it possible to apply for this one as well… I heard it’s not possible to hold more than one HDFC Credit Card from customer care. Please provide your suggestions.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its possible. But in this case, you need high limit on Diners Black as Jet world is also a premium card. Talk to RM.

    2. Rohit

      I got this card bundled along with Diners Premium – both LTF.

      Also got 10K JPMiles.

  4. Saravanan R

    I think baggage allowance has been changed from 10kg to 5kg but it was never been useful for me since i travel mostly on ATRs.

    As of Mastercard lounge access on this credit card, it was unlimited but now they have removed that unlimited term from hdfc website. So i would like to know is it still unlimited?

    As of the card, i own it and just love it. Been using it for more than a year, first card that got me both domestic and international lounge access. Reward rate is high, complementary lounge access, less annual fee and that too waived off easily and annual bonus JPmiles even if the fee is waived which makes the card much worthy. 2% forex charges is another plus.
    Jet diners card is very good one but after coming to know their exchange rate is high, I don’t find diners card to be tempting.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Domestic Lounge Access: It still remains unlimited as per my understanding as IVR donot say the limit. But i haven’t availed it yet to confirm on that.

      Annual bonus JPmiles even if the fee is waived – is an interesting part. Thanks for sharing this info!

  5. Apumkivi

    Hello Sid,

    How did you applied for it? By calling CC or by upgradation form filling. Kindly brief me. Look for Jet card.

    Hello Pradeep K,

    If u have diners card apply for any master or Visa card. They do approve it even if u have credit limit of 1.9K. I am holding Diners and Regalia First and my friend holding Diners and HDFC Jet card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This is an upgrade. I process my application/upgrades/LE through RM usually.

  6. Amex Guy

    While this card does offer tier points, you need 40 lakhs of spend just to get to silver. Well, if you put 25-30 lakhs of spend on any HDFC card, you will get an invitation for Infinia, which comes with Vistara Gold. Use that Gold membership with Jet’s tier match offering and get JP Gold directly.

    IMHO, JP program got woefully devalued in the past few years. The amount of JP miles you will earn (400-ish on medium zones, 100-150 on short ranges flights), the only good use of them will be occasional upgrades to business. So hoard the tier points and go to platinum, you will get a *lot* of business upgrades, even on their international flights. I’m only a gold with JP and I still get 2-3 out of 10 flights upgraded. That maybe because I use Jet occasionally and they might want to retain returning customer.

    Also, with all of these programs you still have to pay taxes, which is like 50% of the ticket. A better option for free flights is still PremierMiles or AllMiles kind of program, or the Diners thing.

    I do keep around 20,000 JP miles with me because they can come very handy if you need last minute flights. When the flights get 10X expensive, they still cost the same JP Miles. However, since the Etihad merge, last minute flights are very hard to buy with JP.

    If like me one looks to get flights on cheapest fares, a value of JP mile is less than 25 paise. Unless booking last minute, the reward rate is < 1%. (Eg: 5000 JP Miles for LKO-DEL, usually costs 1800 with taxes. You pay 5000 miles + 800 taxes. Value of JP Mile = 20 paise.)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nice inputs on various topics. Jet’s tier match is an interesting part.

      Coming to JPMiles redemptions, its never for economy tickets at-least for me. We get good value only on business/first class redemption’s. Lets have a separate detailed article on this shortly 🙂

      1. Amex Guy

        It would be interesting to read how you’re deriving value out of these points! Great articles, man.

      2. Balpreet Singh

        My experience, a lot of times, I don’t get options of buying via JP Miles.. Its sold out. At least on the domestic routes I have seen. I have 20k odd JP miles that I haven’t put to use for almost a year now.. Due to this reason.

    2. Balaji

      Exactly, we have to look for burn rate too… Most of the credit cards are good in earning points but the monetary value is abyss.

    3. Joel DSouza

      I am Club Vistara Gold Tier member and Jet Airways Silver Tier member. How do I upgrade Jet Airways Silver to Gold Tier using status match? I could not find any info on Jet Privilege site.

    4. Vineet


      Thanks for sharing this info… do you need to request for free upgrades or jet gives on their own to you considering your membership segment?

    5. Anoop E S

      I’ve never faced 50% tax on miles redeemed ticket. 100% agree that miles are more useful while used for purchasing Business Class tickets. But it comes handy when travelling from a small airport where charges are high.

  7. Adi. H.

    Hi. Thanks for this informational post.

