Credit Card Consultation Via Phone & Email

Finally that's MeHey, I’m Sid. If you are looking for serious help in making the most out of your credit cards, you are in the right place. I have 5 years of experience in using credit/debit cards from various banks. I save over Rs.1 Lakh and above in cashback and reward points every year by using the right cards. You can learn more about me here.

I can review your credit card usage pattern and come up with all new strategy to save as much as possible with your credit/debit cards. I’m open for any questions reg. credit/debit cards usage, reward points, airmiles accrual strategy, credit card EMI, credit card loans, CIBIL score and anything related to credit cards.

What’s Included in my Consultancy:

With my consultancy, you can tap into my 5 Yrs of Knowledge in credit card industry in matter of minutes, that covers,

  • Insider Info on best credit cards, its advantages in real life
  • Credit Card usage strategy for reaping maximum reward points/cashback
  • Tips to make most out of reward points
  • Proven methods to improve CIBIL score fast
  • Proven strategy to increase your Credit Card limit to 5 Lakhs or more (for HNI’s)
  • Tip to get approved for Super Premium Credit Cards
  • Tips to access domestic/international airport lounges for free
  • Tips to save nearly 80% on almost all hotel bookings by using right credit cards.
  • Tips to accrue maximum Airmiles using right credit card – for your free luxury holiday Trip.
  • Bonus: You will receive a surprise gift worth Rs.1,000 that you can actually use.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Quick Email response: I’ll respond to your email within 24-48 hrs. Price: Rs.99 -> Pay Now
  2. Detailed 30 Mins Consultation: over phone within 24 hrs – Price: Rs.499 -> Pay Now

Kindly Note:

  • To save time during Telephonic Consultation, you may post your query using the Contact form post payment.
  • Time Involved for Phone consultation: ~30 Mins
  • For Email consultation, try to put your query in single email.

Further Support & Services:

The initial consultancy call is only a starter. You will receive lifetime periodic tips twice a month on your email. Additionally, you’ll be entitled for 50% OFF on all my future books. I’m planning to release one shortly. An interesting tip that will be covered on my ebook: It gives you a method to revolve your Credit card balance to next bill with ZERO interest fee. Sounds good? 🙂