5 Major Differences Between Regalia and Regalia First

By | November 27, 2016

For about 5 Yrs or so, the Original HDFC Regalia Credit card served as one of the Royal super premium credit card with HDFC, usually issued with a very good credit limit of 3 Lakhs and above. As the name became very much popular in recent times and as everyone want to have hands on the card, HDFC launched a similar card named Regalia First positioning it as a Entry level range of Regalia to meet the demand for those who aren’t eligible for the original Regalia.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Original Regalia (above) Vs Regalia First Credit Card

Regalia vs Regalia First – The 5 Major Differences:

#1 Credit Limit:

  • Regalia: 3 Lakhs & above
  • Regalia First: 2 Lakhs – 3 Lakhs

The major difference is the eligibility of the person which is directly proportional to the credit limit. Thumb Rule: Higher the income, higher the credit limit, better the card you can have.

#2 Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access:

  • Regalia: 12 free accesses 6 free accesses
  • Regalia First: 4 free accesses

This is one of the major difference from my point of view. Because with Original Regalia you can get a Priority Pass for Add-on Card holder and share the 12 free access across 2 cards, but with Regalia, the free access is too low to share between 2 PP cards. Infact, this should be the major cost-cutting from bank’s perspective.

#3 Reward Rate:

  • Regalia: 1.6%
  • Regalia First: 1%

This is another difference you need to consider if you have ongoing spends.

#4 Insurance Coverage:

  • Regalia: Air accident: Rs.1 Crore, Medical emergency Protection abroad: Rs. 15 Lakhs
  • Regalia First: Air accident: Rs. 50 Lakhs, Medical emergency Protection abroad: Rs. 10 Lakhs

#5 Complimentary Membership:

  • Regalia: Complimentary Taj Epicure Plus Membership (recently revoked) & Club Vistara Silver membership
  • Regalia First: Nil

To know more, here are the individual reviews of each Regalia variant and its benefits in detail:

I had been asked many a times about the difference between Regalia and Regalia First recently, hence i decided to come up with the above article. Hope its helpful for many of you.

So, now if you have AllMiles or lower end card, you have to pass through Regalia first and then make it to the original Regalia. This way, access to Original Regalia is minimized. Smart Move by HDFC!

What do you think about this move by HDFC with Regalia First? Share your comments below.

56 thoughts on “5 Major Differences Between Regalia and Regalia First

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, exceptions are always there. Though 52k is unbelievable & super low for the Regalia. You’re lucky!

      1. arun

        i was using a moneyback card for the last 1.5yrs..
        now its upgraded to regalia first with only 25000credit limit
        how can i increase my credit limit ?


    I did a little research to find the difference between these two cards but could not find any except for the free lounge visits. I was wondering is this the only difference?? Now, your post explains the difference is short and easy manner.


  2. Prashant Agrawal

    This was very helpful. I have always wondered what were the actual differences but was too lazy to do it myself. Thank-you for posting this!

  3. Jereen

    Isn’t it 12 pp for primary card holder +12 pp for the add on card holder for Regalia. And 4 pp each for primary and add on card holder for Regalia First?

  4. Parth

    Damn buddy you’re on a roll! 5 days I didn’t check your website and there are so many articles to go through. Keep up the good work!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thank you!
      Keep reading and commenting wherever you wish to. It encourages me to write more 🙂

  5. Behzu K

    Hey Sid.. I’m completely torn between the HDFC Regalia and the HDFC Jet Privilege World Card. Sorry, but my knowledge of credit cards is very limited. So I really don’t know which one to opt for.
    My interest is in generating miles for my travels, but I don’t want to be stuck with a single airline.
    With Regalia points I can purchase a ticket with points on any airline while but with JetPrivilege World card I am limited to Jet Airways only.
    Really can’t decide.. Do suggest… PLEASE !!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You’ve already answered your question 🙂
      Regalia is for you!

  6. Akhil

    Hi Siddharth,

    I just received my ‘Regalia first’ for 2 lakhs FD, i was given a limit of 1.5lakhs, I posed a query of the same on this site, which you clarified. I guess I missed out on the ‘1000 reward points every month’ because I got the card on 8th November. I am looking forward for another credit card, looking into standard charter cards, just hoping that i can get the manhattan card based on my Regalia first.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sounds good. Have a great time with Regalia First 🙂
      Wait for sometime, maybe 2 months before you apply for SC card.

  7. Amit abhishek

    Hello sir, I have regalia first with 2.21lakh limit with two add cc and also 3 PP (self+2add on). I want to know about airport lounge. Is it free with PP? or I have to pay some amount? I have read out many comments but still m confused. What is procedure to avail lounge facility?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its free as long as you got free visits left on your a/c.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, updated the same. Though, not a big deal. Only benefit i got last time is late checkout 😛

      1. Dibyaroop

        What about the vouchers that came with the membership……50% off on buffet lunch, 2nd round of drinks on the house and others….did you not use them?

