Credit Card Consultation Via Phone & Email

Finally that's MeHey, I’m Sid. If you are looking for serious help in making the most out of your credit cards, you are in the right place. I have 5 years of experience in using credit/debit cards from various banks. I save over Rs.1 Lakh and above in cashback and reward points every year by using the right credit and debit cards. You can learn more about me here.

I can review your credit card usage pattern and come up with all new strategy to save as much as possible with your credit/debit cards. I’m open for any questions reg. credit/debit cards usage, getting approved for premium credit cards, credit limit enhancement, reward points, airmiles accrual strategy, credit card EMI, credit card loans, CIBIL score and anything related to plastic money.

Kindly note 98% of the content is already in the blog inside 100’s of articles and 1000’s of comments. The consultation is one of the quickest way to find them. I respond to most consultancy calls/emails in less than 24 hrs, as long as i’m in India.

What’s Included in my Consultancy:

You can tap into my 5 Yrs of Knowledge in credit card industry in matter of minutes, which covers,

  • Insider Info on best credit cards, its advantages in real life
  • Credit Card usage strategy for reaping maximum reward points/cashback
  • How to avail Credit card loans @ reduced interest rates, as low as 11.88% p.a.
  • Proven methods to improve CIBIL score fast
  • Proven strategy to increase your Credit Card limit to 5 Lakhs or more (for HNI’s)
  • Tip to get approved for Super Premium Credit Cards
  • Tips to access domestic/international airport lounges for free
  • Airport Lounge/ Priority Pass Tricks
  • Tips to save nearly 70% on almost all hotel bookings by using right credit cards.
  • Tips to accrue maximum Airmiles using right credit card – for your free luxury holiday Trip.

Here’s How it Works

I’ve two packages to meet your needs. The prices are slashed for time being.

#1 Detailed Email response:

  • I’ll respond to your email in detail within 24-48 hrs.
  • Kindly limit upto 2-3 questions, so i can explain each in detail.
  • If you’re looking for a credit card advice/strategy/getting approved for a card with detailed email response, this is for you.
  • Price: Rs.500 Rs.199 -> Pay Now

#2 Consultation over Phone:

  • Got too many questions? This is for you.
  • I’ll call you on your number within 24-48 hrs of receiving the payment.
  • Approx Call time: 30 Mins
  • Price: Rs.1000 Rs.499 -> Pay Now

You can submit your query using the Contact form post payment. If you’ve taken telephonic consultation, let me know your preferred time to call as well. I’m usually available between 3PM-12PM.

Further Support & Services:

The initial consultancy is only a starter. If you’ve taken any of the above consultation, you will receive lifetime periodic tips once/twice a month on your email. Additionally, you’ll be entitled for 50% OFF on any my future premium content/books. I’m planning to release one shortly.

An interesting tip that will be covered on my ebook: It gives you a method to revolve your Credit card balance to next bill with ZERO interest fee. Sounds good? 🙂