American Express Makemytrip Offer – Flat 70% Discount on Hotels

By | November 18, 2016

I’ve started using Makemytrip recently for both Domestic & international Hotels as Goibibo is running out of offers on most hotels these days. 2015 was a great Year when Goibibo offers were on peak, but now after the announcement of Makemytrip & Goibibo merger, i see the offers are on lower side.


American Express Makemytrip Offer

Hence was looking for some better Hotel offers and came across American Express Makemytrip Offer on IVR which usually gets played in the background when you are waiting on call for Amex customer support. It was quite a nice deal they were running. Fortunately the offer is applicable on both of my cards: Amex Gold Charge Card and Amex Platinum Travel Card. Below are the details of the offer:

American Express Makemytrip Hotel Offer:

Amex Makemttrip offer Code: MMTAMXGLD

It gives about 70% Flat Cashback across most of the domestic hotels in India. The same coupon code can also be used for Flights & international hotels as you can see below, but the best value is in Domestic Hotels. The same coupon code can be used twice in each category.


Details of Coupon: MMTAMXGLD

So i went ahead and booked for 2 day stay, separately. As per the coupon terms & conditions, 70% Cahback will be given on Base fare (excluding tax).

But hey no! They actually gave flat 70% cashback on the entire amount. OMG. That’s an unbelievable offer! After discounts, I ended up paying just Rs.979 per day (2 member) in a 3 Star hotel. Here’s my Amex Card Statement for Proof:


American Express Makemytrip Offer – Cashback on Domestic Hotels

Here are the Numbers:

  • Actual Cost of the stay Rs.3,262/day
  • Expected Discount: ~Rs.1,600 (70% discount of Base fare, excluding tax)
  • Actual Discount Given: Rs.2,282 (70% on the entire amount)
  • Net Amount Paid from pocket: Rs.979/day

The say cashback gets credited in 21 days post transaction, but as you can see, i got it just in 7 days. Amex is always fast in crediting the cashback unlike other bank cards!

Its good to see that American Express & Makemytrip are generous enough to give away such wonderful cashback offers on Domestic hotels. So, this is the best time to plan your Domestic trip 🙂

Have you used Amex Makemytrip Offers? Feel free to share your experience in comments below.

15 thoughts on “American Express Makemytrip Offer – Flat 70% Discount on Hotels

  1. Aroon

    Dear Sid…Could you plz explain what you meant by…..
    “But which usually gets played in the background when you call Amex customer support”.
    Does it mean that this coupon is not applicable on website or app ? we need to call the Amex support?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I mean, i came to know about the offer over IVR playback voice. You can use the coupon on web/app.

  2. Majumdar

    Dear Sidharth,

    I intend to book a 3 night 2 room (4 PAX) stay. The room rates are Rs. 4000/night. So should I have 6 separate bookings (1 *3 night * 2 days) through MMTAMXGLD coupon. Is that permissible?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Only 2 bookings can be done per month per card with this offer. So book accordingly 🙂

  3. Majumdar

    Thanks, Sidhartha. This is a fantastic website, wish I had stumbled upon it lots earlier.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for your kind words. Its not too late.
      Happy savings 🙂


    does the cash back comes to make my trip account or amex card ?

    Thanks for reply

  5. SeethaRaman V

    I have an ICICI Bank American Express HPCL credit card. i.e. it is a ICICI co-branded credit card with HPCL, which uses the American express Payment gateway/platform. The card number starts with 3, obviously, as it is on AMEX gateway. Will this card also qualify for the cashback offers with MakemyTrip? Thanks!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, sadly this offer works only on Original Amex issued cards.

  6. Biswa

    Wrt ur surprise on cash back being given on the entire amount – Its actually mentione din the TnC that the cash back for hotel booking is on the actual amount paid –

    •All the offers are valid on the base fare only except online Hotel offers, which shall be valid on the actual amount charged.

    Do you know whether the offer is applicable on supplementary card as well OR only on the main card ? I mean can I get cash back of upto 10000 by making 4 hotel bookings in a month , 2 on my main card and 2 on my wife’s supplementary card ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “base fare” is the one without taxes. That’s the difference.
      No, not avail on Supp Cards.

      1. Biswa

        hey, thx for the clarification on supp card.
        yes, base fare is the one without taxes. but, it says the cash back is on base fare for all offers , except for hotel booking . For hotel booking cash back is based on the actual amount paid (.i.e total amount including taxes).


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