  8. k.rakesh

    recently I have received regalia first card. In limit no changes just 70k. It is too low. not reached regalia range. desopinted

  9. amit kumar

    hi sid my 1.5year old money back card is online upgraded to regalia first with limit 52000 btw any chance for limit increase in future my last limit increase is dec.15

  10. Akshay

    Hey Siddharth. Your posts have been very informative. Thanks. I have a quick question: I have a REGALIA card(the original Regalia, not Regalia first) and also have the priority pass issued. My son is the add-on card holder. I want to know if he can also get a priority pass being the add-on holder.


  11. Ankur

    Great article.

    What is the eligibility criteria for Regalia & Regalia first?

  12. Sachin Oswal

    Hello Sid,

    Excellent information. Great help. Kudos to you. Myself getting upset as couldn’t find you earlier?. I got my regalia first visa card today. I got my card converted from moneyback.
    1. Do I have domestic lounge access even without priority pass? Please note it is visa card.
    2. What does complete 4 transactions in a statement within the first 90 days to be eligible for Priority Pass membership. Does this mean 4 transaction every month for 3 months?
    3. My credit limit is 439000. When can I get it converted to original regalia. Is this limit sufficient? And will that also be LTF.
    4.also what other criteria are taken into consideration for converting into regalia.
    5. Any better card than regalia with this limit? Main criteria is lounge access.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, its never late 🙂
      1. Yes
      2. Its only for first month.
      3. After 6 months. Yes, good limit. LTF depends on offer at that time.
      4. Usage,IT,CIBIl
      5. Why not Diners premium?

  13. Sachin Oswal

    Hello Siddharth,
    Thanks a lot for your answer. Is Diners premium easy to upgrade. Any specific documentation required for that?

      1. Manjunatha K

        Hi Sid,
        I have a Diners Premium Card but I’m not much into travel. I use my credit card for daily expenses , bills , lic premium(50k per annum) payments. I’m interested only in cash back and reward points . Could I go for Regalia First/Regalia if thats the case or Would you suggest any other card ?


        1. Siddharth Post author

          Consider Yesbank Preferred & exclusive cards as well.
          Btw, Diner premium is now better than Regalia.

  14. Mahesh S

    I recently upgraded to Regalia first from Allmiles card. this review helped me in understanding the card benefits.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sounds good. Congrats on Regalia First!
      You can likely upgrade to Regalia in next 6 months.

  15. Sachin Oswal

    Hello Siddharth,
    Another small question. Which is the best card in terms of reward programme and also it LTF card.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      There are lots, Diners cards has good 10X rewards that makes a huge difference. Check them out.

  16. babli

    Hello team,

    I received credit card of Regallia First MasterCard. But I applied for Regallia Visa credit card and during verification call with your HDFC team member they told me , you are eligible for Regallia Visa Card and will send you within 3 working days . But here I not received that card , the HDFC member make me fraud . please change my card .

  17. nikhil kshirsagar

    regalia now has become very devalued due to rewards points becoming 0.60 paise (from 0.75 paise) and revoking of taj membership, as well as introducing expiry of reward points every two years.. (which is pathetic)

  18. @bhishek

    hello sid,
    i want know which hdfc credits card suits me
    Annual Gross income:- 12 lakh
    frequent flyer
    interested in airport lounge access.

  19. nikhil kshirsagar

    is there any card which is better than regalia ? i checked out citibank prestige but i think regalia still beats it in terms of rewards, especially due to 5x rewards..

  20. Sufi

    I have got a Regalia card being the preferred HDFC customer.However the card balance is showing only 40k.what is Regalia card limit and when it ll be upgraded and how.?

  21. pv

    with my hdfc regalia (master), would i get free airport access to ‘jaipur airport-domestic t2 lounge’ for me & my wife.
    i also hold sbi-yatra-master, can WE get access with this card

    we are flying on 27mar17 (jetairways – jaipur to mumbai)

  22. vishvender mann

    when i redeem my points with regalia first card…always says invalid request…..plzz tell me how to redeem my points?

  23. Sulabh Gupta

    Hi Siddharth ,

    I recently got Regalia First but they gave me the Master variant while i really want the Visa (more offers). RM tells me I can’t choose, it is upto backend team to give me master or visa. Any ideas how i can convert to visa?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just ask them to do it, they will do. I got it once and for this, you don’t need to wait for 6 months.

  24. Rajeev

    Hey Siddharth,

    I hold a HDFC Regalia card and wish to upgrade to Diners black. My ITR statement shows an income of around 15 lacs. Is it possible somehow to get a Diners Black card ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Pls check Diners Black thread to get an idea.


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