    1. What are the eligibility requirements of this credit card?

    Such as ITR Gross


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Net Monthly Income ~Rs. 70,000 / ITR ~Rs. 7.5L per annum should help.
      However, having good relationship with HDFC Bank is essential these days to get their premium cards.

      1. Adi. H.

        Thanks for the reply. What’s the meaning of Good Relationship?

        That 7.5L is Net or Gross?

        Thanks 😀

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Good Relationship – 2X-3X of Preferred relationship Value for this card should help.

  8. Sunny

    I have been using this card for a year now, been good till date. However, I was not given the miles mentioned in point number 3, as a joning bonus (my card was free because of PayZapp download).
    Also, with HDFC stopping miles generation for wallet apenda, my point earning capabilities have reduced a lot over the last few days. Having said that, having a MasterCard with a decent earning rate for JPMiles is a rare thing that this card provided.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Fact is, i got JPMiles even on Payzapp wallet load.

      I did a tiny txn to activate Payzapp usage and noticed JPMiles accruing for that as well.
      However, they may reverse it anytime!

  9. ashu

    Thanks for the article Sid !!

    A small note at end of the article where you mentioned the look/design of the card brings out a suggestion from my end….. Do write an article on “Best Visually Designed Cards “

  10. Majumdar


    The value of JP cards for earning tier points is overstated. I believe you have to spend 3L to get 1 tier point. It is difficult to spend that much. It maybe much cheaper to do a mileage run (lets say DEL-JAI-DEL) in the off season.

    I do agree with you that spending JP miles on domestic economy tickets is waste of miles. For economy tickets you wud get a bare valuation of 0.3-0.4 Rs per mile, which translates into 1.2-1.6% yield. For biz tickets you wud get valuation of between Rs. 0.6- 0.8 per mile (usually), but the real jackpot is First Class with partners like EK- where you cud get upwards of Rs 1- at times even Rs. 4/mile (although availability of award tickets is admittedly an issue).


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the inputs. First Class with partners like EK – This is something i wish to try sometime soon.

  11. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    When you changed your card did they increased your credit limit ?

  12. Venkatesh

    Dear Siddharth,

    Can you please post your views on Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit card.


    1. Amex Guy

      EK is a great program if you use it to redeem their elite First Class or upgrade to business. I have the Emirates World card, here are details:

      — For around 30L spend with decent force transactions will roughly get you a business class ticket to anywhere in EU. That’s around 2.25L of value of 7.5% returns. Upgrades to business is around 6% value if I recall correctly.
      — If you spend 10K monthly, PP access fee of $27 is waived. This is big value for me.
      — Usual SC offers are good, like 20% cash back on Uber. If you don’t have 10X with Diners, this is absolutely great for you.

      For a 3K/year card, this is fantastic value, especially if you aspire to fly Emirates First Class for free. Maybe Siddharth would want a review for it?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        More than happy to post your review on the same. Pls drop me an email using contact form.

  13. Rahul Shrivastav

    Hey, we have one “fast” community here. ☺

    Article published yesterday & we already have a long list of comments in less than 24 hrs.

    I haveva rather simple question, why not keep spending & collecting points on Diners Black & use them for buying tickets ?

    Are the air miles a better way of economic flying.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Reward Points good for economy – Yes.
      But for business class, we need Airmiles.

      Moreover, apart from getting value from cards, i’m more interested in collecting new plastic with different designs (as stupid as it may sound) 😀

      1. Amex Guy

        Both Diners and PremierMiles websites do Business Class bookings. I think you meant upgrades?

  14. Ashish Tiwari

    Additional Baggage Allowance for HDFC Jet World: 10 kg for 1st Class/Business Class and 5 kg for Economy Class.

  15. Majumdar


    But for business class, we need Airmiles

    May I propose a minor amendment? “For first class, we need air miles”. Empirically I have observed that the value of Miles is close to Rs. 0.8/unit if redeemed for biz class. So if you have a RP which is valued at Rs. 1 (Diners Black or Infinia or even Yes RP 4 RP=Rs. 1), it is better to use RP than AM except under exceptional circumstances. This apart, RPs have three advantages. The number of award tickets on premium classes are usually limited and there are blackout dates which RPs dont have- for all practical purposes they are paid tickets. Secondly, as RP tickets are revenue tickets you actually earn air miles and tier points on completed flights, unlike in case of airmiles. Finally, some RP programmes like Diners, Infinia and Citi are often convertible into AirMiles at a premium (Jet for instance frequently comes up with conversion at 30% premium)

    My advise will be to use airline specific miles (as opposed to carrier agnostic miles like Premier Miles) earning cards sparingly if similar yields were available on RP bearing cards.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Agree with all that. But i also see they’re completely dynamic and many times Biz class tickets are cheaper with JPMiles too.

      Well, lets have a detailed article on this separately soon, so everyone will have single page to look for Maximizing their JPMiles 🙂

      1. Anoop E S

        that will be great Siddharth. Anyway, there are many JP miles freaks like me here…

  16. Majumdar

    Yes of course, sometimes in Biz Class you get fabulous deals. Generally in offseason, but to avail that you have to be flexible in your travel plans.

    The idea of a separate thread for maximising value of air miles is a very good one.


  17. Praveen Perumalla

    This miles game is still unexplored waters for me. Would love to hear all your inputs.

  18. Vineet

    Hi Sid,
    considering the recent devaluation of Regalia card, I also wanted to swap my card to some travel card. I considered Jet World card and Jet Diners card as well. However Diners card has better renewal benefits. You can see renewal fee for Diners card is 5000 in which you get 10000 JP miles ( as compared to 4000 JP miles of World card) and also 5 tier points. These tier points are really helpful if you are looking for Jet membership upgrade.

    Earn rate for JP miles is better than World card.

    So you can say by paying 2500 extra ( difference in renewal fee of World and Diners card) .. you get the following things additionally –

    1) 6000 extra JP Miles
    2) Unlimited lounge access
    3) 5 Tier Points
    4) Unlimited golf games ( may be beneficial for some)
    5) Better earn rate of JP miles…its 8 JP /150 as compared to 6/150 in world

    Welcome benefits are also good in this .. you get 15 Tier Points. Which can upgrade your membership faster and you may get upgrade vouchers.
    And also you get Upto 30000 JP miles as welcome benefit.

    But there is option of 1 year fee waiver also for those who are not interesting in shelling out 10k for this card( although welcome benefits may not be applicable, but renewal benefits are still worth considering.

    Looking for all this, I opted for Jet Diners card paid variant.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its undoubtedly a better one compared to Jet world

      But, 1 year fee waiver on Jet Diners too? I didn’t even ask for this.
      Anyways, the plan to upgrade is there and will check on the waiver at that time. Thanks much for the info!

      1. Vineet

        Yes Sid.. I was offered 1 year fee waiver, as mine was upgrade case. However I primarily took this card for welcome benefits. So I opted for paid variant.

        By paying 10000 you will get following –
        1) 30000 JP Miles
        2) 15 Tier points, which can help you quickly upgrade from like silver to gold and you can get 3 upgrade vouchers. Lounge access, priority boarding etc…
        3) 1 Base fare waive off ticket
        4) Rs 750 voucher for return ticket.

        Also… apart from this.. you may consider writing about options to transfer money from credit card into bank account with lowest fees. Like payzapp allows 20000 per month without charges. Is there any other gateway which offers free transfer or with minimum fees?

        1. Ravin

          Hi Vineet/Sid,

          Can you guys help me how can I get my existing Regalia upgraded to Jet Diners? Approached through my RM and he connected me to some local CC Expert who also seems to be clueless?

          Appreciate your help!

          1. Siddharth Post author

            It depends on your limit and other factors. 4L+ limit will help. You can send docs directly to Chennai address for upgrade if RM is unable to help.


      I understood that you know the eligibility criteria to hold JetPrivilege Diners Club Card.
      You may need min 21 Lakh/a or 1.75 Lakh/m (net) to get this card to get approved.
      Apply through Card-on-Jet Privilege website may give little priority to Jet Cards.

  19. Anoop E S

    I tried for this card as second card, by requesting them to divide my existing credit limit on the diners black card, which was denied. I needed this card badly as Diners was not useful for accessing the lounges in Mumbai T2. Also there was a little facination towards earniing tier miles since I am chasing JP Platinum now.

    regarding the time taken for JP miles transfer, my experience with ICICI is not good as the credit was received on the next billing date only. That is, on the 30th day of the generation of bill.

  20. rakshit

    Hi sid,
    well i practically did the same thing! i had applied for the jet world but was sent a regalia instead! the vistara membership did work in favour for keeping the card but after i had
    used my vouchers ad the reward points getting devalued i swapped to jet world! i havent activated my jp card but all my rewards on my regalia got transferred to jp. will try activating through payzapp and lets see what happens!

  21. Urluck

    Does this card give priority pass for add on card holder also , similar to Regalia for international longue access ?

    1. Saravanan R

      No, priority pass issued for Jetprevilage World Credit Card is only for primary card holder.




  23. Ashwin

    Devaluation alert!

    Jet platinum- 4 miles /150
    Jet world- joining bonus of 7500 miles

      1. DEBBARMA

        I must say, Credit card division of banks is following your blog and devalue your chosen and recommended CC. They will not let us to earn air miles and rewards.
        first dinners, regalia and then jet World card.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Lol. I felt the same when the Jet World got devalued within a week of posting the article. Anyways its only a mild touch so far 😀

          1. Saravanan R

            Even after devaluation, JPmiles earn rate is being same. 4 lounge access per quarter is also good.

            As of Priority Pass access, can it be used in domestic too?

          2. Siddharth Post author

            AFAIK, Indian card linked PP can never be used for domestic.

  24. Adi. H.

    Hi. I am continuing the discussing happening above (in my name).

    Okay, I already hold a HDFC Credit Card (approved in February) and I already having 2L+ in my savings account.

    Do you advice to re-apply for new card or upgrade the current card?

    If HDFC Allows more than 1 card, let me know.

    Thanks. Good article again. 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Your current Limit major role too for dual card.
      You need at-least Preferred a/c with other relationship to make a case. Talk to RM.

  25. Prashant


    I used to hold Jet World card 2 years earlier which I got upgraded to Jet Diners after 1 year of use. I have now swapped my Jet Diners to Diners Black some 5 months ago due to high return rate of Black card :).

    As Vineet mentioned in his post, Jet Diners is definitely the best Jet variant in the market and the bonus 15 tier points and renewal 5 tier points are really useful. With bonus 15 tier points you will be straight away upgraded to JP Silver as per their 6 months fast track criteria and further to get upgraded to Gold you will have to either take lot of flights or spend close to 20-30 lacs on Jet Diners to get the required no. of tier points to reach gold status.

    With the help of ~22 lacs expenditure on my JetDiners card, few Jet flights (3-4) and bonus tier points (both welcome and renewal) I was able to achieve the gold status in a year time. This also helped me in attaining the gold status for Vistara as well, as part of their tier status match scheme.

    I also used to hold ICICI Jet Sapphiro card but didn’t see much value in it due to less renewal benefits as compared to HDFC varients so I got it downgraded to ICICI HPCL AMEX Card which only costs Rs 199/yr but still gives you AMEX lounge benefits (I guess the cheapest AMEX card).

    Now I am trying to get hold of Jet World again in addition to my Diners Black card since now I don’t have any Jet variant card with me and this helps in increasing the shelf life of my JP Miles to 5 years.

  26. Saravanan R

    Another update, HDFC is gonna stop using Mastercard for Jetprevilage World Credit Card and issue with VISA variant upon renewal for existing card holder.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Said by? Maybe this is why the lounge access limits are applied.

      1. Saravanan R

        Switching from Mastercard to VISA is mentioned under Renewal Benefit in Hdfc Jetprevilage World Credit Card product page.

          1. Saravanan R

            Usually in VISA card, only VISA INFINITE card comes with 4 lounge access per quarter. So does this card will be equipped with Infinite instead of Signature?

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Yes, most likely. Maybe that’s how Visa was able to convince HDFC to replace MC.
            But then “Jet World” should become “Jet Infinite” 🙂

            Lets wait and watch!

  27. Ashwin

    I’ve received mail notifying the changes. Platinum card earn rate got devalued along with less renewal/joining bonus and lounge limit.

    “Effective October 1st, 2017, your JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum Credit Card will be issued in the Visa variant. For a seamless experience, please ensure your contact details are updated with the Bank.”

    Gonna close the card soon or upgrade to a Jet diners.

  28. Saravanan R

    I applied for card replacement since my exisiting card got damaged, new card came with new mastercard logo. It’s strange that HDFC planning to change all existing users into visa upon renewal, in the meantime,they updated their mastercard logo on this card. Initially i felt it as like some duplicate card but it is actually slightly better than existing logo. And they moved World above the card last 4 digit.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was waiting to see MC new logo on cards since months. Good to know that finally they implemented it.
      Thanks for sharing!

  29. Anoop

    Hi Siddharth,
    I’ve been using HDFC Jet Privilege Platinun CC for over 3years now for all my spends. Since they have now reduced the reward points, should i stick with the same or switch to a new card (please mention a good alternative), I use RP for booking Flights and hotels.


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